Time & Space

“Time heals a lot. But most important question is – if you get it or not, when needed”

“We can decode past, but not future. Future is unpredictable”

Once time gone out of our hands, we need to wait for time’s convenience & not ours. So people know well how to fix their charges based on time they spend. Yes, we exist in a pre-fixed space and time, & have to live as per guidance given by time. When our time ends, we end our life journey”

“We can’t predict all outcomes of most games played and just hope for the best to happen as time unfolds everything”

When no option left, mind adjusts…… Some adjust slowly, while others take more time”

“Missing oneself in many other chaos of life could be our great loss, and at any point of time we can return if we own a positive attitude”
“Lie always hide itself inside a beautiful shell while truth never pretend. So, truth may appear ugly and people who loves external beauty may hate it too. But lies won’t last forever because its shell will be broken someday, while truth shines better as time passes by”
“Can events repeat the same after a gap in a sequence almost at the same time or period, as if to complete something which was left unfinished earlier? Have you ever felt such similarity in events? #Raabta”
“Yes, our passions are always linked with time. After sometime, our interest may be lost & neither relevant nor significant according to time, age or our thoughts. We may not want it”
“Failure is the stepping stone to success
But failures are not to repeat very often
Because time plays an important role every time”
“Time can change you both positively and negatively!
It may take just a few moments for that change”
“When time leads me forward in a playful mood
With answering my questions,
Sometimes I desire,
What if it gives me back
At least a few of those lost moments,
Though unpleasant”
“A single moment can literally change everything
Even if you borrow 1000 eras,
You can’t correct or rewrite that moment”
“Time changes so fast between two people
Either it bring them closer
Or drift them apart,
Just a matter of time”
“Many colours appear as time goes by!
Many colours brighten as time moves forward!!”
“Time fixes some people at some points of time🔥
They travel with you for a while
And shed reaching a particular point,
Pre-fixed by time itself”
“To understand a human mind is the most complex task of the world. If two people succeed in mutually doing it perfect, it’s a wonder. Give love a little bit time to build, because good bonding takes some time”
“When you are way ahead of time, people call you crazy & may not accept your craziness.
It’s up to you to decide if you want to live in present with compromises or live in future as you want.”
“When you do something in excitement, it takes less time to finish the task.
If you are trying something fresh but interesting, definitely excitement follows”
“Time sometimes rearrange things, and everything fall in same loop as repetitions”
“Each coming moment keeps
Something in its store for everyone.
Each passing moment has
Something to give to each one”
“Dare to do something new or different, and make it a habit. Courage will automatically follow when you do a task next time”
“Most times we get stuck somewhere because of ‘hope’. Better give time constraints to everything, even small dreams, before you finally give up and move on. After all, time is precious to everyone”
“As time passes,
New colours may appear
Some shades turn brighter
Some fades
Time is like a mischievous kid
Who keeps playing with colours
And spread the way it wants”
Time is left till a lost heartbeat covers the distance between the worlds of life & death. Yes, life is too short than we actually imagine. In this rat race, time also moves fast. But sadly when we look into relative motion comparing only with those you are on a rat race only, we fail to realize the actual pace with which life is moving”
“Most colours brighten
Only as time passes by💛”
People may ask you, why you still nurse those wounds, though it has been a long time. And my answer would be, unless the wounds are addressed, they will never heal. Time may take a leap, but wounds still there. It can be applicable to lost love, lost dreams, bad words or anything that affects you deeply”
If our desire is intense, time will definitely come that way, it will bend and will return what we ask”
“From frozen mental status to rebirths,
From chilled winters to blossoming springs,
Many things do change.
Time can give you the energy to bounce back from setbacks –
Unless repetitions occur.
Only thing we need is patience🤗💕”
Time changes every Zepto second
Along with it the whole world
Including ‘Me’ and ‘You'”
It’s only TIME which change & keeps moving
We still remain the same”
“Put a time limit to every wait
Before the time kills you.
Those who want to return will never wait for time
They simply understand you.”
Very often we fail to understand endings & keep waiting for a miracle. And it takes years to realize, it ended long back!! It’s because mind hesitates to accept reality & remains in illusion for long”
Life totally changed at that point
Time has already passed a Jupiter Year and more
Yet, life prior to it was never restored
And never it will be!!! #LostHopes
Time is left till a lost heart beat covers the distance between the worlds of life and death”
Things never remain the same Sometimes there is a reason Sometimes no🌹💫
It’s not we to decide if we remain in frozen state or not. Time itself brings many changes, colours and it can even change seasons too. Many times we hardly notice till we have travelled long distance through a path time guides.”
If time stops here right now forever
In the silence of this moment,
At least I will get something…
May be this moment which holds something,
May be the last breath which holds a ray of hope”
“People are living in different time zones and time spaces. Yet we believe as stupids, everyone will understand our true story”
“For everything you need to fix timeline boundaries,
Because time is precious.”
“Time heals wounds.
Some people recover, some may not
While a few get stuck in between
Failing to decode, which category they belong to🔥🔥
Such lives are miserable
And fate loves to play with them very often
As their tolerance level is infinity ♾♾
And they fail to realize reality”
“Time change people and relations
Only a few people never change”
It’s not we to decide if we remain in frozen state or not. Time itself brings many changes, colours and it can even change seasons too. Many times we hardly notice, till we have travelled long distance through a path time guides. #FrozenHeart”
As I slowly moved with time, I learnt to act silent and slowly reached that point🍁”
“Why are you reading unwritten pages
Why are you breaking me with your words & imaginations?
Is it simply because I allowed you to cross my boundaries?
Is it because am helpless?
Or is it because you enjoy seeing me in pain while you talk?
Always remember,
Time can change any moment
If today is yours, tomorrow can be mine”
“Rain will pour some day, no doubt.
But can’t tell in which form!!
As drops or hailstones
Only time can say”
At that time too, there was a lot of time left
But I felt everything was over🍁”
“Never allow anyone to take away your precious time
And never ruin anyone’s precious time too🤗🤗”
We can’t put a sudden break to mind and its travel space. If it’s done, it breaks into thousand pieces. Allow it to travel a little more distance in same direction. And give it a little more time to cope up with new situation.”
“Time will make you realize many things.
Give time its space and time”
“Does time give answer to every question?”
“Many situations we believe to be demoralizing ones or we lost ourselves, may be empowering ones in reality where we did the best or survived!! Only time will prove it!!”
“Sometimes time gives us answers
Sometimes, it gives medicine to heal.
We have no other option left
Except to accept what we receive and move on!!”
“Time sometimes put you in a very dangerous situation, where you can’t come close or go far from someone🔥♾😔. A state of mind where you are not so close or far away too, or no idea to which direction you should move. An endless corridor!!!👀😌”
One can get everything in one moment
One can loss everything in one moment
Because this single moment is –
More than enough to gain or loss”
“I got stuck at many points of time”
If time goes still in the silence of this moment right now
I might hold at least something
Because it’s unbearable now
As each day passes by
And after each night changes
#Night is the only relief many times”
“Those parted moments and its pain
Will stay in my heart and life path as dewdrops.
I shall keep them in a sealed container.
If I open it, it may lead me to –
The glass fort of yesterdays.
Then I shall try to forget as a dream in past
In a deep breath I take 💕💕🌈🌈”
“I shall never forget the lessons taught by time
And the bad memories.
If so, both my feet and heart will tremble.
Perhaps at that moment,
You may not glow in my life as my lamp of hope.
To heal my broken heart,
I thank time, to give you to me”
How much time is required to deal with sudden happiness or sadness? It depends on the intensity of the emotions and ability of our heart to cope with the new unexpected situation”
Just wish, at least once time change its swift and turn back to me, to give me something pleasant…. Just once”
To adjust with both happiness and sadness, we need a little time”
Time fixes some people at some points, where emotions die, relationships die, & hence not possible to walk back, & we can never define or name the relation. Perhaps one person can fix it somewhere, rename it too, but the other may not, the person who got pain most than happiness💜💔”
I wish I could reverse that moment!!!”

