Heart Strings – Part 8

“I care you because I love you💓”
“My heart is full of unsaid words for you”
“Some day I shall turn an autumn leaf,
Fly freely in the sky blues
And fall on you💙💙”
“How can I weep and shed off my tears when I have hidden your smiles inside the playhouse of my cloud of thoughts?”
“I set off for a journey with some unsatisfying answers, and while we started travelling together, found you on the way”
“Will some day the blue skies
Bend down to claim this rainbow?😌🌈”
“I wish I turn a white cloud
To float in the vast skies of your love”
“I have poured down a few lines
In the countless constellations of my heart,
For you to tune in melody,
When you are free”
“So far…
Yet so close❣️❣️
My moon🌙🌖”
“All my silences I secretly carried were your words”
“When nothing left in life, if you can make someone smile without expecting anything in return, that’s pure love”
“With nothing left in life,
The moment when everything seems over,
If you can make someone happy
Without expecting anything in return,
That is pure love”
“We both exist and live as different characters in our different stories at the same time, yet pretend we know nothing about the other characters”
“One time, you have told someone
“She is magic”💫😇”
“Can change to any form,
Or star,
But only if you desire
Only if you transform the same”
“A slow transition
From one shade to another,
Wave changes its speed
Can drift with wind too.
But it never forgets to
Keep in touch with shore”
“Sometimes my world settles as a misty dew drop in your silent world 💧💕
Sometimes my words drops as a misty dew drop in your silence too❣️🌪️”
“Ocean holds infinite water drops
Its tolerance level never exceeds sea level
It appears silent, hiding its water currents
Yet when silly raindrops pour on its surface
They can’t be hidden any way
And ocean spills like a kid playing in playground”
“We both are always in war against each other.
War with words, war with silence
War showing love, war showing anger.
But to prove what, I really don’t know”
“He is there….
Only my eyes can’t see😇”
“Everything I owned till now
Is shrinking into the silence of a conch,
Not visible from outside.
If you bring me close,
You can hear my hidden heartbeats
Like roaring waves of deep oceans”
“After blossoming during spring, when I shed with autumn fall, will you be there to hold me?”
“Some random thoughts appear in my dream
And colours intensify in my thoughts
I close my eyes to see darkness around,
And there I see you, budding as my hope”
“How many colourful & unique stories, we scripted & acted together! In each story, we played unique characters. Countless chapters we played as both acquaints & strangers. Every time we pretend as if we are ignorant of other stories & our characters. We compete with each other in acting & still the play goes on”
“Perhaps this avoidance is mere acting.
Let’s ask this deep sea about
The deep silences between we both
What if, some message is conveyed through
These moving waves.
Maybe they have some answer”
“I always assured my words reach you
Because I never wanted to commit same mistakes again and again”
“Even if you drift away like a cloud,
As a gentle breeze I reach you.
Even if I drift away like a wave
You comfort me in your embraces as the shore”
“Sometimes I am a reflection of you, and you, a reflection of me”
“If my views are not added,
I will stop visiting my blue mountains,
And gifting you blue flowers😤
When I take efforts,
I should get something in return🎁💜💜💜”
“Some sparkling moments happen just once in a lifetime, but they change your life forever”
“My heart is full of unsaid words for you
But you have read all of them,
I firmly believe so”
“To breach shores of my heart
If you can turn a wave,
To pour your silent love in words
I shall rain deep inside your soul”
“Sometimes stars do come down,
To search their lost fallen stars,
Lost somewhere here, some eras back
Maybe some stories were left incomplete then
Maybe some connections to reestablish”
“Love is colour blind🌈🌈
It can’t see grey and black shades,
And often filters colours it want”
“It’s interesting to refresh memories sometimes”
“In all the words I ponder, you overflow somewhere
In the breath I take, you have dissolved somewhere”
“It is the belief that you exist
Which spares one more day to live,
And what persuades me to live.
I have no truth in anything else!!”
“When lyrics of a song connect with our mood, thoughts and what we want to say, the song takes us to another world of higher level”
“I am still the same dusk
But a few of my shades went missing overnight”
“A home must be made inside some hearts
In those spaces
We will always have a permanent room💗”
“The beauty of some relationships is never talking to each other. Yes, beauty lies in silence too, where crazy imaginations take the front seat.”
“All my songs are for you
If ever found lyrics missing
Fill them for us”
“Whichever shade you wear,
You are simply magic
“Far or near,
You always stay close to my heart,
Beating inside me”
“If ever you found me lost,
Find again🌹🌹”
#Love #responsibilities
“I don’t think anybody else deserve to know,
How much I love you”
“Have you ever played a song in loop for hours and never able to turn it off?”
