Love Thoughts

“You find that you love someone (most)
When you can’t find some another one
To place above that one in your heart”
“Your thoughts can bring that fragrance your presence can’t bring🌈🦋♥️💕”
“Your thoughts can bring that fragrance which your presence can’t 🌈🦋♥️💕”
“Promises kept without promises
Not even a single word left
Just like a single drop needed to wet the eyes
Or to make the pot overflow
To remind our relationship about……
Anything more??”
“More intense you love,
More you fear to lose,
And if you are someone who witnessed so many losses,
You always fear the negative outcome of even silly things…”
“Deep silence can hurt more than words most times💔💔”
“We can blossom in someone’s life for a short period like a short-lived jasmine and fill fragrance, but not forever”
“Never give right to someone to question your love
And never ever try to prove it to them too”

“Not talking is also a love language…. Silence between the lovers”

“Will you heal my broken heart?💔💔”

“True love gives power to attempt many things, often many unfamiliar ones, even enter unknown territories, which we may not find enough courage doing alone”

“Eyes and heart are true friends
Talkative eyes always reveal thoughts of heart
Because heart is silent and allows eyes to speak his mind💕💕”
“For some people love is as pure as jasmine flower
For a few, it’s tender as rose petals
Lost love’s colour is hibiscus red
Yes, love has many definitions, shades and colours”
Many bonds form so unexpected which often leave us surprised & we can’t define them”
Love is so strange sometimes. Even a few moments can do that magic”
“We may carry someone as a hurricane in our soul (with or) without his/her consent”
Falling in love again & again
Till both of us become inseparable”

“It’s you only🌈🌈

I can feel it🦋🦋”

“Time is to be treasured too…

For those wonderful moments when we feel ourselves special”
“As long as I have full faith in my love,
You have no right to question it, mock it
Or give your opinion
Crossing the boundaries”
“I can’t speak and you can’t see💔💔”
“When we feel ourselves special
It could be various reasons too…
May be for some achievement, some special moment
Or when we feel so special in the presence of someone else”
“Never give or accept love as alms
And never reserve love as alms for someone!!”
“It’s not at all easy for mind to bury everything, particularly if it’s deeply linked to mind’s strongest feeling, that can lucky be experienced only once in life time. When words are desperate, eyes speak volumes of truth, and eyes never lie”
“A reason to smile🌸🌸”
Love and pamper our mind like a kid. No one can do it better”
“By seeing each other
By touching each other
Spending time together
True love never happens
It mostly happens as a spark when
Two souls cross a single point in a moment
And get connected through hearts.
It happens only when
Two hearts touch each other
Nothing else matters”
“Replacement is just to comfort our heart…
Truth is that emotional bonding with someone can never ever be replaced, if that bonding was sincere💔💔”
“When you get stuck in real love so unexpected, first attempt would be to get out of it. When you fail, next thought coming to mind would be, when shall I meet that person next time & would be impatiently waiting for it.”

“Through her words, I talked to his heart 💕💕”

“Through your eyes, I talked to your heart”

“When it comes to thoughts of heart, everyone tries to hide
All intense emotions …. both happy & sad”
“We laughed together
We cried together❤️❤️✨🌪️”
“I had a friend in the past who once told, “You love people so intense that you will kill in love, so sincere”
Love is never late in life
Late it comes, better it would be….
Best things always come last
But it lasts!!! Never give up hopes”
When I can’t express my love, it turns intense as time grows”
“Some relations can never be defined
We can’t predict the moment they come to our lives
Sometimes belonging to two different worlds
And at sometimes, some broken ones
Returning to our lives taking another form💕💕”
“Broken relations too can return
But taking another form….
At that moment,
Whole events may also get repeated
To our surprise” #Repetition
“Love that rains (pours) down as night rain”
“Some bonds form so unexpected which often leave us surprised and we can never define them”
I preserved one tear drop for later”

“To find place in someone’s heart (and sustain) is not an easy thing. It’s all about feelings and not about words”

She forgot once again to hide her love in smiles”

Very often I feel like a departed soul who can’t wipe your tears, even if standing near”

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to return back to you. But what to do…. Time has travelled a lot of distance between us”

“When we feel ourselves special, It could be various reasons too…
May be for some achievement, some special moment
Or when we feel so special in the presence of someone else
“He is not even a single moment away from my thoughts…
So, it’s pointless to think… When he comes to my memory ❤️😊😇”
“The fragrance & charm which your presence can’t bring
Your thoughts can definitely bring”
You can also find him in your heart
If you sincerely love him & believe he is a part of you”
It’s all about connecting emotions, not the presence, physical appearance or anything else”
If I have no feelings for you,
Why am I feeling pain thinking about you?
Why do you always measure my feelings with yours?
I know, you have easily moved away years back
And I am still stuck there in an illusion
Waiting for your return #Reality
“Many things are undefined on this earth💕💕
Strange, but true!!💕💔♾💙”
Meera’s love towards Krishna is selfless. Whole through her life she was searching for him and wanted just one thing, to meet him once, and Krishna fulfilled her wish”
You flow like a silent stream of water
But pours down like countless raindrops
Accompanied by thunder and lightening”

