Pyramid Vasthu for positive energy

Is is possible to erase all bad effects and evils on our family members and home using an object that stays inside our fingers? But definitely it’s not magic or black magic or any other form of superstition. Such a claim is given by pyramid vasthu shastra experts. They say – through a pyramid shape small object, it’s possible to restore imbalance of energy of a home and family atmosphere.

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If energy of plot or home is not well-balanced with the energy levels of family members it results in unhealthy conditions and diseases – both physically and mentally. According to Vasthu our home should cover only 1/3rd of the total plot size. But in today’s scarcity of land situations, it is not at all possible to spare 2/3rd area of plot for free land. Land price is also too high. In most cases, we neglect many principles suggested by Vasthu experts.

Why energy imbalance occurs?

There are many reasons – pressure of underground water, excess quantity of minerals and chemical substances, big reservoirs like dam and big concrete buildings. These mentioned reasons are enough to increase overall stress resulting in negative energy – say Pyramid Vasthu experts.

Is it possible to identify negative energy?

Pyramid Vasthu experts use an instrument, Leather Antenna to identify and measure energy. This device, similar to a blood-pressure checking instrument was made using German technology and Nano technology. It consists of a few scales as well as some metal rads. The rads rotate well in proportional to positive energy while it stays still if it’s influenced by negative energy. A cable fitted along with this instrument, similar to a stethoscope detects and takes the measurement of your positive energy. The readings differ with different positions and if pyramids are fixed in right places, negative energy is converted to positive energy. Pyramid vasthu works on this principle.

Pyramid shape stores energy

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The vasthu shape pyramid has the ability to store energy in high quantities and this principle forms the basic rule of Pyramid Vasthu. Pyramids of different sizes are used according to requirement. Experts say, it’s possible to produce positive energy in a building partially (in a region) or wholly with the help of pyramid in the construction phase or at normal time, with a little changes. It’s also possible to fix pyramids with renovation of homes instead of complete demolish, thus saving a lot of money.    

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