Does Brown Sugar hold any special quality?

When white sugar and brown sugar are placed together in the dining table, it’s quite common, brown sugar gets more attention; may be because it’s not used on a regular basis. A few also think that white sugar is unhealthy and using brown sugar gives less health issues. Is it true?

Does Brown sugar has an upper hand over its counterpart white sugar?

Brown sugar is partially processed sugar. That’s why it’s brownish or grey in colour. Molasses – the jaggery solution gives that colour to brown sugar. As brown sugar is not fully refined, it contains mild quantity of Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, B Vitamins etc. Yet in terms of calories and sugar, both white sugar and brown have same value. None of them in better than the other in terms nutritious value. In short, use both sugars in a controlled manner.

Both sugars are of same quality. In many cases, brown sugars are specially used for recipes. That’s the only difference.

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