Heart Strings – Part 5

“I want to pick all falling stars
Which fell down in your tears✨💧”
“I wrote your name in the darkest clouds of the sky
And is waiting to pour down through my eyes as rain”
“A beating heart gives the best instance you are alive.
Stay alive💓”

“That moment, I felt it for real”
“You appeared before me as a rainbow
Showing your seven shades🌈🦋
Among my infinite shades I showed you,
I loved the caring side of mine,
To support you in sunshine & rains
Which brings out
Other shades of me as well,
Everything to make you happy
And make us both feel connected💞”
“More than my written words
My heartbeats were talking
And you started reading them
Like never before,
Like no one else can,
But like an open book
Because it was your name-
Written everywhere
In all pages”
“Water takes a long journey
Transforming herself
From a cloud to a river
And finally joins the sea as a wave♾💫”
“You read my heartbeats more than my words and silences”
“When I give you immortality through my lines
Beyond all lapses of death,
I instantaneously take rebirth in you
Every time, in our world of dreams.
Many sunrises & sunsets have gone
But it is only in those moments
When I reborn again every time,
The moments with
No return journey, no sunset”
“Want to pour as rain the moment our eyes will meet💕💫🦋
Want to transform as wave the moment our hearts skip beat together🎶💓♾”
“I want to fill in your eyes as a cloud,
And rain as a dark cloud,
Then overflow as a big river
To finally reach
The ocean like heart of yours once again,
To hide somewhere,
And miss myself forever”
“Like a moon,
I am not perfect
I have flaws and scars
Some given by time,
Some chosen by me.
If you want to accept me,
Accept my shortcomings too
Only truth is,
I can’t simply fake emotions
Can’t fake love
And will express it if I feel so 🤗”
“Tears inked in love…..”
“Someone who you won by a battle
Don’t lose/leave her with your silence✨🌪️
“I shall complete all unfinished songs for you”
“More than the written paper pages
I want our moments to be printed
In each page of our loving hearts
As everlasting memories”
“You have seen my mind and soul,
Which nobody else has seen ever!”
“Sky reads the thoughts of cloud more than anyone else,
And carries her in his arms always,
Allows her to freely float and
Together they fly 💞
The firm belief of cloud🌨️😌”
“Unexpected moments when words shed like autumn leaves in moments”
“I come alive in those moments when you show up in dreams”
“I trust my moon shining in my darkness more than anything else, but not all those blinking stars, gossiping around him🌠✨”
“I trust my moon shining in my darkness more than all those blinking stars, gossiping around him”
“I want to go deep inside your eyes with passion
And unlock all the hidden pages inside it
To find me as your moon in the starry night,
Shining in the deep blue ocean of your love skies”
“As long as my breath goes in & out,
You will remain in me in every bit
& My heart knows
I also remain in you in every bit.
Seasons can change
Flowers will blossom & shed
Walls can be built between us
But nothing can change
Our seasons, our springs,
Our bond and
Everything in between”
“When pressure started building between us
During those days in silence,
When silence became
The last word of two noisy hearts, so loud
A lot was told without words from both ends
Which whole words always –
Failed to convey till then💞✨💫
#TrueFeelings #Memories 💓🌪️”
“Someone asked me about you today, “How you know this person in this angle? Explain me, let me also understand”
Tell me, how can a third person read thoughts & talks between two, who are connected through souls? Not even they can explain themselves, forget about a third person. Language between two hearts can’t be understood by a third. All feelings and thoughts can’t be put into words, figures or pictures”
“No one has the right to insult someone’s love.
Everyone strive their best to protect their love too. For that, they can go to any extend. There is nothing wrong in it”
“When I turn all pages of my heart
I find your name everywhere
In each and every page.
Inked in lines….
Hidden in poems…
Copied from hot breaths…
And also a few synonyms
Only I can identify.
And all names are mine
All names are same”
“Are we speaking without ever talking?
Are we seeing each other without actually seeing?
Are we feeling the breathes without walking together?
Are we holding each other without touching? ✨🦋♾”
“What if our hands both touch, when we talk each other through fingers”
“When you left,
Didn’t say a single word.
