5 Tips for your mental workout

Everyone is keen in physical fitness, and do exercises and take proper diet to remain health. What about mental health? Brain’s function is directly linked to both physical and mental activities of our body. Brain also suffers from energy loss, stress, strain, and many more things. Less do we take care to keep it healthy, isn’t it? Mental health is equally important as physical stamina, and here are 5 tips for you for mental workout.

Never make your brain lazy – Do you have a habit to take a calculator for doing simple arithmetic calculations too? If so leave that habit today itself. Also do puzzles and Sudoku, which give excellent mental workouts. While you are wasting your time in front of TV for a leisure holiday, try to solve one Sudoku every day. Present kids with gifts such as chess board and Rubik’s cube, which can help them for mental workouts. Also try to memorize phone numbers, birthdays and anniversaries of your dear ones instead of noting them down in a diary.  

Good food for brain – Meat, fish and eggs containing Vitamin B12 are best supplements for aggressive thinking. Also include food items with Vitamin D in abundance. Leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, beet root and apples can also induce your brain.

Stay away from negatives and sadness – It’s quite usual to everyone, to feel tensed for very silly things for no reasons. Keep negatives at bay, and never allow them to return back. Stay positive always. If you feel bored with your daily routine or profession, take a short break and go for a tour. Never try to remember old bad memories and incidents. Make reading a habit. You can read newspaper while watching TV.

Try to be social – Try to mingle with people, it helps better brain development. Try to make new friends, and have a social talk in the evenings. Befriend small gatherings, it will be effective. As per studies, those who isolate themselves and live in their own world are more prone to memory loss and similar diseases before reaching old age.

Relaxation and Prayer – It’s a nice decision to stay relaxed at least half hour every day. Yoga, prayers – methods are many. When you wake up in the early morning, just close your eyes and leave behind all other thoughts. You can also concentrate on any object or your favourite tune at this time. You can imagine yourself to travel with this tune, may be violin, guitar, or anything. You can also spend a little time every day to recite your favourite prayers, devotional songs etc.

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