Sweet Flag (Vayamb) for stomach related ailments and other diseases

Sweet flag is known for its medicinal values, and is a European by birth. But it is abundantly found in marshy areas and paddy fields of our rural areas, which grows to 30 cm height. Leaves sprout on either sides of stem and its leaves with sharp tips are deep green in colour. It can be used with drinks without side effects, and is used as a flavour agent. Its body is filled calamas scent, and its root with a glucodyde named Acorin. Scented leaves and rhizomes make it a unique plant. It contains elements of vapour property and hence used for several medicinal purposes, including its stem and leaves. Usually dried rhizome is available in market, which is used for medicinal purposes.

Let me list a few medicinal benefits of sweet flag, which is called Vayamb in Malayalam and Tamil, and Bach in Hindi.

For stomach related diseases – Grind and powder 2 gms of sweet flag and mix in 200 gm of cow’s milk. Serve it regularly for a few days in the mornings to get rid of stomach related problems.

For digestion problems and stomach pain in kids – Rub sweet flag in honey and give to them.

For epilepsy – add powdered sweet flag to brahmi juice and serve along with honey. Inhaling the smoke of sweet flag and pepper brings down epilepsy.

For constipation in kids – Make a fine paste of sweet flag adding juice of Country borage (Scientific name: Plectranthus amboinicus).

For whooping cough – Mix white egg yolk with 50 gm sweet flag powder and serve twice a day for a few days.

For lice – Crush the root of sweet flag and extract its juice. Then mix it with hibiscus, kayyonni or any type of leaves used as herbal shampoo. Wash your head with this mixture.

For sore throat – Make a fine paste of sweet flag adding honey and serve gooseberry sized ball.

For strengthening teeth – You can give sweet flag to kids for chewing in mouth. It fixes teeth better to the sockets.

Pus in ears – Prepare hair oil, adding sweet flag, garlic, dry turmeric and crushed leaves of wood apple (Koovalam, botanic name – Aegle marmelos). Use this hair oil regularly.

It’s possible to plant this medicinal plant in moist places. The head of rhizome is used for this purpose. When it reaches 1 year, you can collect its rhizomes from root area. Dry it well before use, and store it for future purposes.

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