But without words,
Told me in thousand words and ways,
You are with me to stay forever”
“Best moments can never be captured with camera eyes
Because they are felt with heart, not seen through eyes”
“It’s never an end in love❤️
Though you stop searching
It will return someday to find you
To rediscover you
And show another version of you,
Sometimes strange,
Sometimes so familiar
Sometimes a mix of both
Accept it💕💫💥”
“My deep silence is enough to tell you,
How much I love you,
How much I need you”
“Let’s dream through a single pair of eyes”
“Still in search of new words and lines
To write a poem for you🤗🎶
Searching in drizzling drops of this night rain
Sliding in through my window bars,
Searching a new rhythm for those lines,
Listening to the falling drops
Which can match the heartbeats of mine💓”
“Heart sees more than eyes
Heart hears more than ears
Heart speaks more than lips
Heart cries even more than tears could, too”
“I shall turn a silent wave to touch your ocean shores of love
I shall turn a pouring rain to turn our silence into words non-stop”
“You are my answer to all of my fallen leaves in the infinite colourless autumns, which passed me 🍁💥✨💕”
“How you wrote exactly my words which I thought to write a few minutes back?”
“Watching/waiting moon for infinite nights,
In one of those nights
She dissolved in moonlight forever”
“Silence weaves new words together
And composes new tunes in heart🎶🎶
Thinking of you♥️”
“Some moments keep waiting for a single moment to come & join, to begin a journey together. The wait can be too short, too long too. Yet, without that special moment, the journey never begins”
“Still in wait of the sunset poem
You promised to write for me”
“I took a few shades from your rainbow
To fill my colours,
Without seeking your permission
Or without asking myself,
Is it right or not🌈💫🦋”
“When you truly love someone, your heart turns so big to forgive mistakes and lies, and understand the reasons why they commit it, without even the aid of words, because some people are more important than anything. Lucky are you if your mistakes are forgiven too”
“Darkness, storms & waits are all part of life. Nothing matters if we get a lamp to guide, someone who stay with us”
“You fill as a reflection
In the heart of my mirror
I can only see it,
But never touch it💔”
“Without hiding in lines
Without hesitation in words
Colorful rainbow,
Why can’t you pour rain for me, today?”
“The most difficult door to open is someone’s heart”
“Without letting know my heart,
Singing the blue, the shores of heart
To safeguard it❤️”
“Without letting know each other
How many happy moments & sad moments
We both exchanged!”
“Like moon growing from new moon to full moon
Her love has only grown intense,
Like intense colours of sunset
As each day passes by,
As each night passes by”
“You taught me the seven octaves of love music 🌈🦋✨🎶”
“I love relations
Comfortable to fight.
Formal relations
I keep at bay, never want to make personal”
“Who else can read your mind
Better than me?
Who else can play your tunes
Better than me?
I bet you,
No one else can”
“Planted a small flower for you in my Neelakurinji Hills😉💜💜”
“When I sing for you,
I want you too to sing for me,
Some unheard rhythm
With words no one else sung earlier”
“Some of the best paths are yet to be travelled
We never know, until we reach them👣”
“In every drop of snow that fell in winter
And in every fall leaf of autumn
I wrote your name
Have you read it?
With every breath I breathed last summer
There was your name,
And in each rainstorm
Brought by the rain cloud too”
“Infinite monsoons, and
All those scattering raindrops
Raining from my heart
Always end in you”
“Sharing untold things to someone you trust & who you believe to understand you more than anyone, is a form of healing too”
“I turned so serious👀😕😂
Missing some fun conversations
Yet I love this moments
As I don’t have to fake happiness 💫❤️💥”
“Emotions can be spilled out many ways
Sometimes as tears
Sometimes as silence”
“I read you in many ways
No one else can
Not even you❤️
And you hold me for many reasons
And one among these
Is definitely this💕💫”
“I breath only in the moments you are alive”/ “I breath only in the moments you come alive”
“Holding me in your universe
In all words
In all the silences
And everything in between💫💥💕”
“I may not decode all silences, yet I try my best”
“I promised long back,
I will take care like my iris
Nothing else I prayed….
Time changed, seasons changed
I am still there, this moment
With the same prayer”
“Be my reason of smile🌸🌸
This moment
And always”
“When you are happy, it just happens.
When you make you believe you are happy, then you are not happy.
Your happiness always reflects in your eyes, no matter you express it or not.
Those who can read your mind & eyes can understand it in true sense”
“Our hearts spoke through fingers
And words exchanged as lies
Yet got caught somewhere in between✨”
“Anything doing for you is not a waste of time,
It’s the moments happiness fills, unknowingly”
“Moon can appear quarter, full
Or not appear at all
Earth definitely survives
She has existence of her own
She learnt survival technique long back💫🙂”
“She is a broken star fixed in his skies
She may turn dim sometimes, beneath clouds
She may get withered & invisible under sun.
