How many Jalebis can you eat a day?

How many Jalebis (Jilebis) can we eat day? It looks a simple question, but its answer is not so easy. Jalebis have high content in sugar, which is not at all good for health. How much sugar can we take every day? When we get this question’s answer, jalebi’s question too gets a reasonable answer. So let us first see how much sugar our body really needs every day.

How much sugar for a healthy person?

For a healthy person without any health problems, 4-5 tea spoons of sugar are permissible, which can provide up to 100 calories. For a school going child, not more than 4-5 tea spoons of sugar is actually needed. But here, we need to take into note the snacks and bakery items and their high content of sugar. In biscuits, ice creams, cakes and pastries, sugar is added in extra.

For a healthy person, when he eats a single jalebi or ladoo, his daily quota of sugar is over. Everything he takes after that, including a tea with sugar is excess. When you continue the process regularly without taking proper exercises, calories get added to your body in extra.

Soft drinks and squashes have sugar content in high intensity. They also use artificial sugars and colours. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) added in these flavoured drinks use 55% Fructose and the rest 45% Glucose.

Many food items can also provide you sugar supplements

It’s not necessary that glucose needed by our body is provided by white sugar or sweets only. In fact, through the intake of many cereals body will get sufficient glucose. Brown rice, wheat and tubers can also provide glucose to our body. As it’s natural sugar and not at all processed similar to white sugar, they are healthy if taken in moderate quantities. In short, even if you avoid sugar completely from your diet, it’s not going to affect your body functions.  

Just take note of these few things

1. According to our lifestyle, 500 extra calories reach our body through sugar, which is sufficient to increase body weight by half kilo every week.

2. Half litre soft drink contains 65 gm of sugar, which is very much excess.

3. There is an easy method to calculate the calories of sugar. Multiply the weight in grams with 4 to get the total calories. For instance, 15 gm sugar has 60 calories.

4. Consuming sugar in excess can also lead to beauty problems. It attacks skin beauty and wrinkles may appear earlier.

5. Sugar is distilled from sugarcane for more than 2000 years. India stands second in sugar production.

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