Heart Strings – Part 10

“Pure love only deepens with time♥️”
“I wish, all words I write for you
Fly and reach you”

“Your perfume follows me wherever I go” 

“My heart’s secret chambers provided pages for my inked words more than book papers💗”
“If I can’t write about you
I will get lost in the world of words somewhere”
“I search you in every word I read”
“You add more beauty to my virtual spaces”
“Some echoes travel against time
“As long as you stay inside me,
Blinking your starred eyes
Nothing can separate us
This wind, skies,
Summer or
Any of the seasonal changes”
“I showed all my hidden romantic shades only for you”
“You scribed some moments in my heart with love
Your love, agonies and everything✨💫
The moments when you claimed my heart,
And I became yours.
In your absence, when I feel like seeing you,
I read those moments from heart
And wish in heart,
My eyes should close forever
In one of such moments”
“How many times have we both –
Renewed our acquaintance
Pretending to be complete strangers!
Competing with each other in acting!!
Not sure how long to continue like this
I am tired of acting.
What about you?”
“Still counting the numerous shades
You sprinkled on me as infinite springs”
“Falling in love one time itself is magic.
But I fell in love with different versions of you
Yes, I need all of you equally
Your positives and flaws,
Waning and waxing
And many other shades,
Undefined & behind the mist”
“The moment since I filled something you lost
And you started filling my imperfections
Our journey together began at that point.
From half moon to full moon
Our journey has reached halfway.
Even during those waning days to new moon
Moonlight of our love will only increase”
“We both were two lonely clouds
Floating in the skies, before we meet
At an infinite point in our parallel world.
We met infinite times later in our multiverse
Acting as strangers, often as friends,
And our meetings will go on and go on”
“Ever since we both met
I never lived a moment without you”
“Let’s go once again to those unknown places
Through our weird and secret paths,
The secret places of our galaxy
Where we both used to secretly go together in the past”
“Strong beliefs are strong feelings too💜✨”
“Without you, I no longer exist
Nothing around me too!
Even when I am saying it every time,
I am confused in my own thoughts,
Are you real or just my crazy imaginations.
Yet, I knit for you million dreams
In many ways, where I also form a part”
“I pick the best flowers for you always
I pick vibrant colours for you always”
“Some stories last for a few moments
While some others for a lifetime.
Some stories will be carried forward to next births,
Lasting for eras and more”
“Your madness defines me in many forms
Even I am not aware of”
“You are the other word of my passion & desires
You are the other word of my emptiness too”
“I am still mesmerized in the melodious tune
Created by you some time back.
Its echos are still stirring my mind
Like an uninvited hurricane disrupting everything it sees🌪️💞”
“You left, gifting me thousands of words
To write poems for you”
“Sometimes through lines
Sometimes by dots
I talked to you mostly through question marks”
“I think about you in a thousand ways
I write about you in a thousand ways”
“I just hope
Each word of my poems
Fly off from my book
And reach you🦋🦋”
“I want to walk through the clouds to reach you some day”
“All my sky walls are inked with red,
Deep red,
Only for you”
“In the countless words
I wrote for you in the late nights staying awake,
I hid infinite mischievous puzzles
Only for you to decode”
“Vibrant colours I pick for you
Shows the intense love I have for you”
“We met many times before
And will meet again infinite times in different ages”
“You are a book, I can never read complete
Every time when I try to finish reading,
You keep adding new chapters🙆‍♀️”
“Some connections are made by god. Humans can’t break them”
“I read you in a thousand ways”
“Love is God”
“From a wild forest of unknown flowers, you transformed me into a perfumed garden of red roses”
“My dreams always have all the seven shades of your rainbow”
“Why can’t you meet me finally in real time?
I can’t keep you more in my illusions and crazy imaginations”
“When all hopes of life die
Some people reach you like a dream 🌈
They are simply born from the void
Like a colourful cloud 🌨️⛅️”
“I am a tiny red star in your vast dark skies”
“All my thoughts complete their last lapse in you”
“My world is so small
It surrounds you only,
Along with a few stars
Fixed in the full moon skies, nothing else!!”
“Pure love is love only
It’s not at all helplessness”
“My heart was a wild forest before,
Filled with shadows of melancholy
You planted beautiful roses and
Transformed it into a perfumed garden.
My heart was there,
But dead inside long ago.
You put beats inside it
And made me realize, it can beat too”
“You show anger in different shades
Your expression of love too♥️♥️”
“My greatest joy is making you happy
And your dearest pastime is to make me cry”
“Music connects souls than anything else
Even unseen people from two parallel worlds”
“Sometimes my madness defines you”
“Your anger shows seasonal change
Sometimes you are as hot as summer
Sometimes like a rain cloud –
Which never stops pouring.
Often you condense like snow of winter
Cold and silent
And sometimes you turn an autumn
With falling leaves.
One thing remains unchanged
It’s me always who consoles first”
“All my love shades are saturated in a rainbow”
“Whatever I think about,
It reaches you finally!!
