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Heart Strings – Part 11

“If rain has a poetry, it’s you💖”   “Sometimes as drizzling rain Sometimes as a night thunderstorm Sometimes as hot summer Sometimes as chilling winter Sometimes as flowering spring And very often as falling...


Heart Strings – Part 9

“Some moments can’t be recreated💫🌪️🦋 They happen once in a life time 💕🦋🌈🌪️”   “Sometimes you get stuck at some point of time, So unexpected, waiting for something, Maybe a person or an answer....


Sleep Forever, Oh Tired Heart

The chilled evening drenched in monsoon clouds When moist nightfall’s eyes just stopped raining Listening to rain’s music you are standing At the footsteps of visualized lightening towers, Like the second note of the...


Heart Strings – Part 1

“I am a part of you And you, a part of me💕💕💫🌈🦋”   “I want no one to understand me . . . Except you❣️❣️”   “When your heart beats fast inside mine💓 Sometimes...


Feelings Quotes – Part 1

It’s mind’s deepest and intense feelings which we hide most 💕💔♾💙 “I have so many hearts like different faces of moon 🌙🌜🌘🌔🌗♥️💔 Some are new, Some are old Some are broken while some are...


रहा नहीं दिल मेरे पास

कोई कहे या रहे अनकही कोई माने या रहे नासमझ कहती हूँ मैं सच्ची बात रहा नहीं अब मेरे पास मेरा समझा अपना दिल! दिल था मेरा कांच का टुकड़ा चमकता जैसा साँच का...