“I can’t talk in space to you anymore
Be visible to me please”
“Love is easy for a few,
Love is hard for a few.
Pain is easy for a few,
Pain is hard for a few”
“We can’t give our half to anyone
We always give it full,
With our full heart”
“Pretending to stand far away from you is easy
Rather than showing near to you,
When heart crosses the limit,
Nothing on earth can save me from the whirlpool,
Which drags me more closer to you🌪️🌪️💫”
“Not even sure if you’ll read it
Yet I write poems only for you”
“I believe in moon even on new moon days
I believe in you even when you are absent”
“If you are a lie,
My existence turns the biggest lie ever”
“Maybe your existence is my delusion
But still, I come alive only in those delusions
You are not away from my thoughts –
Even for a single moment,
And that’s the proof
I am madly in love with you
Yesterdays and Today”
“Untouched love”
“In short
Love is a paradox😐”
“From the infinite stars of the galaxy, where you are hiding
How will I find you?”
“Fill the emptiness of my smiles with your words
Fill the emptiness of my heart with your love
Fill the emptiness of my path with your footsteps
Fill the emptiness of my thoughts with your presence”
“Each autumn season leaves behind
Some of its flavours and shades, definitely”
“We both are good actors
Good in pretending to be strangers
Good in smiling in lies
Good in substituting words with silences”
“Your transformation from one shade to another was rather easy, because you mastered this art much earlier. But for me, each threshold was a severe test and a long journey to cover. Though I reached you every time, I could stay only at infinite distance from different versions of yours”
“I was sure
You would wait for my words 💓
Even if it’s a day,
A year or infinite ages”
“I literally died in an autumn season to be reborn in another autumn. But it was a long wait”
“Our sky is full of stars,
Some added by you
And some by me.
Now this sky belongs to us,
These stars too,
Not mine
Not yours,
But ours”
“It’s always heart’s eye
Which falls for someone
But it has always been the pair of eyes
Blamed always,
To see someone & desire.
Irony is,
It’s lips always
Who have to answer all questions😐”
“I will never cease loving you
Until you complete counting all stars in the skies
I will keep thinking about you
Until I complete my life journey
And my words will keep pouring
Till my heart silences forever”
“When you have never made me feel the difference,
Why should I?
Why should I listen what others say?”
“Your smiles rise in my heart
And your tears set in my eyes,
And they both
Belong to me only”
“I want to read moon’s face💓”
“Some moments just happen”
“White flowers which open eyes at midnight
Own a special fragrance”
“Never tried to search answers
Never tried to dig past.
When you poured on me with thunderstorms
I desired to own you forever.
I never searched past,
To believe you are mine,
Not to give you to anyone else”
“When emotions pour more than words,
It becomes difficult to talk.
Though you find less words to fill the conversation,
The language is understood more,
Gap of words won’t be felt
It touches the soul more
To the deepest core
Giving unforgettable moments forever!!🌪️” Memories
“You could have left without hurting me.
But you didn’t…..”
“Not to be written on colored pages,
But to be scribed on the pages of heart,
Each passing moment of ours
To keep as memories, forever”
“In each breath I take,
You are lost somewhere.
Taking path through my happy moments
Travelling through my sad memories
You finally reach my soul
Where you stay with me,
As my life and everything”
“Stay connected
I won’t feel alone🌚💫✨🖤🌪️”
“As time passes by
Tears condense as dew drops
And hide in the deepest corners of heart,
Making it frozen”
“My heart beats inside moon”
“The each page you turned, not paying any heed
Was an epic for me,
It passed through ages every time.
I saw you on every page
As a word, a syllable or a picture,
Like different forms of moon,
And all are same for me
Because all of them are ‘You’ only”
“When you met me for the first time, I was a cursed fallen flower. I hid my bruises and showed you only my remaining colourful shades. I never expected you will give me your heart. But when the mask has fell down, & I am no longer a beautiful flower, will you love me the same way as you did before?”
“While travelling through different stories
We got connected at an unexpected point”
“Buds that do not blossom in spring can bloom in autumn 🌸🌸”
“Each song for you, has a story to tell
A puzzle to decipher”
“Music came back to my life as a pouring rain, so unexpected
When I started loving life again, so unexpected”
“My silent tear drops carry words for you
To pour in your heart some day”
“My journey to you didn’t begin the moment you added rainbows and butterflies to your celebrations, a little beyond that. Time will create another moment for both of us to talk about that moment, just as same time did that day same time🦋🦋”
A gentle reminder
“Some people come with spring and leave with autumn fall”
“I started reading you eras back”
“Some nights and long chats are special
Some deep conversations will be remembered for a lifetime”
“You are a book I want to read again and again,
And I wish you add me as a syllable in a few pages”
“Your words touch my soul so deep
Your silence too💙💙”
“Moon shows to us in different versions, so are a few people. People too express themselves with who they are comfortable with”
“Make me feel a little bit,
You really care me.
