Kuttanad is famous for lakes and dishes

Kuttanad is a small place belonging to God’s own country Kerala that still holds the village nature of the state. It’s famous for its greenery, vast and charming paddy fields, beauty of lakes, enjoyable boat races during Onam and variety of traditional dishes, particularly fresh water fish and non-fish items. Also read: Interesting facts about Kuttanad – Kerala’s rice bowl, spread across three districts, Alappuzha, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta.

Kuttanad – Known for its rich natural beauty and greenery


Marriage of seas and lakes takes place in Kuttanad

In Kuttanad, seas and lakes hold their hands together and that’s the reason why fishes, crabs, duck and prawns become favourite items on the dining table of Kuttanadu people. Fishes like Siloppia, Pearl spot (known as Karimeen and has been given ‘state fish’ title), Varaal, Kari, Chempalli etc some of the local fresh water fishes of this charming place.  


Land of pearl spot

Pearl spot is one among the most tasty fresh water fishes of the world and Kuttanadu is known as ‘Asia’s pearl spot fields’. Pearl spots are grown in abundant in the marshy fields of this region and it is available 24 hours a day. Steamed pearl spot and Mapass (adding coconut milk) are the most favourite dishes of tourists and both these dishes have a distinct signature given by Kerala’s traditional cuisine.  


Duck roast and curry

If your tongue needs to improve the quality of its taste buds, do visit this region frequently. Every time you will get something new to be get added. That’s the traditional tastes of duck dishes of Kuttanad. Palappam and boiled tapioca taste best with duck roast, cooked and dried in coconut milk. In addition to pearl spots and duck roast, foreigners are drawn to the place for wonderful tastes of Varaal curry and Kaari fry. Both these distinct dishes can’t be tasted from anyone else, even in other parts of the state. Kumarakam of Kottayam is also famous for such fresh water dishes and boat houses.  


When sun sets in the lakes and seas

Most restaurants become active once it’s sun set time. Celebrations begin with drinks and fish tastes. Boat houses can also be hired and it’s really a wonderful journey through the back waters with your family. That’s the reason why tourists love to visit the place again and again.
God has given many things to us in gift. One among those things is ‘Nature’s beauty’. Though modern man tries to make everything modern adding concrete buildings and fitting air conditioners in bedroom, Kuttanad still follows the traditional means thus binding Kerala culture with its natural beauty and innocent villagers. Instead of ac rooms, cool breeze by the side of a lake and instead of concrete roofs, palm roofs or house boats make you feel closeness with nature. That’s the message given by Kuttanad people, “When whole world tries to ape the West, we still want to remain as ourselves- truly traditional” and that’s the reason why when foreigners search for some natural things of Kerala, Kuttanadu receives the first place.
If you want to get a simple recipe of steamed pearl spot just Click the link


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