Meera’s Thoughts – English Quotes (Part 2)

These quotes originally belong to my translations of my Malayalam novel titled – Mattoru Meerayaay, which literally means ……. As Another Meera . Read first part here

When I hurt you once I hurt myself twice” – Unheard words💔💔 #Meera #Hari 💕💕💙💙

“Going through several bad experiences much earlier before someone teaches you, or you read somewhere is not a great experience”

“She could feel the footsteps of someone reverberating
Going far away through the corridor of memories”
“She is all alone…… At least in thoughts”
“She wanted to let free all the relations she is bond to”
“Whenever she tried to break each thread link of woven relations
The ties become stronger and stronger. Duties, obligations, unknown & undefined many…..”
“When threads of beliefs break one after one
She doesn’t feel sad now
As she used to be once”
“Heart breaks, illusions & lost expectations don’t shock her as before. Because they have become a part of her life”
“Though she has countless friends to say
Her bestie is this solitude
With whom she enjoys & shares most”
“Why am I laughing, crying, expressing happiness, grief and anger?
Is it real or an illusion?
Is it to prove myself or to give proof to the world, ‘Yes, I am alive'”

Yes, I have healed and recovered a lot 💕💕💙💙”

“Only thing I am aware of
In the midst of all these illusions
Yes, I perform my duties” #Frozenheart
“I didn’t cry that moment
It took a very long time to feel tears in my heart.
Only thing I realized after regaining consciousness
Yes, I have changed
My world too…..💔”

Krishna – My sole friend in my solitude” 💕💕💙💙

“Mind is like a restless bird
It strays aimless in many directions
Till it finds its tree & makes its nest”
“Those aimless birds too perform their duties well
Bring up their young ones & set them free
Though they are aware, their kids won’t return.
But what about we humans
Many of us don’t even realize
Why are they born for?
What’s this life journey all about?”
“Nature tries to teach us a lot of things
Though we are less interested”
“She smiled at the birds flying towards the setting sun in horizon
And thought for a moment, “If I were a bird””
“Again she climbed down the steps of memories
To calculate the gains and losses
Though she was sure
Calculations will never match”
“This isolation 🔥
Is it not an escape from everything
Even from deep memories”
“Memories returned to her in a flash of seconds”
“Smile scattered somewhere inside”
“If we think deep, everyone is alone
Living in their own isolated continents
Away from all,
Some people in real life
And some in thoughts.
Quite a few enjoy the solitude
While most of us,
Trying to get rid of it”

Suddenly her face changed like dark clouds. Meera noticed a tear drop in her eye corner. Have I asked anything unpleasant, she asked herself. Slowly silence started building a wall between the two, burying all words inside” #Krishna

She regained her smile within a few moments. But it was easy for Meera to realize, it was only a mask” #Krishna

If God gives problems, he gives the mental strength to withstand too. Many times HE holds the mountains with his invisible hands, which are supposed to fall on us, but we never knew. Most times we realize it later only”

“When you feel all alone in a strange world,
To establish relations can become your main hobby.
You may not search sincerity in them
Just want a few with who you can communicate at least”
“Sometimes you may die in pain
Sometimes you may survive
Sometimes you turn mad
But sometimes a state of mind
When you can’t realize what’s going on
Though your brain responses to
Everything happening around
And in hurry to process them too”
“Want to float like a balloon in sky
Free of all relations & bonds
No duties, no obligations and full freedom”

“I met many strangers in this city. Yet no one can replace you. I will never forget whatever you did for me. This bond will stay forever” Those hollow words were likes lines drawn in water🔥 #Krishna #Meera 

Is it true, freshness & excitement expressed in the beginning of relations slowly fade away?”

“Once life taught many lessons
Not to grow close to anyone
But why I never cared?
Many times relations are momentary
Born and burst like bubbles
If earth itself is not immortal
What about relations which are formed here”
“Missing her/his presence
It suffocated her like an unfinished picture in thoughts”
“It’s quite strange
Sometimes our mind fails to find answers for silly questions”
“Her mind turned numb for a moment
A gentle breeze touched her and passed by
Carrying the perfume of her favourite season❣️”
“Our destination is same
But we two reach from opposite sides
When we leave, we travel opposite
Yet how much we two match in thoughts #friends #Bonds”

It takes a few moments and a single reason to catch a face and store in memory. Yet how long will it stay there? Can you recognize the same face after many years in crowd unless you refresh memory at least a few times in between?”

