Nature & Stars – Short Poetry and Quotes

“Look at that shining little star…..
When we heal our minds shedding tears
That star picks each of its falling drops
And preserves in the inner corner of heart as a pearl.
When the pearl twinkles in the heart of star
We assume, the star is smiling
The star is burning inside
Giving light to many,
Hiding truth from all
It’s living through only those tear drops!”
“Moon is smitten in day’s love…..
Under moonlight in the hours of darkness
He reveals his deepest love thoughts
To those twinkling stars who sit beside him.
When she comes, he stands on the path
In hope to get a glance from her.
But she moves away without turning back
Because she is not impressed by coolness of moon.
She gazes up at the shining hot sun in the sky
And attempts to reach him with her fingertips
Whole through the daytime gasping.
The moment she touches him
He might have hidden himself in the deep seas”
“How long can dark clouds hide moon? Cloud can just boast its success for a few moments”
“I am a deep blue ocean, so deep and intense
Only 1% of my self and emotions are visible
Like outer surface of seas
Which itself has 1000 tales to ponder.
Beneath it lies my reality
Only underwater currents can measure”
“When sun is dim, his moon also gets affected 💞💞”
“Moon is not the same everyday
It creates different versions every time
And makes you miss each of them equally
As it transforms from one form to another”
“She is just a fading rainbow
Created by nature to cool your eyes
She owns colours
But no dreams
She has teardrops
But she hides in her shades.
Everyone like her
But nobody wants to own her.
Her fate is only to
Show up in the sky for a few moments
And die forever without any traces🌈”

“Clouds can hide moon for a short period only; even boast for their temporary success. But they never know how powerful moon is, & where he stands, while clouds form a part of earth’s troposphere only. Moon’s position is much beyond their touch & will definitely come to visibility”

