Heart Strings – Part 9

“Some moments can’t be recreated💫🌪️🦋
They happen once in a life time 💕🦋🌈🌪️”
“Sometimes you get stuck at some point of time,
So unexpected, waiting for something,
Maybe a person or an answer.
Even when time sheds as years,
You still stay in your younger version.
Beyond ages,
You may meet with a moment or stranger
Who have only arrived there
To pick you & take away with them”
“Thinking of you💙💙🦋🦋”
“I care you because I love you💓”
“A raindrop which she searched in her lost dreams,
She finally found in his restless eyes as her tears.
It was one of those most unexpected moments
Over the years and decades,
When she found the lost herself again,
In a restless soul, a mirror image of hers😇”
“Every time I give it away for you intentionally, my victories, it puts a smile on my face. I lose to you again and again pretending to be a loser, just because I like it”
“I carry you in my heart like skies hold a rainbow”
“If I talk a lot about you
Think a lot about you,
Just assume, How much close
I have reached you!!”
“Seasons I kept waiting for you are infinite”
“When I ponder words for you
I often hide my deep sorrows
In hope, you will dive deep
And touch its deepest shores💙✨”
“You have a smile that melts human hearts like butter. That smile often comes to mind when I’m angry. Like the moonstone which dissolves in the moonlight, every time I will be busy channeling my anger into a smile”
“I am stuck in you like six seasons
They keep changing
Yet, I can never leave you
And I blossom in you as your everything
In all seasons”
“I am addicted to all of your colours
Those hidden in light,
Those shown in dark too”
“To fall on you as rain drops,
To fall on you as autumn leaves”
“We both are connected in our own ways,
No one else can understand”
“I see a shade of you in every smiling flower I talk with”
“Now your letters are less bright
Will have to buy another pair of reading specs🤓😜”
“We know each other for ages
Yet, how many times we have
Totally acted as strangers
To renew our acquaintance once again!“
“Your heart beats are so close to me
As close as the roaring seas inside a conch
Placed on the ears”
“Even if my eyes can’t reach you,
My heart always reaches you”
“Long before I found myself
You have found me
That too, in places
I have never travelled before,
Except with you”
“I know you are a free flowing wind
Who can’t be tied anywhere.
Can’t even get hold of you
Because you always love to fly🪁🪁”
“I often read old stories
As I get a tint of you somewhere
You were not a part of them”
“It was the unsaid words that talked more than the spoken words to reveal our story”
“Sorrows can give you sleepless nights,
Happy moments too”
“A few teardrops she lost somewhere
Her lost dreams, she told no one.
She found them again beyond ages by chance
In his eyes, as his tears.
She was surprised, wondering
Those tears belong to him or her
&Could realize just one thing
It’s her lost dreams which
She found again in his tears”
“I still love you even though I know I won’t get it back, maybe because I still have some love left to give you in this birth”
“When you scattered thy variegated colours on me
My eyes were not fixed on you, but on me.
I was curiously watching
How those shades became indelible on me,
Creating infinite rainbows in my vast blue skies.
Late night, when they flowered into stars
Pale skies of my soul got inked with coloured clusters”
“Still I dream in the depth of your eyes.
Have you ever noticed?💙”
“I remain a part of you always…
Even if broken, even if wanes away,
Either survived or destroyed,
Still remains a part of you”
“Your thoughts always hug me like you”
“Love can take you for a long ride
In between two moments”
“I want to close my eyes forever in one of those moments when
I am reading your words scribed in my heart with love”
“As all the sunset saffron shades I collect for you feel less
I often borrow dark shades from night”
“When I fill my heart with endless colours for you
I often hide shades which even you can’t see”
“A Krishna resides in every Gopi’s mind
He can’t be seen or touched
But his presence is always felt”
“Just to add a few chapters,
Some dead stories reincarnate”
“It’s in your breath that I live✨”
“I can feel your presence so close,
Yet can’t see you”
“I can feel you
Yet can’t see you”
“I find the child inside you,
And you find the child inside me,
Every time we play our
Hide and seek game”
“When I close my eyes thinking about you,
I can hear a deep ocean roaring inside”
“Every time we fight,
I give a part of my soul to console you”
“My mind is like the changing colors of blue sky
The moments when your thoughts come in”
“Occasionally stars can revisit earth to find their broken pieces, and may fall in love with a broken soul with whom a connection was established ages back💫*⃣”
“Even when whole things fade, your love stands as reality”
“Words maybe spilled out
Flowers may shed
Dusk will fall
I will be waiting for you
There is no last hour for it”
“Drops of dreams that fell on ground
I finally found out.