Yet till her moon covers both day & night
And returns back in darkness to shine again,
She shall wait & stay as his shadow always”
“I expect nothing…..
Except to see you once in front of my eyes💫💕🦋”
“Invisible shades in my rainbow are infinite”
“Love is just a colourful story for those, who don’t know, real love is sacrifice”
“I can’t find a moment far away from you
Always close to heart💞
Connected through thoughts💫💥”
“Started loving nights more,
After falling in love with you”
“However we try we can’t force connections. They simply happen”
“No one can understand you
Or withstand your craziness just like me
No one will stand with you
Or tolerate whatever you say
Except me😇
In the crazy world created by us,
Only you, me & no one else
Just understand that”
“Tried my best to decode all the silences
Existed between we two
Tried my best to read words from all your silences,
And every time I discovered new meanings
But this time, if I am given silence as answer again
I may turn silent forever”
“Do visit my lavender hills when you get time
I just now planted a few flowers there💜💜”
“All my paths lead to my moon”
“When someone lies for you,
It means
You are important for that person😉”
“Some voids can never be filled
But can only be sealed;
And what you expect is not sympathy,
But an understanding heart,
And a hand to hold in darkness
While you walk your journey all by yourself”
“When I transform to a weeping wave,
You become the floating sea, holding me
And when you turn the roaring wave,
I become the silent sea comforting you
We are each other, all along,
Holding hands and sailing together⛵️”
“Two birds with flying dreams
Can fly together,
Compensating the broken wings,
Giving support to each other”
“I repeat…
My invisible hands always hold you in darkness
And never let go, my dear🤗🤗
We are destined to hold each other and heal❤️❤️
Then how can I leave you even for a single moment?✨💕”
“If you are happy, it’s OK
If you are not, please come and talk to me”
“I loved the different shades of you
Gave you different shades of my colourful rainbow too
Now also infinite shades left
Only for you🌈🦋✨💕”
“Come and give back my heart beats,
Which you took away with you”
“My sun won’t shine till you won’t return🔥
My moon won’t smile till you glow freely
My stars won’t beat till our hearts meet💞
My sky won’t turn deep blue
Till you add colours to my fading rainbow🌈✨💕”
“When I have given you assurance,
I won’t leave your hand,
You should also make me believe,
You won’t leave me”
“When I can’t find my own songs
I steal from others and sing it for you😉🎶🎶
But always wrap my own emotions along with them
To create a silent language,
Hiding words,
To be understand by you only🎶🎶”
“You made me writing a poem,
Without telling it’s for me
“Do you know how much damage you did to my heart,
Both positively and negatively? 😂”
“When I read an old chat of yours or a thought,
I revisit every memory associated with it”
“I intentionally lost many games always for you, in fear I will lose you”
“I am in love with a beautiful dream🦋🌈
More I love it, more I fear to lose it💫💥”
“True love is giving away in silence, without asking questions or seeking answers. Happiness of the other person matters most”
“Missing you in rains
Missing you in clouds
Missing you in moon and stars
Where are you?😐✨💕”
“True relations survive in silence too
Others fade away easily”
“Some thoughts are so real,
Can keep you wondering forever💫
Simply soul connections,
Like a thunder, like lightening ⚡️
Without physical touch
But creating everlasting moments💞♾”
#soul #connections♾
“From the pool of lies you told,
How can I search true words –
To understand your silence?
Yet thousand lies are ignored
Thousand mistakes are pardoned
When emotions are true
When love is sincere”
“Nishagandhi forgot to bloom tonight🌼
And she fell asleep😴💤
Because moon didn’t show up
He sent only his moonlight
Through the hands of clouds🌪️”
“You are happy
So I am happy
I don’t want nothing more than that
No expectations
Promise me,
You will always stay like this”
“Pouring colorful rain
Every moment in my eyes,
Hey rainbow,🌈🌈
One day
Without saying anything
If you fade
What can I do?
Do I own
Any of your colors?
Do I have
Anything of yours?
Anything else…
I have nothing
Except the faith that
You will never leave me✨🌈💕🚶‍♀️”
“Listening to your voice in the raindrops I hear”
“You can break me to thousand pieces
Shower me with your intense heat and anger
Yet I will rise up
And keep watching you only”
Says sunflower to sun🌻🌻”
“Wave often act as going far away from sea
To bring those lost cuddles back”
“If you cross your preset boundaries for someone
Then that person is someone special for you❣️❣️”
“Stay tuned with my heartbeats for you
Stay tuned with my messages for you”
“I want a life full of moments with you….. not memories♾♾”
“I want to make every post of mine
Special for YOU”
“Love can happen in just one moment.
