A few likes and dislikes – Prayaga Martin is a bit different

If you have watched the movie, ‘Orumurai Vanthu Parthaaya’ released in 2016, it’s not easy to forget the beautiful and traditional ‘Yakshi’ in the film. Through her Malayalam debut film, she stole millions of hearts. Prayaga Martin who started her film career through Tamil movies, is currently busy with Malayalam films as well. A strange co-incidence, in her Tamil debut too, she played the role of a lady ghost with golden heart, who uses her powers for human aid.

Prayaga loves to be a bit different – either in real life or professional life, and avoids repetitions to maximum. Let’s have a small chat with Malayalam’s own beautiful Yakshi, and know about her tastes.

Different lifestyle In appearance and thoughts Prayaga is a 25th century girl. But in all means she is truly traditional. She prefers to hold traditional values, yet wants freedom to live a modern life.

Different trends – She never buys two costumes which have striking similarities. Sandals, watches, bangles or anything – she never prefers to choose same patterns while shopping. A small pendant is enough, if she has chosen it as her mind desired.

Different career – She likes classical dance forms, and is learning Bharathnatyam and Kuchipudi since the age of 5. Currently she gives more importance to Mohiniyattam, as it’s a bit different. Mini Pramod is her Mohiniyattom guru. Due to busy schedules, she often has to take short breaks from dance practices and learning. She is currently doing her Master’s degree in Travel & Tourism. She is getting full support from teachers and film directors to continue her studies, and attend exams.

Different films – She hates being type casted in the film industry for same kind of roles. Since debut in Tamil films, she is lucky enough to play different types of roles onscreen. Orumurai Vanthu Paarthaaya, Kattappanayile Ritwik Roshan, Fukri and Paava – she played different kind of roles. Ram Leela, Viswaasapoorvam Manzoor and Pokkiri Simon are her upcoming movies. From movie titles itself, it’s pretty clear, movies are entirely different from one another.

Different roles – She loves to give life on screen different type of roles, similar to Urvasi. Shobana in Manichitrathazhu and Manju Warrior in Kanmadam have impressed this actress a lot. Yet she wants to play something different onscreen, which has never been portrayed before.

Different character – She is thrilled to work in a movie directed by state award winning director, Kunju Muhammad. She plays a matured character in his film titled Viswasapoorvam Manzoor. In her upcoming flick Pokkiri Simon, the hero plays the role of an ardent Vijay fan. Ram Leela is her third film, where she is paired with Dileep for the first time.

Different view point – She feels that she is not a big celebrity in the Malayalam film industry to give an opinion about male’s chauvinism in describing film characters. She believes that story is the creativity of a writer, and as an art she respects it and loves to play it though she may not agree with all its concepts because she is willing accept others’ perspectives as well. Yet a few times, she has cleared her stand.

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A brief biography on Prayaga Martin

The chartbuster romantic track, Arikil Pathiye from Oru Murai Vanthu Paarthaya

A model turned actress, she started her professional career at a young age. She was born in Kochi in 1995. She is a classical dancer, and also appeared in print ads and magazine covers before she bagged her first film in a lead role through Pisaasu in 2014. This Tamil film was directed by acclaimed director Mysskin and the film opened to positive reviews. Her role as a ghost who falls in love with her murderer was a box office hit too. Earlier she was seen in a brief role in Mohanlal starrer Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded in 2009.

After the success of Pisaasu, she received good film roles from both Malayalam and Tamil film industry. Interestingly she played a ghost in her next release, Oru Murai Vanthu Parthaya in 2016. In this movie too, she forgives her murderer and leaves without revenge. Unni Mukundan played the male lead. After this movie she rose to the league of top young actresses of Malayalam cinema. Ramaleela, Fukri, Ore Mukham, Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan, Ramaleela etc are other major roles till now.

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