Fat from Sugar – Is it Possible?

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate. But how can fat be produced from sugar? Is it possible? And answer is ‘yes’! How is it possible? When sugar in excess reaches human’s body, it undergoes certain chemical processes, which results in the production of fat.

Through the metabolic process – Glycolysis, Acetyl Coa is produced, which later results in the formation of Fatty acids, Triglycerides and Cholesterol, in the high glucose levels. Such components are produced in the cells of fats and liver.

When sugar gets converted to fats with extra calories, its aftereffect is obviously obesity. A long queue of diseases waits for such persons with obesity. Diabetics, High blood pressure, cancer, joint wear & tear are some of them. So it’s the choice of ours to choose any one of these alternatives – disease-free atmosphere with low consumption of sugar or the second one which results in the end point of anyone of the above listed diseases or combination of two or more.     

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