Onam adds new colours and fresh messages every time

Can even a single Keralite keep himself away from the true colours and shades of Onam? Never! If so he is not a ‘Malayali’. Now Keralites are residing in each and every corner of the world either it’s a gulf country or any European region. But when dawn breaks with Thiruvonam star of Chingam month he can’t keep himself away from at least a few colourful thoughts of his childhood days where he used to join hand in hand with his friends to collect flowers for pookkalam or enjoy himself in some Onam plays. Even if he has lost the real perfume of those wonderful days he hadn’t forget to tell all those things to his kids. So even after generations Onam stays fresh though it has added a few new colours. What does it indicate? Even if we go far away from motherland some colours and fragrance stay alive even if they may be sleeping in some corridors of heart.

Now also, college students and school kids enjoy Onam celebrations most. They tie swings in their campus, prepare Onam feast (Sadya) and athapoo and participate in sports like boat races, vadam vali etc. Even if people are divided due to their own reasons, at once festival season is commenced they take row in their hand to participate as a group in boat race or take flower baskets in hands to do floral decorations. When spring showers its blessings in the form of flowers and prosperity each heart enters a new celebration mood.
For some people, Onam is a celebration of flowers and colours while for others, it’s a family get together or friendly gathering. Some people enjoy it in the form of a holiday trip to their favourite spot while most of them prefer to reach their home town as early as possible. So such celebrations are truly bringing some lost prosperity and enjoyments back to action giving new reasons to cheer and enjoy.

In the lovely spring season when the state capital decorates herself it appears as if heaven has come to earth. For cultural capital, it’s tigers’ Onam. For Kuttanad and villages with lakes, it’s the season of boat races. Everyone needs a reason to celebrate by their own means. Though celebrations associated with Onam is different for different places, attams/pookkalams (floral decorations) and Kerala vegetarian feast served in banana leaves are common for all and they exhibit Kerala culture to perfection. Thus even after centuries Onam will keep adding new flavours and give new messages of integrity and happiness to everyone.Read more about pookalams, kaduvakali and kummatti kali of the season.

Go through the gallery to read a few more interesting articles on fun, recreation, myths and traditions associated with Onam season. Here is the page link. Click on the images to read.
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  1. It's truly pleasurable and enjoyable to celebrate Onam festival, one of the auspicious holidays in Kerala. I hope this year's Onam messages will be as truly meaningful and fresh as always.


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