We can get lost not only when we loss someone’s physical presence forever but also when the invisible thread tying two hearts gets broken. No words needed!”

“Pain is same when we lose someone in life or someone in heart💔💔
Most important is how much we manage to cope up with it”

Is love the only problem of life? Are only lovers in pain?”

Isn’t this pouring rain also as lonely as me?”

When it starts raining, we are set with paper boats. Our tiny eyes turn happy seeing bubbles in water and start following them. When one bubble breaks, we are behind another one. Everyone has such memories of past which he recollects with every pouring monsoon”

“Rain also owns a tune and rhythm.
Step into rain and listen to its music
Do sorrows also own a tune and music?
Is grief giving rhythm to its notes?
You need not step into it to listen
It reaches you without any invitation”

“Why were you silent all these days? ” “I need a finger to play me. How can I sing without your help?” #Veena #Music #PlayStrings”🎶🎶

“Except nature & everything related to it
Everything looks fake to me”

If earth itself is not immortal, how can its elements stay forever?”

With every act of ours, we create an obligation though unintentionally. Though we say, ‘without expectations’, it’s the real truth”

“Though we say, do everything without expectations
It makes it special, if the other person values it and acknowledges too.”

A silly doubt is sometimes enough to bring cracks in deep relations, just like a small hole needed to sink a big ship. Sometimes no reasons needed at all”

“Whatever you desire in life and want to possess
Are you 100% sure, it’s not an illusion…..
Like a shadow which never comes in our hold
Though it appears like a golden deer appealing our eyes”

What’s the beginning point of love, bond or a relation? How long can it be given the tag ‘selfless’ or ‘without any expectation’? As the bond grows, we slowly start expecting. That’s human nature, which can’t be blamed. Otherwise keep it at a safe distance, if you can”

What’s the beginning point of love, bond or a relation? In most cases, when the other person reciprocates our feelings” 💕💕💙💙🔥❣️❣️

‘”Do you believe in love?” He asked.

“No”, she answered with confidence, “Not just love, I don’t believe in anything on earth. If someone tells me, I like you, I need to think 1000 times for reality check”‘ 🔥🔥

How long can you love someone without loss in passion or with same intensity?”

“How fast man changes his colours!!!
That’s for which we need nine sentiments”

Everything in this universe stands on a belief, nothing is static. Though darkness conquers everything, sun sets giving promise to rise after a few hours. Like 2 sides of same coin, many things do exist, quite contradictory, yet together. We keep trying to find perfectness from imperfect. And life goes on, though we are aware of the fact – Nothing is perfect” 🤗🤗

“At that time, it was not late
So got an opportunity to choose another path”
“Sometimes we punish ourselves to punish others
And choose a wrong path, which may never give satisfaction”
“Wings of her desires were not so broad
And she used to cut its feathers and reduce the length
To make room for others to fly”
“My journey remained same
But those who travelled with me have changed
As time passed by I started feeling
I am one among them”
“Everything is a routine for most of us
Nothing changes…
Not even the bus stop from where
We catch bus everyday and gets down too”

Many times, even death becomes a distant dream”

Every person holds at least a tint of desire to live”

I couldn’t even breath💔🔥❣️”

“It’s always like this. Unknown truths always exceed known truths in count” She went into deep thoughts for a moment”

Our eyes catch small truths and believe them. But very often big truths are hidden behind small ones as mist, which could be a far cry from what your eyes actually witnessed. Never believe your eyes blindfolded.”

“Time can blow out good bonds like a candle, yet can’t erase their memories”

“I know only a very few people
And try to know everything about them”
“Sometimes time play games with us to let us know
Many things we assumed wrong in life are actually correct.
May some of our concepts go wrong too.”

Our life mission stands at distance like a lamp. There are many paths leading to it, both easy and difficult. It’s up to you to make a choice. Some rides are short cuts, some are enjoyable; And quite a few take long time than you expect”

To express the grief hidden inside, wave reaches sea shore. But it can’t stay long. With promise to meet again, wave gently pats shore, sadly moves back & continue the process. Do they really exchange their worries in short span? Is it why, soaked in tears listening stories of waves, sand has transformed from hard rocks to small particles? And waves are roaring in response? They communicate in a unique language. Yes, they exist in two poles, and might be worrying for that too.💔💔🥺”

