Foot care for diabetic patients – 5 Simple tips

Extra care must be taken by diabetic patients in their way of living, diet, medicines and body care. Same is applicable for foot care as well. Instead of using ordinary sandals they can use footwear specially designed for them.

Use diabetic footwear – Now special footwear is available for diabetic patients. It’s specially designed with materials which well-suites the skin of diabetic patients. They protect your feet from ordinary cracks and scratches.

Use Vaseline twice a day – To avoid cracks and dry skin, apply Vaseline on your feet twice a day after bath. If you feel pain in legs, avoid massaging and dipping legs in hot water. Usually diabetic patients have less sense perception and they withstand extra heat, and may not notice small scratches on skin while massaging, and both are not advisable.  

Avoid using sharp blades for cutting nails – It takes long time for wounds to heal. So, diabetic patients should avoid sharp blades and knives to cut nails.

Use chappals with broad front end – Avoid using sandals with metal buckles. Choose lace shoe or one with Velcro.

Check wounds on legs regularly – When you go for a regular checkup, assure that your legs are free of wounds. Ask your doctor to help in this matter.

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