Sandhya, Are you playing computer games whole day?

Are you playing computer games whole day? “, when my new neighbour asked me the question when I said, “I am working online after completing my house hold activities”, 1000V electric power passed through my body. I was shocked hearing the foolish question of a receptionist of a nearby dental hospital. “Am I living in 1st century BC where man is ignorant of computers and technology? How much is common man aware of computers and internet”. It’s not this single case only. I have seen similar persons a lot, who don’t even know ABCD of computers.

I am a computer post-graduate holding an MCA degree and when people ask me such questions as if computers have nothing to do except hear music, watch videos or play games, I really feel irritated. Sometimes I feel sympathy for their ignorance. It’s something like insulting me and my subject, I have studied whole throughout my degree and PG life! While I was staying in my previous residence, neighbours around me used to watch me with suspicious eyes. Sometimes their double meaning words and smiles hurt me a lot. It’s very sad to know that though technology has advanced fast forward and we can’t think about an organization without a computer or software, common man is still unaware of the part played by computers and internet in our daily life and office works. Through their talks when I feel that they are observing me through suspicious eyes though I spend my valuable time to earn some dollars, I often feel the limitations and the difficulties to make common man understand. They assume that whole day I am watching porn videos through internet.

One day my maid told me that one of our neighbours has asked her, whole throughout the day what am I doing with computer and internet. Though she replied that I am working at home to earn money, she didn’t believe at all. Instead one day when she came to home and asked me, “Sandhya, like a kid are you playing whole day with computers?” I decided in mind, it’s the best occasion to prove my innocence. I opened my Boddunan account for her and showed my earnings and money I earned through it though I was not sure she will believe me. It’s not a single case; I have repeated the same process for a few more ladies of our neighbourhood too.

I often feel proud that my Kerala is the only state of India with 100% literacy. Yet I have asked myself the question several times, “Is it worth to name our state 100% literate???” Why are people still illiterate to computers?  

Please note: This post is based on my personal experiences three or four years back, and I hope, in today’s atmosphere of tabs and whatsapp, they might have changed their mindset. I really hope so!

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  1. Dinoop says:

    Its true. I had almost similar experience many times..

  2. Subi says:

    Ok fine to read

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