“Most times it’s a blessing
Others can’t fully read what our mind say”
“We can cry only in front of someone
With who we truly bonded.
In true terms, a true friend”
“Faith is the basement of every relation.
If that thread is broken
Even the hearts so close can drift apart”
“When the opponent is smart, we can’t win over him directly. We need to patiently wait for a moment when he makes silly mistakes”

“There was a time when she believed sincerity is the other name of friendship and true bonds. But time changed her full perspective about love and relationships”

“When it comes to love, everyone shows at least a little bit of selfishness and possessiveness. It doesn’t mean, it’s not love at all. But truth is that, most of us don’t express those feelings openly😂😂”

“Some people dream a lot
Yet they never urge to turn all those dreams to reality
They are satisfied with what they get
And keep their dreams within boundaries of mind”
“A wall has started to build up between the two.
What if one person is aware and the second not at all!”
“When you try to hide your intense emotions deep inside
You often forget to cry
But can feel inside, an erupting volcano
Sometimes not feel at all!
And the wound may never heal!
Only time has the answer”
“When someone breaks our heart so unexpected
We may never try to take freedom in any relations later”
“It’s better not to be too good”
“Can you find at least one person in the whole world who doesn’t have the experience of his love been not understood?
If so he is definitely lucky🤗🤗❣️❣️”

“The cloud that escaped from your mind found solace in my thoughts”

“Many people believe, tear is the extreme peak of all worries and sorrows. Only a few have experienced a strange world behind it, the space where all griefs are frozen.”

“We define infinity as the boundary line of all unknowns. But who knows, there might be a world behind it, very familiar to us. When we start from a point in a circle, though we travel a lot, we might reach the same point covering infinite distance. Yes, everything within a fixed space, though it holds an illusion of unknown.”

“A strong grip of mind at some moment can often save you from the world of insanity”

“She found her heart in mine ❣️❣️❣️❣️”

“Silence itself is sufficient to tear apart two hearts, words are not needed.”

“Tear is the measurement device for all sorrows on this earth. Expression is all that it counts.”

“Some friendships are blessings which some people may never realize ever”

“When someone go far away from us without communicating
We make our own assumptions, which we call our side of story.
Perhaps the other person has another version of story to say,
Which he never tells and we never get opportunity to know”

“We may know a handful of truths from the vast ocean of reality. As time passes by, from the palm, it starts falling drop by drop till it reaches zero, till it’s filled again, and the process continues”

“We need not regret if we don’t loss something intentionally. Only parting can give us the immense joy of reunion”

“Now nothing stays in memories too”

“A time when she lived on this earth👀”

Everything began with a simple ‘good morning’ Sometimes from her side, sometimes he❣️❣️”

“Was he expecting my reply ❣️❣️”