I don’t want much more,
Just fill my emptiness.
I don’t ask much
Just steal a few moments for me
To make me feel your presence”
“I’m tired of dwelling on our past
In search of good memories.
I want a few moments of us together
With present and future intertwined.
The moment you give it to me
I’ll close the window of memories”
“Flowers can bloom in hearts also🌹🌹
When season of spring exactly finds you
Like a bee🐝”
“I stay too close to you,
Yet you can’t see
You stay at infinite distance
And I can’t see you
Things too close and too far away are
Not visible to human eyes”
“A broken star
Still trying to fix into your skies🌠🌠”
“You never come close
Or allowed me to forget you either”
“You created a delusional world for me,
Where I fly as a firefly everywhere
Searching you”
“I revolve around you or
You, around me
Still I don’t know.
But, yes, we both share same galaxy,
Same stars and moon
And we both are tied together
By some force of attraction💞
We keep moving keeping some distance
As if one of us or we both stop for a moment,
Try to come close or go far
Our world may seize or collide”
“I have always lived in dreams,
Nothing close to reality.
So, thinking right now
What if
I turn your dream forever”
“Perhaps we both may appear together in another story to recreate ourselves”
“Tonight, under the same moonlight
In the late hours
I am sitting alone
Drenched in your thoughts.
I feel restless, my heart is raving
Thinking about that special night when
You opened your heart to mine
And I opened my heart to you.
Years passed by
You are not here
Moon is still there
So am I”
“You are destined to fill a few of my lost pages,
And you can fill the way you want”
“Some springs never repeat
But some autumns do repeat very often🍁”
“You are my thoughts in deeply condensed clouds
Want to pour down,
Yet can’t break down on earth
And shatter myself”
“Dreams stay so silent
When you sail inside my deep eyes”
“Raining music in blue hills as it’s raining outside, and just seized”
“Not all hugs can comfort me
If it’s not yours
Not all words can pacify me
If it’s not yours💔”
“There are some missing pages long before I was born
Maybe you are destined to write them down
If the fate clown has given you the inkwell
Your words can change my present and future”
“Did you disappear silent as I set fire to my blue mountains?
You were watering its plants and told many times too”
“You kept tuning my heart
Till it started beating in a pleasant tune
Audible only to yours”
“Some stories never end. Some chapters may be written and added after a period, so unexpected”
“Some moments are born
When a hundred stories are born in a single word💫✨
Some moments are born
When infinite stories are told in a single word🌪️🤎”
“We had one season together in the past
Where summer, spring,
Monsoon and fall rained together,
And we both, deeply drenched in their colours”
“If you take the count of all waves and storms
Troubling you deep inside and give it to me,
I shall exchange them with
My presence carrying the fragrance of night jasmine.
If you bundle all those dark clouds disturbing you,
Along with pouring rains,
I shall give you back all my smiling white clouds”
From frozen world to full of life
Some words and gestures take only a little time to travel💗💗
“Power of words”
“Oh Krishna…
In whatever form you come
How can’t this Meera recognize you?
A piece of my soul,
It’s still in you
A part of you inside me too.
Even if the form changes
The soul doesn’t change”
“You smell rain sometimes
You smell poetry most times”
“It’s not my hope
But my strong belief💕💕”
“You keep telling lies
And I pretended every time,
I believed you
And we both are well aware
What we are doing.
Slowly it turned a habit”
“Don’t ever think everyone will protect you & safeguard you as I do. Not everyone is here with selfless love. Some are with selfish love”
“Thousand stories can unfold in a single moment.
Sometimes you have to wait for ages
To get this unexpected single moment”
“Stay with me in every moment I breath,
Stay with me in every moment I think
Without you
I am like a barren land without any sprout”
“If you don’t water my blue gardens💜💜💜
I will set fire to all lavender blossoms🧨😂💜”
“Until her body separated from soul
She waited for Krishna a lifetime
And met him during her death.
It’s she only….
“Even after knowing
You are telling lies,
You won my heart
And many times
My heart desires only that….
Your lies and excuses
Which connected
You with me.
I enjoy your lies
Many times”
“I wish I die someday and reincarnate in your eyes as a teardrop and tell you too, “It’s me”. Whole through my life, I kept waiting for you and slowly reached dying mode now. If I own a special space in your heart, you will never cry, not to loss me.”
