Save life from bitterness, Keep a little distance from sugar

Sugar is sweet at first, but slowly it slows down all processes of your body resulting in slow death. Excess of sugar can give rise to many health issues too. How can excess sugar affect your health?

Extra calories reach our body: Through the excess use of sugar, we are adding extra calories to our body which gradually leads to obesity. Excess body weight leads to many health issues, in short it provides a broad way to many diseases, curable and not curable.

In people with obesity, following insulin resistance, the functioning of insulin is affected, reduced slowly gradually leading to diabetics. Heart’s health also grows weak. Work load of heart increases resulting in high blood pressure and heart diseases. It’s also proved that overweight can lead to cancer.

Excess usage of sugar weakens bones: When amount of calcium decreases in bones, it results in bone disease called Osteoporosis. When sugar level increases in the body, elements such as calcium and potassium contained in body cells freely travel through blood, which may result in kidney stones.

Sugar can affect kids too: One of the major reasons for dental diseases in kids is the excess usage of sweets and chocolates. It may lead to tooth decays and plagues. Excess usage of sugar can also lead to bad behavior, emotional fluctuations and learning issues in kids.

Mild mental disorders: Excess sugar usage can also lead to mild mental disorders and also depression. With the intake of sugar, one may feel freshness for a while. It’s because sugar supports the production of serotonin, the messengers of brain. This condition is not stable and when blood sugar level decreases, the production of serotonin also reduces resulting in mental disorders like depression.

So in simple words, don’t let this sweet lady to sour your life forever. To save life from bitterness, keep sugar at a little distance for sure.

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