It was in your eyes, your tears!
From that moment
Felt like you are somebody from past.
I own a history in the past
Where I kept myself muted
For the unsaid words spilled as tears.
This time I decided
History not to be repeated”
“I lost myself in your black shades”
“Colours of souls,
Both yours and mine
Are same
Though they appear different”
“Maybe I am first choice of someone else,
Someone I don’t know,
When only I want is to be
Your first choice only”
“Unrequited love is like a dead rose, which never losses its perfume❤️🖤”
“You claimed my heart long before stars were born”
“My heart beats now
Are reading yours
Even when our words fall into silence,
Even when our questions are fighting with sighs,
Without mincing words
We both are talking
From time to time
Capturing heartbeats of ours”
“More your love is deep rooted in someone
More difficult it becomes, to uproot it from depths”
“I miss me at places where I lost you”
“If I say, I met you for the first time in one of the tragic chapters of my past life, will anyone believe?”
And You🖤🖤”
“Far or near
You always stay in my heart
As an unbroken idol.
It’s up to you
Not to break that image in my heart”
“Some happenings are so instantaneous
Like a rainbow appears in the sky”
“All my sleepless nights belong to you”
“My borrowed colours
And your shades look so similar”
“My blooming thoughts of yours, fill my mind skies with twinkling stars always”
“There is a sky that blooms only for you
I am sitting there since ages,
Spreading my star eyes only for you,
Expecting your treads to breach my heart shores”
“In the rainbows I touch, I find glimpses of you❣️❣️”
“Hiding your love smartly in your silence,
You search my love in my eloquent words….
Yes, I know it😉😍”
“While talking about you
I have a thousand tongues”
“We add fallen autumn leaves to the heart because they are dearer than a thousand springs to come”
“Every word I said to you,
I have stored in my memory
Just like
You recall each and every
Silly thing of our moments together”
“Each moment I breath,
I think about you”
“All those coming to me
I am looking for you”
“After emotions are exchanged between the two
It becomes so difficult to forget –
The sharing moments together💞,
Rather than you were silently dealing with
Hidden love, hidden emotions
Without ever sharing”
“You hold the right on me,
Ever since you claimed my heart”
“For your vibrant rainbow,
I borrowed some colours from setting sun;
Some colours which
I didn’t even give to that starry night
But during wee hours
Those constellations took away all of them.
After long wait,
I am slowly turning black
Changing to a faint dwarf star”
“You are a book I want to read again and again,
And I wish
You add me as a syllable in a few of its colourful pages💫🌪️💗”
“Sometimes you get stuck in some cringe moment forever, and time may come back to pick you up from there in the form of a moment or stranger, and help you to reach your destination. I call it ‘Miracle'”
“I am convinced that your love has not diminished at all
But the colors of the rainbow you show me have changed
Perhaps you have made sure that I will never leave you
Maybe you are showing your vulnerable side, I am not familiar with”
“Sometimes a stranger can become your destination”
“I hope,
You return in the pretext of a stranger✨”
“Like a pulsating spring revived in dry twigs,
Like rustle singing a wake-up song in twilight
Your enchanting love tunes touch me like
Waking up a sensitive touch-me-not plant in a moment”
“Most of my lines fall into your level of thinking,
Not all can connect🤯🤯”
“Maybe I can love you
But don’t ask for proof”
“I live in the world of memories created by you”
“To pretend
We both didn’t hear each other
To act
We both didn’t lie to each other
Our most difficult tasks ever”
“Still waiting for that autumn season to come again”
“You found me long before I found myself”
“You reside somewhere inside my crazy imaginations
Sometimes as a child, sometimes I turn childish”
“Seconds will shed
Days will pass by
Years will fall down
And ages will die
As long as this sky and earth exist,
I’ll Be Yours Only 🌪️✨ 💕”
“Like a spring which sprouts as new life –
In a dry tree branch,
Like the awakening song sung by twilight
Breaking the bow of wee hours,
You woke me from deep sleep
Blooming thousand buds in my heart in a moment
Like a pond forming
Countless ripples with falling raindrops”
“Every moment I say, I know you
There’s something I don’t say,
I understand you”
You are my biggest pain ✨🌪️
My deepest happiness too💓💓”
“Rain clouds dance
When your soul meets mine”
“Built a shrine for you
And placed you inside it as my idol
Then I built a wall and made one good lock too
Doors and windows were not built
No one else has access too.
