Colours best suited for this rainy season

Colours for season? Is it really significant? How will it look like if costume for each season is assigned some colour code? Is there any special colour for summer and autumn? Let us see.

Light colours trend in summer – Dark colours absorb heat a lot and that’s the reason why it’s preferred to choose light colour costumes for summer. Also cotton dresses are best suited for the season.

Deep colours for monsoon – You can choose any type of stuff for monsoon, and also colours too. Yet the trending colours for rainy season definitely belong to deep shades. You can choose dark colours such as black, brown, deep blue, lemon yellow etc. All these colours form a best combo with rainy season. To fly like a rainbow, you can also experiment with different combinations of dark shades this season.

Green is the best colour for monsoon – If you are asked to choose one particular colour for monsoon, choose green. Not only deep shades, light shades of green also suit best for the lively monsoon.

Never choose white for rainy season – If you are asked to avoid one particular colour for this season, you can doubtlessly choose white. In the muddy rainy day, white is definitely – a big ‘No’. It can be attached by stains and mud easily, and becomes very visible too. Dark shades can hide mud and stain to great extent. Also if you get soak in white dress, it turns transparent.

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