“A pearl from my silence, I am giving it to the clouds
Perhaps they can tell you, what I can’t”
“How will you let me know😐💜💜
Give me some silent sign🎶👀”
“Do visit my blue mountains if you have time
I have planted a few lavender flowers for you to pick💜
If you don’t, I will be removing very soon👀”
“Having eyes is not enough
Having ears is not enough
Beyond sight and words
When you hide in another form
And transform every time,
I keep searching
The old ‘you’ I am familiar with,
The old ‘you’
When I and you met as strangers”
“Love calmly flows beneath roaring storms”
“As the relationship deepens
The decision to wait also deepens its intensity”
“All I need is a long nap
Only to wake up as a dream in your eyes
Once again for the last time
Before I die and being reborn as another Meera🦋🦋”
“You reside in my crazy imaginations somewhere
Like those hidden rainbows entwined by seven oceans”
“Intense desire to see you once
Intense desire to touch you once
Want to close your eyes with my palm,
And hold you in the other hand, so tight”
“Longing for the night when you will spread over me, and transform every bud of mine to perfuming blossom”
“There is no substitute for you in this world
Not even this me
To compete with the heartbeats you give
No one else can…”
“We witnessed only one autumn season together🍁
Sad, but true✨💫”
“You can hide in the shadow of someone else
But still I love you”
“I want to separate you from yourself,
Add to my soul
And we shall walk together
Regardless of the path you choose.
Instead I shall
Filling you with my life breath
And live with you for a lifetime
Till my breath stops!!”
“Some emotions I post for you,
Some few in thoughts for you💫🌪️”
“More memories still stay in my heart
Much more than those fallen and broken”
“Unsaid words talk most”
“Half or full,
Moon is always hers”
“There was a time when
You were so close to me,
Whenever I ink my thoughts with you,
I scared, you will read my heartbeats,
Even during those days when
We were not seeing each other”
“Some shades hold your charm
And reminds me about you💙🖤”
“Without even words, if you stay with me,
It’s enough
Though with slow pace, if you walk with me,
It’s enough
When I gasp & stop, if you lend your hand
It’s enough
If ever I am at lose of words, you console with your eyes,
It’s enough”
“Happiness can loss all its colours in the absence of someone special”
“I shall hide as a tear drop in your eyes
Without letting you know,
And you keep searching me everywhere.
I shall enjoy seeing your love and agonies,
And in the depth of your eyes,
I shall measure your love”
“I have poured some lines only for you,
In hope
You will tune them someday
And listen”
“In my thoughts
In my voids
In my stillness
In my breaths
And all…
You are somewhere
Maybe as me
Or, as a part of me.
Over time it only gets more intense…
Even when you are far away
Even when you’re about to fall apart 🌪️”
“Most times I prefer to believe
You write a lot about me,
But never show me.
I often dream about that day when
You shall show whatever you wrote about me
And my eyes will get tired reading”
“The moment since you claimed my heart,
I am all yours”
“When my heart beats for you
Even hiding from me,
You hear it from distance”
“When you search for a flower
I shall engulf you as a wild forest🌸🌸
When you search for a colour
I shall drench you with my ocean blues💧💧
When you search for water
I shall sink you in my ocean of love💙💙
Everything is yours,
Me and everything
Surrounding our universe 💗”
“If your thoughts can bring
So many drizzles in my heart
Together in a moment,
What will happen
If you come and stand right in front of me,
Right at this moment!!!”
“I believe in the existence of moon even on new moon days
I believe in you even when you are absent”
“The deepest woods wear the darkest sunlight🔥🔥”
“How can an obsession melt away like a candle in a matter of few moments?”
“Some people love too deep”
“Your soul reached me through different people
Till I started reading you the way you want to”
“He lives somewhere between her lines. She lives somewhere between his breaths”
“When I smile, your tears cry hidden in my eyes”
“I shall dissolve as a beautiful dream
In one of the shades of you
I shall make my shelter to dwell
Under the shadow of your love”
“You can change me the way you want,
But should preserve my soul intact”
“Your silent love is slowly engulfing me like
Sea water slowly engulfs a lonely island”
“Maybe because we share same vibes💞
Maybe because our souls are connected💫
I understand the language you speak
Almost impossible for anyone else to decode💙💙”
“I shall become alive again
That blessing moment when
Your breath touches mine
Blossoming my soul at once.
Till then, I am a dead soul
Sleeping somewhere
Deep inside you.
Find me if you can”
“Manifesting the moment
When my intense desire to see you
Finally comes true
And you are in my arms.
When you sink into my eyes
In one of those moments,
I shall close your eyes
With my left palm,
And will hold your hand
With my right hand tight
So that you will never leave,
Not to give you up to anyone”
“I never told about you to those clouds, who wander around me always. If so, they would have changed their white shade to grey, and hide you from me as long as they can😈
Earth to moon😍”
“Some moments can’t be recreated💫🌪️🦋🌈”
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