“Same smile can hold different meanings at different points of time. Your mind can react differently too. You can’t say how much  you changed between those points, and how many times

“If we can see future, how many (bad) things we can avoid in life!!!”
“Time changes so fast between two people”
Sometimes you get stuck at some point of time,
So unexpected, waiting for something.
Time moves on, but not your mind & thoughts,
In the hope you get something
For which the time changed you totally as a person.
You may turn ageless too, living a younger version
If you get stuck forever”
Nothing changed between you and me
We both are still there
Only time changed…
And it goes on…..🍁♾”
“Time can’t return everything it has taken
It takes away much more than it can ever give
Yet it’s only time which solves many puzzles which have no answer.”
“If life is going on without much changes or surprises, days changing to weeks, weeks to months and months to years, we feel every day the same, and we may not realize we have left behind many years without our knowledge, & it’s irreversible. Let changes happen”
“What to talk now?
When worlds have changed between two moments?
When words have broken into silence?
When time has taken many heaps?
And so much changed between we two?”
“Overthinking can definitely kill the good moments we are enjoying right now. Believe in the present moment and what the moment is offering you”

“Many times, we feel lost ourselves in many places exactly at the same time, some are light, some are dark, even some we can’t understand. We may be troubled with so many questions. Life maybe a big question mark, and mind not able to find, what to do next. When you have nothing left to do from your side, just try to keep yourself calm, free of thoughts, even if it’s the most daring thing you can attempt at that point of time. Don’t stumble upon anything, and give time a chance. Time will come up with a better answer for you…. Perhaps you may rediscover yourself to a better healing self, where you get more answers than questions asked. Perhaps, time might have reserved its answers for that exact moment, when u needed them most. Maybe it’s the right moment. That maybe the reason why you are not getting answers now”

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