Divorce and Separation Quotes

Some thoughts shared about divorce and separation, one of the worst and most unpleasant happenings of one’s life……

“If I burn this paper to ashes, can that broken relation be restored back?”

“Why a relationship started with a lot of freshness and sounds ends in just a piece of colourless paper?”

“Can it end with faded colours and frustrations in silence forever?”

“Is marriage just a lust that begins with the spark of a rising sun and after touching horizon, its destiny is to set in dark skies erasing all its shades?”

“Why not able to sort out or forget those indifferences like, when you both have decided to start a life together?”

“Ending a relationship abruptly without telling anything is nothing short of a revenge. Open your mind & give a new life to your falling relations”
“There are people who fight for silly reasons and leave.

It’s better not to keep such relations”
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