In the heavenly tune created within it
Today I locked myself inside
And have closed my eyes,
Waiting for your blessings”
“I shall pick the stars falling in the lake and make a garland for you.
It will make you remember the wonderful moments we spent together”
“My soul often departs from me and set on a journey in search of you❣️❣️”
“We revive our old passions when love strikes again, so unexpected”
“Came for you…
If on the way
I meet you accidentally,
Should I leave?”
“You stay as my happiness & pain,
Every moment I breath
Only its intensity varies
Sometimes it breaches the shores of heart
Sometimes,silently sleeps deep at bottom
Sometimes it showers as drizzles
While sometimes
Pours down with thunder & lightning.
Yes, you stay as a part of me always”
“Like clouds change momentarily in the skies,
Your thoughts can bring different feelings inside me”
“Even when you stay as an illusion
Your love stands as a reality✨”
“You are a book I cannot finish
No matter how many times I read it.
I want to add a few words of mine
Without your knowledge,
And read with words of yours,
Next time”
“I wish my tear drops find destination in you,
In your eyes”
“When you make me feel,
You are with me
I wish you tell me too,
You are there for me,
The words I wish,
I could tell you”
“Nights always remind me of you🖤”
“Moments can never be created. They simply happen, which make them special”
“She found her lost soul once again
In the late night moon, so unexpected”
“When love is hidden in words,
You can turn silent”
“Like words remembered and forgotten,
You stay somewhere in my memory,
As my silence,
As my happiness,
As my grief
And as my everything”
“Every time you make me feel ‘I am with you’
I always wish to hear ‘I have you’ too😇
The words I wish to say to you too.
The words you said a hundred times without saying
Something that bind us together from beginning💞”
“A day will come a time when you will feel bored with the life you are leading. I’m sure you’ll come running to me then”
“Your love is deeper than your memories” OR “Your love has more depth than your memories”
“I still madly believe that you will come back
As the gone spring has a return journey to the flowers”
“More you love,
More you trust”
“Even when seasons keep changing
I blossom in you, as always”
“No one else knows
I write for you😉🤫”
“When you smile in my thoughts,
It melts away my heart like
Night jasmine melts in moonlight
And I throw away my anger”
“I want you to understand me
More than anyone else”
“We both are talking continuously
Without shedding words”
“It’s a happy moment you know,
When our tragic tears transform to smiles,
Why to feel sad?🌸🌸”
“All thoughts born from you
End in you too”
“You are my thunderstorm
You are my pouring rain too”
“On the valleys where blues blossom”
“Beyond words, there is something
That binds us both together
Something as deep as the ocean.
Through wordless language
When we talk each other
How will others understand us?
They will keep blaming us”
“My love deeply rooted in you
Has spanned into a tree
Buds have blossomed into flowers,
Shoots became leaves,
And the leaves have spread into branches.
Now you can’t cut the roots
Or separate me from your branches.
That much I’m in love with you
As flowers, as leaves,
And as the season that never falls “
“Though we are distant apart,
As long as your heart listens me
Distance to stars
And distance to you are same”
“You are not even a single moment away from me😇
Becoz distance stays at infinite distance from us✨🌪️🌈🦋❣️”
“During a winter
You walked away with fallen leaves
Before I reach you.
In that short autumn,
You gave me the hotness of summer,
Chillness of monsoon
Blossoms of spring
And thunders of October rains.
In every drop that falls from the rain cloud
And every leaf that fall,
I search you,
Still waiting for your message”
“Flowers that bloom at night have a special fragrance and beauty🤍🤍”
“Every time we fight,
I give a part of my soul to console you.
I care you that much
Like those stars singing lullaby for moon”
“We exchanged our autumns with springs
Summers and winters with monsoons,
Even since we exchanged our hearts
And fell for each other”
“In the flower garden where thy dreams bloom
I am sitting alone thinking about you.
The green flowers of the sky are giving me company
A few fireflies too 💫✨”
“How you read my heart beats
More than my words,
More than my silences”
“I may pour as a rain or float as a cloud
All my words belong to you
It doesn’t matter I rain or not”

“A feeling that love goes unrecognized when it gets deeper!!! Is it just mine?

As love increases, we started expressing little. We hold on to those who are afraid of losing, through expressions.”