“Till a few days back, everything was quite normal.
But why behavior looks different now, something new
All of a sudden???🦋🦋”
When will a blue Kurinji blossom again in my life?💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜”
Her mind became a clear sky free of clouds
One or two stars started to twinkle here and there”
Words are often arrows with an aim 🏹🏹”
Why my mind flutters in front of your words?”
Everything is a belief based on interpretations by mind. Who knows the real truth? Until expressed through words, nothing is confirmed. Mind can change the game rules at any point of time”
How can someone reach your thoughts without seeking your permission? How can he take you to a magical world without asking you? Though your mind says no, why can’t you resist?”
Though I can hide my feelings from everyone
How long can I pretend myself, not to see my shattering mind?”
Tears told the whole story”
Thoughts disappear from mind giving numerous question marks”
She had no idea how her heart will respond if he asks her something”
She scared if he will ask something. She expected nothing short of an explosion if it happens”
We mostly give importance to illusions rather than hidden truths and lies, and go behind it. Why can’t we think otherwise? Why do we pretend? Why, what shown to us given so much importance, even if it’s not the real truth?”
As she moved, she could feel two eyes glancing at her. But she couldn’t gain enough courage to turn back!!!! 👀💕💜💜”
Things we do, taking effort and time are not easy to forget easily!”
Those unerased colours of that faded rainbow 🌈🌈 💜💜”
It’s not that easy to cry”
Slowly her voice turned lower and lower till it set in silence”
When someone gives a lot of love and care without asking…
When we start liking it and became habitual to it,
And suddenly that person starts ignoring us….
How will it feel like?”
Sometimes short conversations are enough to decode more than what we really want”
“The desire born in my heart without my knowledge
Let it die without letting know anyone”
I keep my wings small to cover short distances
And chances are less for breaking”
Have I wrongly interpreted a friendship? #Illusion “
“She feared if her eyes will let go her tears without her consent. While standing like this alone in a crowd, she didn’t want that either! Yes, we are living in an era, where we can’t believe anyone, not even own eyes😒”
Sometimes love ends like a puzzle without answers, and words without meaning. Sometimes it’s short, sometimes it keeps stretching.”
Why often do I feel I respond quite different and strange than others?”
Sometimes we never know the real reason why
Someone so close to us went so far away
Silence can never give answers always”
Frozen memories of a misty night and a frozen ice cream 💕💕”
“That moment when you listen to a special song
When your mind is deeply disturbed or missing someone 💫💫
Sometimes those lines give faith and energy to overcome something
Also, answers to disturbing questions”
Situations do arise in life when we are forced to take surprise decisions in short time and mind may go fully blank”
No one for me to say ‘good bye'”
When we deliberately try to detach ourselves from emotions and people, it means we were badly attached to them once. Because mind fears to lose again. May be we lost faith in bonds too”
When we give ourselves to someone
We should be confident to say, ‘Yes, I am alive'”
Memories!! And mind filled with tears”
How to hide mind’s silent smiles from everyone?”
Can destiny change palm readings too?”
“Happened in my life long before dear ❣️❣️. I can’t tell you. Even if I tell you, you won’t believe me. So, let it be” #Abhi
I know your presence long before my eyes catch you”
Where were you all these days
When I really needed you to comfort me”
When someone disappears from your life without saying anything, it gives a hope of return”
She scared if her eyes will let go tears without her consent”
As usual, she cut down the wings of her desire bird which made a nest in her heart. ‘Yes, I don’t deserve it'”
We often misjudge relations when we compare them with our best experiences of life”
I have partitioned my heart into many parts and allocated to many. So it’s not possible to compare between space held by two people in my heart. Each one holds a special space. Now also a few spaces left”
You are really crazy dear
To go behind dragonfly to catch it
To fly behind shed leaves
To invite me to swing in climbers
The bond was strong enough
But not as strong as uttered words”
That strong belief betrayed me….. Promises kept without promises”💔💔
Sometimes a few moments of happiness are enough to give promises for a lifetime”
I once built a wall of silence to protect myself. How can I forgive myself when mistakes from my side bring cracks to it?”
Why I always tremble before his words?”💕💕
So unexpectedly you enter my thoughts
And my heart loses its beats for a few moments
Though I warn my thoughts
It’s not listening to my words
Can’t answer your questions without trembling
Can’t face you with confidence
Why my mind is overflowing with happiness
Why can’t I figure out what’s going on?”
It’s the toughest moment when we are forced to recollect all those memories we try to forget”
The gap was just a few moments
But infinite centuries passed in between”
Why can’t we simply hide things from the person we love?”
“Missing his presence suffocated her like an unfinished picture, deep inside💜”
Human minds are so complex. He can hide his emotions from the whole world, yet expresses his emotions, both sad and happy in front of the person with whom he is comfortable most. Why the most happy moments are expressed through tears often?”
Is it quite normal we cry in the consoling words of the people we are bonded most?”
When you expect the same love in return you give to someone and never get it back, you lose the faith in love, and it’s not easy to restore the lost faith back “
In our life journey, we meet many people & get into conversation with many strangers. Quite possible, we interact with a few like strangers only to know he is an acquaintance from past & at least a few will definitely realize the connection, while a few others may not….. Sometimes strangers for a lifetime”
Though she won the game
Felt lost to him 💕💜💜”
Can love control our thoughts?”
Some words can dissolve walls between two people💕💕”
“You never expressed your feelings strongly through words. Yet why your silence, words and actions bring big storms to my heart, without any reason. I don’t know you, your past or present. Then why?”
When you are in haste (hurry) to hide everything
How will you remember to cry?
And slowly it becomes a habit”
“Very often, people hesitate to cry
To pretend to be mentally strong”
Though she came with a lot of preparations, she could feel words slipping & hiding from her tongue tip and she started wandering in search of words”
When you open one window/door from the past, a series of windows open in a sequence”

Each and every word of his advice felt like a mantra to her & totally changed her forever🌈💫💫”