“Time may move. But static are a few moments which are captured forever in human hearts. They always remain beautiful”

“You flow like a calm stream”

“You don’t love me doesn’t imply I don’t love you
You don’t want me doesn’t imply I don’t want you”

The universe turns differently when fire loves water, like sun loves moon”

I never knew you were such a broken person in real life!!! Some unheard conversations”

Love has countless shades, both beautiful and worst And it’s not possible to define all!! It shows different shades to different people & give different experiences too”

“In true love, there is no question of deserving or not.
Only people with same wave length can fall in true love, and both are truly deserving it”
“Love is so strange sometimes”
“Love is so strange sometimes
We can’t understand its language,
Words spoken or emotions untold”

Even a few moments can do that magic”

“When you are single, passion becomes your first love😉
And when someone enters your life, you may rethink about passions & preferences, and afford that person too, into that space.
If you can afford both together comfortably, it’s pure magic💫💕💕🤗”
“Silence can be a question waiting for an answer💕💕
Silence can be an answer, where words fail often🤗🦋”
“Through your eyes, I talked to your heart
And found a lonely soul hidden inside you
So restless, in wait for a break to freedom.
I gently smiled striking the right chord with your heart
Because I want to bring you out of this solitude
And show you the true magic of being loved & cared “
“Helpless… Darkness… Loneliness…
All are hidden in the deepest corners of our hearts
Deeply connected to absence of love, bad experiences & insecurities too, which can frighten us.
Yes, light of pure love can change everything and make all these disappear like magic 💫🦋😍”
“There is a clear boundary line between friendship and love, and some people will never understand. Treat friendship as friendship and love as love, and learn to respect both”
“To reach that boundary line to cross the weak point of love is not easy for all. That’s what we call lost in love!!!!!” 
“Is Possessiveness the younger sibling of love who takes birth soon or later when love grows stronger?”
“When we terribly miss someone, we may try to get/find a few glimpses of that person in other people💫💫🦋♾”
“Though you carried an ocean of love in your heart
Why did you go silent all through these years like this setting sun?”
Some happenings occur for no reason, except to leave us in pain for a lifetime”
“Though we are close & very much in love
There is an invisible wall in between”
“It’s better to get lost forever than to survive like this”
“Love is so strange sometimes. Even a few moments can do that magic”
“Why did you act keeping distance from me?
Is it the fear that gripped you, I will go far away from you?”
“Friendship or love,
There is so much importance to personal space & their preferences. If you force it too much, you are not bringing them closer, but they drift from you further”
“To love & get separated is one of the biggest sorrows of life.
But to love someone so intense, but never letting him know it is more terrible.
To not get the deserved love or exchange it, gives immense pain
Which need to be carried as a burden till the end of life journey 💔💔”
“I measure the distance between I and YOU,
In terms of the distance covered by you
To reach the silence between YOU and I”
“Only closeness can create distance between people”
“We can like a lot of people…
But can love only a few.😉
Love should give a reason to smile🌸🌸 & can also pour down like night rain.
Like can never be so. It goes untouched by our mind”
“Most happy things of our lives always come as surprises, so unexpected, you know♥️♥️💫”
“Distance between hearts starts at the point where words reach nightfall”
“Even after outbursts, love sustains only because of expressing later”
“Learn to love first. All the other essences we need will be added to our life slowly.”

“Quite a few hide love and all its hidden feelings and agonies in a gentle smile…”

“Krishna everywhere💕💕💞💖💫🌪️
For Meera, his magical flute synchronizes everything and dissolves the whole world into a single entity and she can’t see anything else in front of him 💕💕”
“When people walk away from our lives, they often take with them, many of our favourites…..May be some passion, obsession, a hobby or desire”

“You came to me before my dreams
And have gone before they full bloom…”

“If you can read my mind
Why can’t you behave according to it?”
“Secrets are often hidden between YOU and ME
Often WE fail to understand its true meanings …..”

There is no special concept in love. Every one make their own points. But once you make it, stick on to it & try to follow”

“The short length makes moments memorable and beautiful. If it lasts long, may not hold the same beauty “

“Some people are irreplaceable
That’s why we hold them tight & try never to lose them”

“When you are along with me,
I can’t find you…
But when you are far away from my eyes,
I always search you…….”