“Even I can’t understand myself
If I take a graph of my heartbeats right now 📈📉😶”
“We started exchanging our dews and springs
From the moment we exchanged our hearts
Hot summer and cold monsoon started
Flying away with autumn falls,
Ever since you stayed close to me”
“To start our journey together
I shall wait for all the seasons
To go for a ride together
And come back again”
“Sometimes virtual links are stronger than real ones. They can affect you deeper”
“I always madly hide you inside the deepest blue shades of my rainbow💙💙 🌈🌪️♾✨”
“You got me hold of a passing moment in my hands
Like a firefly, before you left.
That moment I felt like it’s my responsibility,
Something I should safeguard.
I am still holding that moment tightly,
Waiting for your return”
“When you are in my head,
Nothing else bothers me”
“Every time I say, I know you
There’s something I say without saying,
I understand you❤️”
“A night without stars
Only you, me and moon”
“You are still there up in the skies
Where my hands can’t reach
Now you show shades of your rainbow,
You never showed before”
Dark Clouds,
Night jasmine bloomed under starry night
Everything with a tint of blue & black
And shades in between.
My love addictions & crazy little things💃💫
A shift from green to darker shades💙🖤”
“It’s all about moments
Which makes love special”
“I was there in all poems written about you”
“When your love stormed into my heart,
I got fully shaken
And it was not easy to hold back myself,
Just like a tossed boat without an oar,
Hit by storm”
“I never judged you by the colours shown by you
Because my eyes were fully stuck on myself
How some of those colours
Flowered inside my soul
And how you shaded my pale soul
Like a bright rainbow in the deep skies“
“The count of stars I fixed for you in my skies is enough to fill thousand galaxies for a lifetime ✨💫”
“You have now become the habit of my late nights and night rains”
“The flowers I picked for you
Were not the ones I chose by color
They were long lasting ones and fragrant
And my love was filled like nectar”
“I was there in all the stories written for you,
And also in a few I read for you”
“I have some flowers that you picked for me
Some time back
The fragrance of those unwithered flowers
Still serves as my hope in you”
“In one form or another,
As full,
Half or quarter
You always stay with me”
“Your thoughts filled my heart and swept me away
Like thousands of hurricanes blowing together🌪️✨🖤”
“You stay in every atom of me
Like oxygen dissolved in every drop of rain”
“Nights think more about you
Than I think about you”
“Even when I’m standing next to you
I always looked at myself,
Not you,
How you make changes in me!!”
“Unusual colours and unexplored depths of our love”
“I was born inside you
If you wither, I too”
“Your intelligent brain,
Strong feelings
And loving heart❣️❣️”
“When your love breaks
The brim of my heart ocean,
I often make you believe
I never listened your words”
“Even breath will seize
Some loves are like that
The ones that can take life!!!”
“You became fonder to me long before I met you”
“Far I try to move away from my moon,
My moon also moves along with me”
“When you stay as different forms of cloud,
I have to memorize each version of yours distinct.
Waiting for that day when you will pour down,
Mixing all shades in a single rain”
“Many times though we do things unintentionally
It’s hard to make others believe🤕🤯
It’s all about connections💞
Though we are miles apart,
We may do many things
As if we have strongly communicated before that,
And can even leave us surprised
Asking ourselves, How it happened🤨🤔💫🌪️”
“It’s not easy to learn the depth of love,
Meaning of love.
If you learn it,
Never forget its meaning…..
Never let it go”
“As a multi-coloured flower among many
As a multi-layered poem written in clouds
Which sheds in many shades,
When you fly around lazily like this,
It’s hard for me to memorize different forms of yours.
Today, I am hopeful for that day when
You will dissolve all coloured clouds & pour as rain,
A day when flowers will smile for us”
“Some lost wars give you the biggest wins”
“Many things in this world are to be understood,
Not to be told”
“A part of you always hold me”
“When I do a hill heap for you,
I can expect at least a little….
As little as a ‘manchadi’😉”
“When we started telling our stories,
It appeared as if our stories were different.
But when our stories met at a point of time,
We realized, we both are telling the same story”
“I am nothing, but a reflection of you”
“I want to let go all the hidden tears of my eyes
In belief, you will never leave again”
“Somewhere among the fallen autumn leaves
We found each other”
“Once I was a bloomed spring for you
When you were a cool breeze
Hovering over the perfume of mine.
Now your seasons have changed,
& How can I remain the same flowering tree
Of the flowering season?