Sometimes, I keep thinking something
In the pretext to feel your presence
In my thoughts somewhere”
“Making you angry is just one of my hobbies 💃”
“Quick response is a turn on”
“Everywhere I go
Wherever my mind goes
Your fragrance follows me…
Your fragrance travels with me”
“Whenever I desire not get desired
Someone desires,
Knowingly or unknowingly”
“She started her journey hidden from everyone
With him❣️”
“When a thousand sorrows wander in mind
I filter only a hundred
And the rest, I throw to the unrest seas,
Knowing those waves will bring them back.
In that short interval
I will be busy with adding and subtracting my worries
And finally dividing them with peace
So that I can tell you just one or two”
“It’s you who taught me the first lessons of self-love
It’s you who taught me to give importance to myself first.
It’s you who taught me to free myself from chains.
If so,
How can you feel bad if I express myself,
Without even asking you?”
“I am still searching long-lost fragrance of my spring and its missing shades, which blossomed once in my life. Hope you will bring them back to me, when you return”
“I remain as your shadow or your illusion,
It’s up to you”
“My soul lies in the songs I sing for you”
“I have reserved a speck of crimson of the setting sun,
Some of the colours that do not appear in the rainbow
And a tiny bit of ink from night skies for you.
By the time next spring comes around,
You will come to me, right?”
“Which is your favourite among the seven colours of rainbow?
Which colour will you choose for me?”
“You brought lost fragrance back to my flowers”
“The playhouse we made together among the clouds 🌧️
It has started drenching in rain
Before the last cloud turns into raindrops
Will you come back?💙🦋”
“A fraction of your love for me is enough
A gentle feel like a cool breeze is enough
To keep me going
To keep me alive
To keep waiting for you, my love”
“My sorrows…
My worries…
My little desires…
Don’t I own the freedom to tell you?”
“We can like a lot of people…
But true love is only reserved for a few”
“Even when you sleep in my thoughts
Even when I wake up in your thoughts
There is a dream world unfolding only for us.
There, flowers are born which bloom only for us.
The hours when –
Those night flowers are spreading their fragrance
This whole world will be at rest”
“Pretending to stay away,
Yet staying, close to heart”
“I shall prefer to stay, though pain is the best part of it”
“I and you were two wandering stars🌠🌠, falling off from skies, but got connected at some infinite point in the space so unexpected. Holding arms and looking at each other, we found solace in each other forever💫✨🌪️💞♾”
“I and you were two wandering stars, falling off from skies, but got connected at some infinite point in the space and found solace in each other”
“Arms in arms
We shall dance forever
Under the stars and moon
Till the end of universe”
“Far or near,
Your presence is always felt”
“Two parallel lines of same vibes will intersect at some infinite point at some point of time”
“Days are rare when I don’t write for you
Days are rare when I don’t write about you”
“Some wins bring you failures
While some defeats bring you wins too❣️❣️🦋🦋”
“I don’t want you to search me in anyone else
If I go missing, search inside you instead”
“If you look at me right this moment, so unexpected
You can see thousand stars flashing in my eyes
Just for you”
“I often hide words in my poems
Only for you to pick”
“Hands in hands, we shall walk
Until we meet moon in our universe”
“Even when we stay apart
I find you in every atom of mine ~ Soul Connections”
“Your existence is my biggest happiness”
“Something is binding us again and again
Beyond births and eras
Sometimes with reasons,
Sometimes searching new ones.
Yes, beyond words and all silent wars between us,
Something binds us together”
“Unexpected moments are remembered most”
“Some stars fall on earth, just for you”
“I want to go on a trip alone
Without seeking anyone’s permission
Without saying a word to anyone
Through paths never travelled before
With you💗👀”
“I often hide myself in my poems for you to read”
“We both shall go to a secret place where
Oceans hear the voice of only me and you
We both shall go to a secret place where
I shall watch full moon in your arms”
“Sky can change from blue to deep orange to black.
But my feelings for you will never change”
“While reading you in a thousand ways
To find you in a thousand ways,
When I get lost myself in a thousand ways
Even losing you in a thousand ways
You come near, as a blue butterfly
Finding a thousand reasons,
Like that roaring wave beneath vast skies,
Returning back to its shore”
“I hold you like night skies hold the stars💫✨🖤”
“My real happiness resides in your arms.
As long as you hold me
My paradise lies in the space
Where we both stand together”
“I am not going anywhere
I am here
Only waiting for you”
“Every now and then, with our small fights and harmony later,
Even when we both act and pretend to fight
There is a small smile on my lips always
An assurance that you are for me and I am for you always”
“I and you are the best part of our story”
“My eyes see you the way no else can see”
“I am lost somewhere between the lines I find for you new”
“Nothing can define you better than my crazy love for you”
“You are there in many of my lost and fading dreams
Also in some regenerating ones!!”
“Something is binding us again and again!!”
“I hold you in my eyes like sky holds the moon and stars”
“Whatever you are doing,
Nothing belongs to my definitions of love”