“Stars always exist in sky 💫✨
It’s only limitations of our own eyes
We can’t see them,
Behind clouds, beneath sun.
Sometimes others fail to understand you…
It doesn’t mean you are not worthy or you are wrong🤗💕
Believe in yourself”
“A star remains intact & shining as long as sky holds her in his arms. Sky means our close ones and friends. The moment sky betrays the star, it falls off”
Stars are also born in a fraction of second…. And a few of them are stars in real life too”
“When moon blossoms in the clouded sky garden
Cluster of stars gift her with a black blanket filled with blossoms🌸🌸✨✨”
“Storms are often good.
Make them fuel for your life journey.
You can’t say….
You may reach a shore earlier than someone-
Sailing in a storm-less sea”
“We can learn a lot from sky far away from us, who is independent & stay alone without any shade,
His mind is strong enough to withstand all those raining thunders, lightning, falling stars and meteors. Unshaken”
“Clouds can hide moon and stars for a short period only. It can even boast for its short-term victory. But truth will come out, though it can take time”
“Nothing is static, not even the visuals we see every day
The sky which we see today is not the same you watch tomorrow
It keeps changing, though the viewer hardly notice”
“Star always shines…
But it’s darkness which makes it feel special and meaningful💫✨🌃
“The burning star transformed its pain and tears to light, and shines up in the sky. It’s its strength and energy💫✨🥰”
Everything diminishes in front of sun
Everything is there, but we can’t see
And need to wait till moon comes in”
“You are my sun & I am your moon
My world revolves around you
& Reflects a little bit of –
Your energy, light & virtues.
Without you I am in darkness
A kite without thread
Aimless & directionless
Be a little kind to me
& I shall give you my coolness in return
When you are in need of a gentle smile”
“The evening cloud has gone out
Carrying perfumed flowers in hand😌😌
She shall return
When moon lights lamps in sky🪔🪔✨💫”
“Now moon has lighted lamps in the sky
The evening cloud has also returned as night cloud”
“I am one among those infinite moons revolving around you
And you are the single sun & star of this solar system”
#Krishna #Meera
“My mind is silent right now
Like this evening sea at nightfall without waves
All my shattered boats of hopes
Which got lost in sea storms
Are coming back to sea shore
I have given sunset to my worries
Now I am singing lullabies to bad memories
And going to hide them in night clouds forever🏃‍♀️😝”
“Everything is subjected to change.
Even clouds, heavenly bodies or our heart beats –
Can’t remain static for a moment.
Everything change with passing moments
And can never be the same as it was in previous moment.
Though relative changes hide almost everything”
“Everything diminishes in front of sun
Everything is there, but we can’t see
And need to wait till moon comes in🤗🤗✨✨♥️♥️”
“A glowing candle burns inside
Giving light to many, as long as it exists
Not discriminating friends or foes.
But if a mayfly becomes its prey
The whole world blames the candle only
To attract it & shed its wings
Though mayflies are just ephemera
Which fade away with raining drops”
“Stars appear brighter on new moon days than full moon days or days of transition….
Similarly, there are many people who appear more happy and pleasant on their darkest days than brighter ones”
“Everything in this world is in dynamic mode
Moon, earth, stars🌠
Have you witnessed a static cloud?
Can earth stop rotating for a minute?
Nothing is static, even our heartbeat and sorrows
Yes, everything move on and on and on 💫 “
*Lake’s story*
A lake was born with intense desire
She started her journey in search of him
Travelling miles through the path of stones
She finally reached the deep blue seas.
The moment she realized he yearns for the wave
She transformed herself to another wave (She dressed up as another wave)
But she died in the intense rays of sun
And took rebirth as a raining cloud
She rained & flowed into the heart of sea again
To witness the romance of sea and wave.
The story repeated again and again
For many years & centuries
Yet lake returned every time
In hope to dissolve in the soul of sea
“White cloud is beautiful⛅️
But she can’t comfort others by pouring as raindrops.
Raining cloud is black in colour
Thunder & lightening are her accompanies⛈️🌬️
But her heart is full of melting raindrops.💧💧
When she dissolves as rain, losing her shape & beauty ⛈️⛈️
White cloud is checking her beauty in sky mirror.
When poet describes white cloud as the best friend of blue sky
And black cloud as dark shadows of sorrows & misery
We forget the virtue of dark cloud
See her always in fear,
And treat her bad, keeping distance
Poet sings about white clouds
But only dark clouds can rain #Truth
“Very often our eyes fail to see the truth & go with the visuals and thoughts we already processed in mind. Also our addiction towards beauty & white colour!
I just tried to think differently 🔥
Still a student, trying to learn what different elements of universe are teaching us💫”
This slow flowing stream carries deep secrets of clouds”
“How can sun come back when he has transformed himself to moon?”
“Moon is not alone, stars are around….💫✨
But sun is not.
He is alone, burning like a candle🔥🔥🙁”
Sky is still untouched
Appears before us like illusion.
Who knows, far away still to be traced
It has a distinct shape & identity, not familiar to us!!” #Imagination
Stars, moon, oceans, clouds…..
Everything is beautiful
When we see from distance
But not when close…,
So are many things on earth”
“I am earth and you are my moon
You are my satellite
Yet it’s me who is dependent on you
Without you my nights are only dark
And my sorrows will be deprived of light”
“Dark clouds can only hide moon from earth for a while, can’t increase the distance between the two. As long as the connection exists between moon and earth, their love is unstoppable”
“Moon may be forcefully hidden by clouds for a short while. It doesn’t mean he is far away from earth those moments. He is still there at same distance, though she may not see him. Yet she understands him. True lovers are inseparable, and true love stands against test of time”
“All stars shine equally in the skies
No one is superior✨💫”
“Moon can’t exist without earth.
But only moon’s presence can reduce the intensity of earth’s dark hours, lighting lamp of hope.
Without moon, her nights are only dark.”
The world behind infinity and all boundaries
Who knows, that strange world is very much close to us or not!”
If is fair to ask a falling star to fulfill your dreams?”
In North India there is a belief falling stars can bring back your lost dreams & fortunes In South India, it’s seen as a bad omen to watch it. Falling stars are like falling dreams. How can they bring us fortunes?? Is it right to ask it, when it’s already its last phase of dying?”
“To give a new birth to earth
To make the life of young clouds meaningful
The father mountain sends them in small boats
With tears in his eyes
With a hope, after giving chillness to earth
His kids will return one day”
“When your love blossomed in me
Blue Kurinjis also opened their eyes at distance
Many sunrises passed by, after that
Many sunsets rose too
A Jupiter Year too passed by, some time back
Without giving any surprising blue blossoms
I thought to keep one flower for me
Who knows I witness next season or not
To blossom my presence in your memories always
I shall give you a flower bud before I disappear forever
“Like blue skies
Human minds also change colour shades very often”
In mind’s blue skies, inside its arms
Deep sorrow cloud placed its head
And wept shedding tear drops
Slowly fallen asleep”