Never expect anything in return. Always live your life with a thought in mind, you are all alone. It gives you less griefs in life”
Is there nothing between we two??” #Hari #Meera
“Is there nothing between we two??”
Her heart silently whispered to his heart💜
When some unknown pain swept her mind, she acted as if she is unaware of it”
Spring blossomed again in the same seasonal cycle
If it was spontaneous for the first time
It took more time to sprout buds in the second”
She found her lost soul once again, so unexpected #Magic 💫💫 “
We should find our own ways
Never expect others to do it for you”
She curiously watched how they both sailed her life ship together to the bank of hope” #Hari #Abhi #Meera
Shadows of an introvert girl slowly started disappearing”
You gave me confidence whenever I told, it’s only a dream, I will return” #Abhi #Friendship
Lavender heart 💜💜” #Hari #Meera
In this fake world, it’s all about expressions that matter. No one really cares about sincerity”
How will it be, when you stop believing yourself, feel totally lost, and all of a sudden, rise as a phoenix from ashes!!”
When new dawn took birth after the grieving darkness set in her life, first few moments were merely the first few alphabets of the most beautiful chapter of her life 🦋💜🌈”
Slowly scary thoughts and confusions started distancing from her”
How can he sense what I will do the next moment?
I took it as a light moment. But you pulled a huge mountain on me😔😔”
Ya, I survived😌😌”
She feared…. Those words will slip from her tongue”
When sorrows give way to immense happiness,
Moments which we once blamed as bad omens change to good
We may thank them too”
“World looks totally changed
Earth turns so beautiful🤗🤗
Happiness overflows everywhere
Giving glimpses of festival season
And spring showers its blossoms🌸🌸
When you feel the magic of love 💫💫”
In fool’s paradise😔😔💔💔”
How much they both care for us
Though we both care them less”
Everything is a state of mind and the beliefs it holds right at that moment”
She was smart enough to hide the dark clouds
Which took away the whole beauty of the day”
The moments she spent beneath moon and stars
She added them to the most beautiful colours of her rainbow”
Your mind key….. Who holds it now, at this moment?”
A glance which hold thousands of meanings at that moment
Without knowing each other
Without telling each other
Let those moments pass by”
I don’t want to know till the last moment”
The spring sprinkled numerous colours on her, before she passed by”
Mind started filling new expectations
More than that, strong beliefs
As each moment passed by”
It feels better I didn’t know him earlier”
“How long can I pretend myself?
How long can I neglect my feelings?💓💜”
What if my presence hurts someone a lot”
Sometimes I forgot myself”
“If I had let gone that moment free
My life might have taken another comfortable route”
“I left my biggest happiness for you, my dear
But you always failed to decode it, though I tried many times”
“When you reveal the biggest secret of your mind to someone,
You have a strange feel that whole world is watching you.”

“The moment your mind gets trapped in the illusion, a strange feel of being your mind exposed to the whole world all of a sudden, there is no other option left except to keep laughing without a gap. You are happy or sad, it doesn’t matter at all. You just feel to prove, ‘Nothing really happened'” #Meera 💕💕💜💜

“Most times I felt I won’t survive
Slowly I learnt to adjust”
“She started loving life more
As every day passed by”

She never ever loved life again”

“The moments she was cheering,
Loving life more and more
She never knew
It will be the last day she would ever love her life.
She was fully enjoying the moments –
Right at that time.
Let she enjoy the moments left💜🚶‍♀️”
How can someone react when he falls from the peak happiest moment of life to the deepest chilling point in the valley of sorrows, like a fall from heaven to hell in a flash of few seconds?”
Some people just can’t tolerate if someone gets something, which he/she longs for and never get. Such people always spread negativity, discourage you and will never judge the positive side of the same dream or achievement. They just try to put their thoughts on you”
Why do people put statements about others’ lives, based on their circumstances and experiences? How can you judge someone else life by comparing with yours?”
“My journey remained same
But those who travelled with me have changed,
New faces, new stories.
As time passed by I started feeling
I am one among them.
I got mixed with the new crowd”
When the other person is silent
You can never estimate what’s going on in his mind.
May be his mind filled with thousands of puzzles
Which he hesitates to ask you.
Never judge sea by its silence”
“As usual she reached beneath stars to tell her stories🌠🌠
But quite unusual, she was restless after so many days
And he was not in her thoughts💫💫”
To keep love for someone as a secret in heart without letting know anyone, holds a special beauty and happiness”
You may keep silent 1000 times
And may fight back for the 1001th.
But what to do
You will be judged for that single fight
People will never see your tolerance
Or the silent wars you fought till then”
Water may go up as vapours
May form clouds too
But how long can they stay there?
They will rain someday
Soon or later 🌧️🌪️”
“If she says something, am I not mentally strong to withstand it?”, boasted me. But what happened?”🌪️🔥
Sometimes we are not strong enough as we assume ourselves to be”
“I don’t expect back anything in return”, boasted me. But what happened?” 🌪️🔥
Her thoughts started travelling from one place to another”
Her mental peace had its final sleep that night”
“When I stood beneath the stars that night
I felt like they are blessing me
Giving enough courage to speak the truth
I was fully confused, annoyed
Yet the decision was already made
And I stood with it”
Her mind was travelling fast through paths she never traversed before”
She smiled in her life for the last time” 
The final moments of her sweet and innocent smile” 💔😢
Her smile slowly disappeared with the cold response she received”
Her smile slowly started dissolving in the hot response at other end” 🌪️🔥🌪️🔥
I told her something to feel happy for. But why is she sad and worried?”
She was not able to tolerate at least a single word against Hari. So, she measured her words while talking and filtered most 😌😌”