“Let’s go once again to those unknown places where we both used to secretly go together” 

“Special November Nights🌪️💫❣️❣️”
“How many times you stole my moments, without even me noticing it!!”
“I am a part of your soul, deep inside you.
Have you ever noticed?”
“Inside you,
I saw something more than a star”
You hide inside me”
“Always for you ….. as always”
“Whatever I say,
My life is like a lifeless fallen leaf
Without you”
“My breaths are always closer to yours
Each and every moment I breath”
“No matter what others say
Aren’t you with me every moment 💫💞 ♾♾”
“Maybe I took a little time,
Hurt you a little bit too
But I added you only to the live tunes of my beating heart,
Not to my offbeat rhythms of broken heart”
“Moon and sun share the same sky at the same time.
Only thing is,
It’s not visible to everyone.
So are a few relations”
“We are simply feeling each other
Without words or touch.
We are seeing each other
While we decode through our silences.
Yes, we act complete strangers too
When we are in a crowd,
Or when we come across each other too👀”
“I look forward to the day when your eyes hold me captive forever”
“You are my wings of freedom
And a valuable treasure
Full of dreams –
Preserved by time for me somewhere!!”
“We are living in a parallel world created by us, away from everyone”
“In my thoughts
In my words
And in all the melodies I sing,
You are overflowing like a river.
In the stars
Blooming in the sky
And out there
In the full moon
My eyes are spreading,
Looking at you”
“Short conversations are beautiful
With or without words
But long conversations are always exciting
When emotions are exchanged more than words”
“I have left everything to you dear
Even when my mind is deeply disturbed,
Worried, hesitated.
I have left everything to you
Even when I feel insane,
Stuck somewhere seeking answers.
I have left everything to you
When nothing is no longer left in me
Everything belongs to you only”
“Some relations are closer than we assume…
Closer than they appear💗”
“I shall continue reading you
Until you give answers to all my questions
And thereafter”
“Whenever I fix you in my skies for our future,
I fix the dazzling moon, a few twinkling stars,
White clouds and a colourful rainbow as well”
“I am a part of you
And you are a part of me
Like a crescent moon shining in the vast sky
Like a small boat floating in the deep seas
Nothing can shake or separate us
We who are bound to each other by infinite births”
“Whenever I am with you
I can see rainbows all around”
“We are seeing each other without really seeing
And without words,
We are talking through silences and glances
When we come face to face
We act as strangers too.
We are simply feeling each other
Without words and touch”
“I never imagined,
Seasons will sprinkle same colours –
On me again!
Colours are deeper now
Colours are more vibrant now.
They flow straight into my heart
And shower as monsoon rains occasionally,
Accompanied by thunder and lightening”
“Conflicts and fights assume different meanings
Sometimes love is less
But most times,
When love is excess….
When love is shown in a unique way💙💙”
“You reside deep inside me as my everlasting pain
You reside deep inside me as my everlasting happiness”
“Holding you in my eyes as my shadow is my everlasting dream”
“My words are my eyes
They keep searching you in non-stop mode”
“You live inside me as my best happiness & worst pain every moment I breath”
“Some wars are fought in love too
Sometimes with others
Sometimes with ourselves”
“In your eyes, holding mine
In your arms, holding mine
Let us revisit all those places
Both our eyes have seen together, long ago”
“Far or near,
Hearts collide like stars
In a space
Sharing the same medium”
“I shall send you my love as pearls of deep oceans & I bet you, you will get tired counting💙💙”
“My heart beats in your shadow
Invisible to you.
Are you aware of it?”
“I literally live through the words I wrote for you in your paper of silence”
“Every moment you are with me
I see rainbows all around
I can see the blossoming gardens
And flowering night skies.
It’s just you and me in the middle of all
And our crazy little world”
“Deep inside my heart flows a silent stream
Filled with love for you only”
“Even if no one else understands
You are knowing me
Even if no one else read my silences
You are memorizing everything.
But to hear your words
It’s been a long time since I started craving
To melt our silence into words
It’s been a long time since the clocks started ticking”
“Many times I pour as rain
Only to fill inside you”

“Rare are the days I don’t write for you”

“I hold you in my whispers
You are my secret fascination and biggest craziness”
“The verses I pick for you always hold a tint of mine,
Along with dark skies, moon and all the stars it can hold”
“New Year fights can end for a lifetime😉😁”
“To fill only your sorrows and happiness
A corner of my heart is left empty, forever
It’s yours alone…..
“How long it takes for conflicts to turn into harmony?
A feeling of being with you even if you are far away is enough
To remove the distance between conflicts and harmony!!”
“If I get angry
Sometimes I feel like making you angry too”
“We show our real self only to those, who we never fear losing”
“How long can I sail in your eyes,
When you have anchored –
Deep inside my thoughts
And read everything I think about you”
“Among all seasons, which one is you?”
“It’s not like we give our hearts to someone to read
Some people simply read it, without seeking our permission”
“Meet me in the moon
Amidst the stars✨”
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