In just a flash of second,
Whole world of yours can totally change
You are a changed person
And never ever can you return to previous self,
Even if you try hard💫🦋
Such moments are your best secrets❤️🌈”
#Secrets #Moments #Untold
“Self care is good, but not hurting people who love you.
When we love someone, we put that person first, even before ours”
“I don’t know how my mind takes the same path your mind travels✨💫”
#Connections #Raabta💕 ♾
“Revisiting fond memories
Same time
Some time later”
“I want to add all the colours of your rainbow to mine🌈🦋💥
I know a few shades are dim, a few are bright
Some are dark, some drenched with moisture
Yet it’s the combination of all these,
Which makes the true ‘You’
And I want to accept you as such,
Without hiding any shades”
“True love frees you from chain of thoughts
And allows you to float free”
“A nameless cloud, full of moisture
Pours on me in different shades🌈🌧️
And drenches me completely for first time
Some shades are white,
Some are black,
Some are red, a few grey
A few colourless too
Some shades are hidden
And a few others, a combo 😅💥💫🌪️”
“You full my empty space
No one did before”
“When you truly love someone, your heart turns so big to forgive mistakes and lies, and understand the reasons why they commit it, without even the aid of words, because some people are more important than anything. Lucky are you if your mistakes are forgiven too ✨🤗💕”
“Souls get connected through virtual means,
Not everybody can understand”
“In what shade do you want me to pour?💕🌈
As a chilling summer drizzle,
Heavy monsoon☔️
Or accompanied by thunder & lightening?⛈️
Sometimes I can go fully silent
Showing myself through lightening only😂
Just tell me, which shade you like most🤗😝💫💥”
“You recreated different phases of you,
In hope,
I will fall in love with anyone of them
And I,
Fell for every shade of you”
“Today you are too much hidden in my words
I can’t pour out anything😐💫”
“Even when tears dipping from her darkest clouds
She shines as brightest rainbow in someone’s thoughts”
“I am holding you in my arms right now,
Along with all your broken & falling stars🌠💫
Without even letting you know.
I have erased all those fallen tears too
With my magic💫🤗
Now let’s fly together💃💕”
“You can come in any shade
Still I will catch you
Because we own a soul connection”
“Where were you when I was in need of a shoulder to cry?
I cried all alone for all the tears given by you💫💕”
“Words needed are less
River can slow down its flow
When unwritten words are
Read more, along with flow of emotions”
“All I show is mere acting
To make you believe,
I am far away
By standing next to you😌💫💕♾”
“Connection of hearts happen in a moment or two between two people sharing same vibes. World, even those who you believe to be close, can tag it as privilege of one on the other based on class & colour. But the truth is that connections are free of all tags. Not everyone understand this simple thing.”
“Whether you appear in moonlight
Beneath stars or not,
I shall keep lighting my lamps of hope every night,
As long as I exist🪔✨💫”
“When dark clouds shatter raindrops
I search for you in its dropping shades
When cool breeze brings the fragrance of sandalwood
I search for your breezy words
I still look at the path you disappeared
Standing there,
Waiting for you to join again
To walk together again”
“Sometimes I ask
Sometimes I read
Sometimes I understand
Sometimes I not😴💫💕”
“Yes, we can pretend like strangers,
As we used to be
Yes, we can talk like strangers,
As we used to be
Yes, we can see each other like strangers,
As we used to be
Yes, we can walk together like strangers,
As long as you want us to be”
“When I woke up early,
I found my moon is missing
Blue mountain is still sleeping 💜💜
It seems I will found him there,
Waiting for me✨💜💜”
“There is no bigger pain on earth than love. Some experience it once, some multiple times and some never”
“We both found each other
In the darkest of dark shades,
Which we both share…
In the dark nights, stars & moon
Even dark ocean waves.
I always hide you in my darkest thoughts,
And write your name in the darkest clouds
Because they pour down quicker,
And I hope they reach me faster”
“The way you break me every time
Now it’s a long journey for you
To take me back
From where you left me last time.