I will bloom again, Only for you
But as gulmohar of hot summer
When you torment me like this
In the scorching heat of separation”
“You turn more furious
If you find I have noticed your silly discordances😤😤”
“I tagged you in many moments which I believed you will be with me, and I will keep tagging”
“I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before
Some of those spaces of yours,
Where you never allowed anyone to enter”
“When you have changed your seasons,
Why won’t I?
Whatever happens
I remain same
You remain same
Even if these seasons keep changing”
“Even while I break ties with everyone,
Why my heart grows closer to you?💛💛”
“How I allowed you enter my comfortable inner shell,
A space where I allow no one”
“There are some places inside me I am trying to define everyday, my own insides, some spaces. You are given the freedom to go into those places where no one else is allowed. Even if I didn’t say it any time, it belongs to some of the infinite things you realized without ever saying”
“My setting sun was turning pale that evening
Many rainbows borrowed my colors & went away without saying
Then a star fell in front of me
As if from another world, came down to earth for me
In the lap of darkness, when we exchanged our stories,
Realized, we were born in each other ages back
&We, telling the same story”
“It is not easy to hide the hidden love in just a smile💕💕”
“If you break my heart into thousand parts
My soul will love you back in thousand ways”
“When your thoughts dance like
Peacock feathers in my mind,
I too wish your proximity
Just like a peacock wishing for rain to pour”
“Some storms are catastrophic
When they hit souls rather than places🌪️✨”
“I handpicked all lavender flowers to decorate our blue mountain”
“Moon is all alone in the sky
Waiting for her star to glow with her”
“I wish I turn as an autumn leaf to fall on you”
“It is not enough that
Our heart wants something,
Or desires to do something
It must be ready and well-prepared.
It’s not always in our hands…
The cord of our heart”
“Still tangled in numerous colours
You sprinkled on me as infinite seasons”
“When we both turn children in our comfortable zone
Our infant love overshadows everything”
“I am just a shadow, without you🖤”
“Your thoughts always bring me closer to you”
“My waits are like flower buds
Waiting for your treading footsteps to blossom”
“My scars add more beauty to your smile.
Have you ever noticed?”
“When can I finally own
Some of the shades of your rainbow?
When can I finally keep
Some of the vibrant colours of your blossoms with mine?”
“My heart glows in the dark like a firefly waiting for your return”
“When I lost myself in your black shades
I found you as a glowing moon among the twinkling stars”
“To gather up all the pinched colors for you
All the seven rainbows will be incomplete 🌈
To store every drop of my love for you
All the seven oceans won’t be enough💙
When I collect all the tints of sunset saffron,
It always feel less💥
My mind fills with colours infinite for you
Which you can’t even count”
“I need a rain cloud to blossom my colours of rainbow.
Can you give it please?”
“To store a pinch of each shade I collected for you,
Not even seven rainbows will be enough” 
“Not all ebbs rise as tides
Some waves go deeper into the sea
Kept as prisoners
And never allowed to rise again.
So is love when it turns so deep
Either it stays with you or not,
They make you prisoners forever!!!”
“All the stars that bloomed in my heart belong to you alone!”
“Holding you in my skies
As sun during my bright days
And as moon in my dark nights
Even fixing stars and clouds
To see you smiling always”
“Mystically beautiful
You🖤 “
“Hiding many words in my poems which
Only you can understand”
“Holding you gives me new reasons to smile”
“I wish I turn a rainbow and reach your eyesight”
“It’s a reverse journey to our childhood
For both of us
Through our own created path,
Which may look weird for others.
Yet, through the silly things we do
We create our own vast world
Isolated from everyone,
Hard to understand or decode. “
“As long as you stay inside me
Nothing can separate us
This wind, rains
Stars, summer or other seasons
Literally nothing”
“Want to turn an autumn leaf and fall on you
Even though its days are numbered
It has seen all the changing seasons,
Blossoming springs,
Hot summers and chilled winters.
Yes, I can finally see you
And die in your lap”
“For some waits,
We can’t even loss moments in the blink of an eye”
“I want to recreate those lost moments once again with you”
Some part of my heart which you ripped away
May find you again”
“Your colour in my rainbow right now is red ❤️🔴
Your anger💕💕”
“My springs are falling
My monsoons and autumns too
Will this chilled winter sustain my breath
Until you come back?”
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A freelance writer and blogger by profession since October 2011, interested in writing over a wide range of topics. Hope you enjoy my writings. I belong to one of the beautiful places of the world, Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's own country'.

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