She never puts herself fully into any particular shade” #Confused #Meera 💕💕💜💜

I left some dots for you, which I believed you will fill very easily and read it full. Perhaps you never knew me or you fell short of my intelligence”
“Though I said only a few words why can’t you read those words which I purposefully left for you without saying? Why you failed to read my mind?💜”
While standing in the garden filled with blossoms
She failed to decode those words properly.
It’s not that easy to wake from dreams towards the world of reality in a flash of a few seconds”
She lost her mental peace so quick. Did she really realize it?”
Suddenly she felt displaced to another world she is not familiar with. She looked around to find nothing of her favourite things placed there. Totally, a strange new world.”
Basement of beliefs shaken. Stones from the strong-built wall started falling one after another. That peacock feather of dreams, lost somewhere”
Who granted you permission to enter my dreams and destroy everything?”
Can you enter dreams and dream world of someone else?”
How can you search your lost dreams in me and claim to find it?”
The depth into which she fell, she went sinking & her dream started going far away till it finally disappeared from her sight. To realize the truth that the hand which once pulled her out from depths doesn’t belong to her, was a big shock to which she failed to respond”
When our calculations go totally wrong😢”
She is not believing my words. How can I convince her?”😢
How much I boasted about my mental strength? Is my heart so weak? Is it nothing when it comes to love?”
Though I say only a few words why can’t she read those words which I purposefully left for her without saying? Why she failed to read my mind?”
It’s great if life gives us a second chance”
A secret book opened its pages suddenly before everyone. But all its letters were faded💔💔”
One-sided love is not always one-sided We just don’t know the other side”
Did he read my thoughts without letting me know? Is it the reason why he goes far away from me?”
Without asking anything,
Someone gives so much care and love, beyond expectations.
When you start loving it,
Suddenly tries to avoids you without any reason.
Then what will you do? How will you respond?”
Better we never knew each other”
“Even your best friend can never understand you fully.
However hard you try, you will only fail”
“With who you are fighting?
With someone who have lost all battles fought?”
“Am I being misunderstood wrong or interpreted as a wrong person?” She asked herself. Her mind failed to come up with an answer as before, and once again she was pushed into a world of illusions”
Most times heart never heals. It just finds its own ways to forget things causing pain, or pretend to find a new path until it becomes a new habit. You just start a new journey”
I could feel, the basement of my small paradise getting shattered. It was not possible for me to make it right, at that point of time. I never tried also. Everyone in their own worlds & directions, though in thoughts. We were together as before, but there was something missing among us. It was a silent withdrawal from my side also. No discussions about this matter in the group, no sharing of thoughts with anyone…. Simply a silent withdrawal…. even from her!!”
Human mind is like a crystal jar. If it breaks, not easy to restore perfectly. Not even time can do that magic. What happens next is a form of compromise, taking a new path for journey, bringing peace to mind giving some reasons & finding new happiness. When mind takes a new path, it forgets old path or comforts itself saying, can’t return. Then how can you say mind has forgotten everything & wounds are cured? Never! He is a changed person now, with new thoughts. He may or may not accept it wholeheartedly. Yet there are some who get stuck in between 2 paths in a corridor. Fate conducts maximum experiments in these people. Subconscious mind is aware of everything, but they can’t react. They remain confused always, & storms frequently roar in their lives. Their minds stray always🔥😔”
Read the third part of the quotes here….. and fourth part here.
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