I am not going anywhere
Shall be patiently waiting for you there
To heal my broken heart
Now I need more words than silence😌💫💕”
“I hide you in my darkest thoughts,
And you hide me in your darkest shades
That’s our love equation all about,
Our intense passion of black, night
And everything close to it”
“Your thoughts add beauty to my words
And my feelings add intensity to the ink”
“I fix stars in my skies only for you💫✨
Sometimes my beating heart too❤️
Hope you notice it every time🌈🦋”
“I may not make a new love poem for you,
But shall collect all love flowers
Planted in my poem garden
And present it as a bunch for you on lover’s day”
“When you took away full space of my thoughts
How can I think about something else?😐”
“How many times we met in dreams
Strolling beneath the evening skies!
How many times we separated too
When moon rose & stars flowered in
Our sky of thoughts!!”
“Heart beat can be lost in just one moment too
You feel it so real and intense that
You can never bring that lost beat back,
However hard you try
And the whole equation of a relation changes,
Giving new meanings♾🦋”
“I wish my love tale is also beautiful
It’s colourful as rainbow
But its end points have no borders
It’s deep as ocean blues
But deep enough to drown me
Its dark shades are as beautiful as night
But always in invisible mode
It’s vibrant as peacock feathers
But not adorning Krishna’s hair”
“Keep fighting till you can’t find new reasons to fight
And still then I shall be waiting😉💕💫😂”
“I took a few shades from your rainbow
To fill my colours,
Without seeking your permission
Or without asking myself,
Is it right or not”
“If you care me,
It doesn’t matter
Someone else care me or not
I won’t feel the emptiness 🌈💥💫🥲”
“Sunsets and nights can become dim or beautiful
You are with who, it determines”
“In the seven colours existing in my skies,
You hide in which one?🌈💥”
“You still remember me or not,
I don’t know
You still think about me or not,
I don’t know
I am still the same,
The blinking flower at night
The sleeping flower at dawn,
The weeping flower at dusk,
Only in wait for you”
“Not always my lines for you –
Are written in ink on paper
Sometimes it’s written in heart
I may fail to write again to paper
Why can’t you read direct?🤯😓”
“He, in her heart scribbling something,
Like no one else
He, reading words of her beating heart,
Like no one else💓”
“We both met on our return journeys,
To walk for a while together and separate again”
“As long as I remain in your dreams,
I don’t care I get lost somewhere else”
“Where have I lost you?
How I hurt you?
Still now,
You haven’t answered my question
Even I also get hurt in ways,
You can’t imagine😌”
“Moon can only give his moonlight to Nishagandhi
And whenever she forgets
She belongs to earth and he, to the sky,
Though they share the same night and darkness,
And blossom together beneath stars,
Gentle breeze arrives
To make her remember the reality”
“That moment, when it came so unexpected🦋🌈
I got surprised seeing a reflection of mine in you,
Same untold agonies, same restlessness.
Felt like two birds with broken wings,
Sitting on the same branch of a felt tree”
“To make a dictionary full of your words only,
Now I need to search words from your silence too”
“Can you decode your deep blue shades
In my broken pieces?😉💫”
“If you care me,
It doesn’t matter
Someone else care me or not.
I won’t feel the emptiness”
“Love definitely gives you another chance
True heart will find it some day
Otherwise time will bring it to you🦋🌈”
“If I go missing from you without telling
My mind might be wandering somewhere else
Like a cloud, unexpected, unintentional
Wait for my return
I will be back”
“When I am silent,
I am silently thinking about you,
I am silently talking to you
I am silently reading you.
If we are connected,
Why can’t you find a few words
To pick from my silence ?😂😉💫🏃‍♀️”
“I always miss some parts of you
While seeing you.
When will you show your full moon face,
Joining all parts together?”
“My loved ones…
My top priority
Even more than me❤️
I often wish,
At least one person treat me the same🤔🏃”
“After travelling through some moments,
There is no turning back
Your world changes totally.
Sometimes such moments are
Simply your thoughts, so intense
But turn into reality soon and later,
Which can leave you surprised and shocked”
“Living in times of easy and cheap network, communication between hearts has reduced significantly”
“She won’t give herself to someone so easily
For that she needs trust, true emotions connecting hearts,
And those special heart beats no one else can give💞💖”
“When someone returns back,
Our heart will know more/much earlier than our eyes”
“I can’t leave you again to the world of those wandering clouds to weep as a lonely cloud. Stay with me❤️😌”
“The only way you can break me is by hurting yourself”
“I always keep you live in my thoughts
And you can never be my memory 💫💕♾”
“I kept waiting for you,
Until sleep started swinging in my eyes.
When I woke up,
You had gone.
