Important travel tips for diabetic patients

Travels – an amazing idea for relaxation and enjoyment. After a certain age, when people got retired from their professional career, they long for some extensive travels. But what to do, in the late 50s or early 60s most of them have diabetics and many health related issues related to life style. You can enjoy your journey with your dear ones, if you take care of these few tips. Just you need is pre-plan everything for your happy journey, and here I suggest a few.

1. Never place insulin in big luggage with other items, particularly if they are completely filled. Climatic changes and pressure exerted by other items in the bag may bring changes to insulin. So always carry insulin in your small hand bags.

2. If your trip is to some foreign country, never forget to adjust time in insulin pump. Also adjust your daily routine, food and exercises in accordance with it. If you need to take insulin before meals, buy your food before you take it.

3. Drink plenty of water during journeys. Also avoid beverages like tea, coffee and liquor fully, if possible during the whole journey.

4. If you take a long trip by car, take short breaks and get out of the car to do some simple stretching exercises. It improves blood circulation. Never fold your knee for a long time, while travelling in bus or train. Relax and walk a little bit if possible.

5. Legs of diabetic patients are less reflexive and may not respond easily. They may not easily notice small wounds or cuts. So always use sandals while walking.

6. Keep in hand, some low calorie food items. Never keep your stomach empty. It’s a good idea to take an extra set of medicines.

Take care of these simple things and happy journey. Keep watching this space. I shall add more tips later.

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