A few useful invertor tips

Those days have gone when we used to curse electricity board when power goes while watching favourite serial or a cricket match on television. Now every family is provided with an electricity invertor, which comes handy during emergency situation. It’s very useful too, for handling any emergency situation and most of the electric equipment work on this, except those which use motor or consume high power. So, have a look at these points too.

1. When you are out for a holiday trip, it’s always a nice decision to change it to manual mode (off-mode).

2. While doing electricity maintenance work, switch off invertor too along with power main switch.

3. Check water level of invertor battery once in every 3-4 months.

4. Apply a little petroleum jelly to the tips of battery terminals to avoid them from rusting.

5. If electricity bill has gone up unexpectedly soon after you have fixed invertor, check if battery charging process is working correctly. Do it with the help of a technician only.

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