“Fear & love can never stand together
Respect earned through fear can never purchase pure love”
“What could better symbolize a full moon than a romantic mind or happy thoughts?”

“What if we born and die in someone’s dreams every night???”

“I shall born and die in your dreams everyday
And your eyes and brain capture me forever”

“True bonds never require a medium to travel and establish. It just happens. #Raabta”

“Fail to someone who is really worth of it
And both will win”

“Feel the magic in someone’s invisible presence”

“Feel the magic in someone’s eyes”

“When I open my arms
The other person must see it
Then it fits into a perfect curve of love & mutual understanding
And stays as an everlasting relationship”

“Love gives a reason to live and to survive for someone too”

Standing close to me at far away distance”

“Our love can hold someone from falling
Like a diamond in a ring forever
Precious & permanently fixed”
From long lines — to single dots ..”
“He added 7 colours to my rainbow 🌈and a lot of butterflies too 🦋🦋🦋🦋”
“This emotional bonding is not to break, but to stay forever.”
“No one understands love better than a loving heart
No one hates love better than a betrayed heart – Only loved heart can hate 😐🔥
If you are loved & betrayed, you can perhaps understand the meaning of both”
“There happens some moments in our life when we have a lot to say. But our feelings can’t be expressed through words. Silence expresses them better. Those hidden meanings can’t be decoded in any language of the world, except by those two souls. In fact all emotions can’t be told through words or writings”
“Words can’t tell all emotions of human mind…..
Words can’t retell everything hidden in minds too……”

“If you try to find logical reasons, then how can we say, ‘fall in love’?”