“I have so many hearts like different faces of moon 🌙🌜🌘🌔🌗♥️💔

Some are new, Some are old
Some are broken while some are full
My heart can turn to full moon
Sometimes it goes back to new moon
And sometimes fully dark
I just show my moon face which you want to see🌝
Choose the heart you want🤗”
Nightfall illuminates the evening before moon comes in
Stands there till she sees him smiling at her
& Holds his hand for a while
Yes, she knows the meeting is short
She is short-lived, people will forget her soon
Yet she happily leaves seeing the glowing moon
Because he is destined to shine for everyone”
“New moons appear in everyone’s life temporarily, may be more than once.
But in lives of some people, it gets permanently fixed.”
“Smile as my sun
Smile as my moon
And we shall see
Whole universe revolving around us”
“Dusk craves to cry in the arms of night –
To hide her tears in the darkness
To sleep in his lap silently.
But everything only in her dreams
Because they get separated the moment –
They meet every time
“Perhaps what I searched in your eyes was
That teardrop which you left years back totally forgotten
To blossom it as a flower or star
Today I am totally lost in darkness
& What I need is a lamp to guide me.
Even if you can glitter at distance as a firefly
It’s more than enough💫✨”
“Nothing is static, not even the visuals we see every day
The sky which you see today is not the same you watch tomorrow
It keeps changing, though the viewer hardly notice”
“Those tears which the star didn’t waste then,
They give spark to her eyes now🌟💫✨”
“Sky can separate moon from earth
But can’t his moonlight,
Which extends the life of earth every night
And gives her a reason to live
And wait for him♾♾✨”
“She loves night more than day
Because the moon she loves
Is only owned by this clouded black sky
Maybe the reason why
She loves night too
Maybe the reason why
She guards night too
Now she doesn’t own moon
But who can separate her from moonlight?
Can those stars which light lamps
And safeguard moon?
Or that dark sky which always carry
Moon in its bosom?”
“Please stay with me” – Told earth to moon,
In starry night with teary eyes
“Yes, every day I need to stay away from you for some time
It’s unintentional
It’s not what I want
I wish to stay with you whole time
Holding your hands always
Sitting near you, smiling at you
But not everything is in my hands,
Sad part is I can’t even communicate with you”
“Yes, I understand”- Moon replied with blinking eyes
And hold her hands more tight
Earth leaned on his shoulders
And smiled at stars
A tear drop fell down,
Of happiness & sadness
& He didn’t see”
“Sun is slowly setting far away in horizon
Now birds are in competition with waves
Who will touch him first🐦🌊
Both are unaware of the fact
Sun sinking in seas is only an illusion
And none can really touch him”
“The wave that took away everything can bring back much more too, sometimes the same wave, sometimes another. Yes, a wave can return back too”
“Sleep well, O dear moonlight🤗🤗
I shall be staying awake for a while
Telling stories to stars
Some tales from past
Some hopes of future
Till I slip into sleep😅😂💫💕”
“Sky is talking to clouds
Trees are talking to breeze
Waves are talking to shores
And flowers are talking to bees
It seems everyone is busy today🙂🙂”
“Wave often act as going far away from sea
To bring those lost cuddles back”
“Nishagandhi sleeps in the arms of night
Gentle breeze sings lullaby
Mist gives the soft white blanket
And her fragrance keeps the dim moonlight smiling🌸🌸”
“Hey sun,
I often forget you are also a star
Maybe because you never appear with other stars
And always come and go alone
Maybe because you light up the whole world
While other stars glow sky only, in your absence🌟🌠”
“There exist a few people,
Like colourful rainbows
Who can make you smile
For a few moments
But nobody will want to keep
That rainbow forever.
Just want to see its beauty at distance
And simply watch them fading away
Rainbow has been created by nature
For that purpose only🌈🌈🌪️”
“Night has reached to give company to sleep goddess
Till twilight takes night along with her,
Let him talk to her in the remaining hours….
Good Night🤗🤗”
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