Anti-aging foods – To keep aging at bay

Through regular exercises and healthy diet rich in antioxidants supplements it’s possible to keep distance at bay. You can stay at the freshness of 20s even while you have crossed 50. Here are a few simple tips you can take care of.

A smoothie of carrot, beet root and tomato – These three items are rich in anti-oxidants. Take one each, add a little ginger and make a juice. Drink it in empty stomach every day. Antioxidants play a significant role in rejuvenating body cells and tissues, and it adds extra shine and glow to your skin.

Include at least three types of fruits in your diet every day – You can choose any fruit of your choice; may be a banana with breakfast, papaya for lunch or guava for dinner. But it’s always a better choice to have fruits, 2 hours before or after your regular food.  

Include Vitamin-E rich food in your regular diet – Sesame seeds and almonds are rich in Vitamin-E. Brown rice or cereals of any type without removing husk have rich supplements in Vitamin-E good for health. Also include Vitamin-C rich food such as gooseberry, lemon and leafy vegetables in your regular diet.  

Sea fish with Omega-3 Fatty acids – Fish items such as sardine and mackerel have the ability to retain moisture of skin. Also fiber rich items such as groundnut, long beans etc can also protect your skin.

Sugar & maida are the real enemies of skin – Avoid junk food and bakery items to maximum. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day.

Keep watching this space. I shall share more tips with you.

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