“When you fall in love with someone you already know…..
He or she may not be stranger.
But suddenly you feel something new with the person which you have never seen before….
Thoughts, expression, feel, presence… everything changes so quickly”
“Silence speaks better than words if your eyes are expressive”
“To fall in true love is a victory, not failure
And only a very few are blessed to loss this battle”
“Love happens when mind goes out of control. So, there is no chance to be in control love”
“But it’s always a stranger who becomes the most important person of our lives”
“Heart accepts to & brain hesitates to
Chances are rare when two go for a walk together 💞💞”
“Each relationship definitely teaches you something new…. Whether it has turned past or will remain in future”
“Your deep thoughts are reflected in the eyes of that person, who you love most”
“Colours of love may fade with time if destiny decides something else
But never its perfume”
Anything begun in love will end in love.
Who wins at end doesn’t matter”
I am very close to you…. Close to your heart”
“Can you imagine how much you hurt me?
Can you imagine how much you make me happy?”
“Love also needs to face test of time
And only true love prevails”
I enjoy your lies”
“I enjoy your lies👀
Telling lies and pretending not to catch is our love language💃💫🌪️”
“Inner eyes can see inner hearts”
“I am one among those infinite moons revolving around you
And you are the single sun & star of this solar system”
#Krishna #Meera
“Sun fades away
Dusk too moved so far
Gentle breeze gives me signs to go
Am starting off journey alone as usual
Just one last word kept for you
Still remains in my mind’s garden
Fragrance of those unfaded flowers
But for you in your life path
May many eras of twilights already shed”
“No communication is needed between we two to understand the other person’s mind and its feelings. Yes, our silence is more than enough 👻👻♾❤️❤️, because we both are connected through an invisible thread🤗🤗”
“Love is happiness for a short time and pain for a lifetime. Do you agree?”
“The word ‘EMOTION’ itself means pure, and never adds with any adjective. It comes straight from heart.
God’s beautiful gift to humans”
“You can remain silent when you are happy
But talk to me when you are feeling sad
Both these are OK for me”
“I just forget crying in your magical presence”.
“Thoughts are complete when expressed through words, because (simple eye) expressions can change narration at any point of time.”
“We don’t talk doesn’t imply our bond is lost forever.
It’s still there, the same. Certain relationships are so💕💕”
“She just remembered those untold words which he tried to tell through eyes.
May be he repaid everything through his silence”
She forgot to hide her love in smile as usual/She forgot once again to hide her love in smile”
To fall in love with someone you may have 1000 reasons. But at sometimes, no reason at all”
“Love can also happen in one moment or two. If so, yes, love is illogical, without any reason. But it can spell magic for a lifetime.”
“I can’t say how time flies
In the thoughts exchanged between we two”
“I can’t say how fast time flies
In the thoughts exchanged between two loving people”
“It’s all about feelings and not about words 💫💫💕💕
Very often eyes repay everything through silence
Through a coded language understood only by two.
And there is no need to justify a third person🤗🤗”
“It’s also possible to keep promises without promises and wait for that special moment to express everything. Beautiful are those moments 😍🤗❤️❤️✨💫”
When we miss someone, we may try to get a few glimpses of that person in other people”
“You are my sun & I am your moon
My world revolves around you
& Reflects a little bit of –
Your energy, light & virtues.
Without you I am in darkness
A kite without thread
Aimless & directionless
Be a little kind to me
& I shall give you my coolness in return
When you are in need of a gentle smile”
My world won’t remain the same if you don’t return💔💔💔”
Same poles do attract. 
Similarities bind bonds and construct relations & provide a medium to share”
Standing close to me at far away distance where my words can’t reach”
All paths are not parallel!!! Yes, events can repeat & we may meet same person or some another with same shades again at some point of time, so unexpected. Perhaps to finish an incomplete journey that was left behind, with another or similar story line” #Raabta
Nothing in this world can make you feel worthy
If the person you love feel you are worthless” #Fact
If you had treasured at least a drop
From the ocean of love which I gave you
You could have created a heaven for me
With that drop on this earth!”
Energy level achieved temporarily will be lost & hence forced to bounce back to reach original level soon. So try never to fall in love easily. My Atomic Theory of love. There are different energy levels where atoms stay in a molecule. When it achieves energy, it jumps to higher levels & when it loses, falls down to lower levels. Similarly if it’s mere attraction instantaneously, it is felt in high intensity. But it’s only temporary, as it can be lost soon”
Promises kept without promising
One among my countless definitions of love”
Love that pours down as night rain”
“From broken heart 💔to double hearts💕
The change of status is at arm distance
Only thing needed is to express yourself
And open your arms with a sweet smile🤗🤗”
“I am smitten by his magic, and always feel his presence, so close to my heart❣️❣️💫 🌈🌈♾”
Eye never lies”
When we finally meet some day
We can’t even speak with our eyes
Because eyes will be filled with tears
And our words will sink in emotions”
And your eyes smiling, OK”
“Loving you more today ♾💫❣️🌈🦋💕
And as each moment passes by, love is more deepening🤗🤗🦋”
Painful heart is better than a frozen one”
I can’t say how fast time flies
In the thoughts exchanged between two loving people💕”
Love means mutual surrender equally
Where both never feel superior or worthier over the other”
“We can like a lot of people…
But can love only a few.
Love should give a reason to smile 🌸🌸
And can also pour down like night rain. ⛈️⛈️
Like can never be so.
It goes untouched by our mind”
Want to filter the repetitions as I want”
In real life, I am a better actor than you, my dear”
“When I feel I am the reason behind your agonies
It’s better not to disturb you, if I feel you feel the same”
“Even while you move away from me pretending unaware
I shall reach you as a shadow💕💕
#Udayarkakiranangal #Translation”
Someone who is attached to me, yet not visible”
Happy to find you & sad to miss you Both experiencing at same time”
Very often we tag bonds in love and relations to loss it forever. Better let them be unnamed and undefined and cherished forever, without expecting anything in return”
I shall disappear forever in your eyes so that everyone who closely watch you will find me in you, yet you keep searching me forever”
“If you can carry someone as a hurricane in your soul with or without his/her consent ❤️❤️
Being an introvert, carrying chaos inside & hiding from everyone is not a big deal🤗💫”
When I am hurt, I need comfort
When you were hurt, I gave my heart”
Untold stories are more beautiful than told ones”
“Try to find him in yourself☺️
In your heart ♥️
You can find him so close 💕💕🦋
That’s what he desires 🌈💫🦋🤗💙”
Some relations are undefined
Better we don’t try to give names”
I lost myself that day” #Memories
“When you try to find peace in some relations & grow closer
You will be surprised to find, they want it more than you”
Love gives pain intolerable. Yet most of us are not willing to leave it because of its sweetness”
“Like gentle breeze
Like sea waves
Like tides
Like hurricane
Love touches 💕
Sometimes it touches and stays♾
Sometimes it touches and leaves
Some experience all & some experience none💕💕”
“If you get back the same measure of love you give, you are lucky. It’s so special too. Human race is like so… We keep complaining till the measurement of love balances in both sides”
If felt betrayed, even the most precious love can turn to revenge, at least in the lives of a few”
Some painful moments can also gift you with a mysterious happiness. That’s why we keep those moments in memories and try to remember often”
All these footsteps you took to travel away from me
You will walk back & reach me one day.
With wrinkles visible in eye lids
And grey hair gifted by time I
I will keep looking at you
With confused thoughts in mind
Asking myself, Did I win or loss?” #hopes
How can a decision to love back be made? Love just happens. Decision is made on whether to accept love or not!! Yes, you are lucky if that person accepts it”
“When the gentle breeze strokes my hair strands
The cool air carried along with it
The perfume of yours
And your sweet memories with the smell of sandalwood💕💕”
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