Just want to tell you,
I shall wait for you
Till you fix all your stars
Back in your sky
And come back victorious,
Riding on your horse”
“Missing you in my heart beats
Where are you?😌”
“I read each and every heart beat of yours💓✨”
“Minds attract first….
Eyes are just mirrors of soul & heart”
“You never showed it off
I have never seen too
But I have always strongly felt
Your invisible eyes following me😉🤗💫”
“In the mist which shows & disappears
I search you always
Yes, I know, you are someone special
Smiling behind the mist.
Yet, who are you?
I turn mad sometimes
Asking this question myself”
“I may take too much time to close a chapter
But once closed, It’s closed forever💜💜”
“You understand someone doesn’t imply the other person also understands you the same”
“My heart saturated with different shades of love
Its fragrance spreads like different shades of rainbow
Some are mild shades,
While some others are intense
Some are defined
While some others don’t”
“Big heart for YOU
With full of live heartbeats only💓♾”
“More than the drops brought by monsoons,
In my courtyard as rain,
More drops brought to me as tears
By your thoughts & presence.
It holds pain
It holds happiness
& Thousand words we both failed to say
Some pour through eyes
Some condense in heart,
& Everything
Belong to we both equally”
“When sorrows wrap you as mist,
When you feel alone
Just bring me in your thoughts once.
I shall come near you as a gentle breeze
Invisible, yet will show you my presence
Identify me with my fragrance,
Talk with me for a while
When I deeply hug you🤗💫♥️♾”
#Souls #Connected
“Love is not the only pain in this world, there are many other pains too. We need understanding souls who can lift us during our bad times”
“Give a reason why I should not think about you😉🦋”
“You read much more than I actually think”
“Love is like the flow of a river, unstoppable
A feel, an emotion💫
There is someone to receive at other end or not,
Is less significant
True love simply flows from heart,
With less expectations♾♾
Full stop!♥️”
“I am tired proving love
Now I can’t….
Anymore 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️”
“Morning tea☕️
Heavily pouring rain🌧️
Who want to join?”
“Some search for their missing parts in the partner
While some others, things in common
Truth is that no two people are same,
And we can never find someone flawless,
We can never start a life,
After finding or creating the perfect ‘better half’🍁🤗”
“Among all seasons of heart,
Monsoon is my favourite.
It chills, pours
And shows rainbows too, infinite🌈”
“How can same situations, confusions, pain and emotions exactly be recreated after a long period, say 10 years or 20 years, as if following some pattern? What does it signify? Was there any thing left that time, which we need to complete in second cycle?”
“Writing your name in the star of heart✨”
“Silences between the words share more true feelings and secrets than whole conversation with words could ever can”
“I never faked true feelings
I only faked happiness
But always left it for u to decode.
Even while everything was falling apart
In your true tears and loud silences,
I was trying to pick your broken parts,
Put up in my thoughts and words,
Only for you to read,
Even while I was fully broken inside”
“Getting into a few shades
I never knew before🌈✨
Letting you into a few shades of mine,
I never let anyone before🦋💞”
“The emotional bonding between we two,
Only we two can understand fully,
Even if I try hard
To make someone understand”
“Your ocean of love strikes me so hard like sea waves hitting rocks in the sea shore, melting me completely, transforming me to sand drops to embrace your shores forever”
“All my silences I carried secretly
Were your words
Which you hid to yourself
And what I saw in your eyes
Were some of the faded letters
From my forgotten past.
We both hid ourselves in tears
You inside me and I inside you
To discover later many times
I was you, and you are me🌈🦋♾”
“Be a part of my eye, inseparable
Let me stop searching you
Be a part of my voice, singing together
Let’s become a single song”
“Some pages of life we write, leaving gaps for someone to fill later perfectly 💥💫♾”
“If I every time try to take care of your heart,
Who will take care of mine?”
“With ocean of love brimming in our hearts,
And holding hands together,
Here we go with wind,
In search of new meanings of love
Maybe we discover
New seasons of love
New definitions of love
Or may rediscover
Some lost fragrance
In the everlasting breeze of freedom”
“I am a rainbow and you are my reflection, which I can never touch🌈🌈”
“You fill as moonlight in my poems,
And ink flames in my words
You fill as ecstasy in my thoughts,
And spread as perfumed breeze –
In all those hidden moments
We share together today and always”
“I saw full moon at late night yesterday
After so many days”
“Infinite are those stars shining in my skies✨💫
When I feel,
You are smiling,
Thinking about me💥💕”
“We share many magical moments together”
“All my days are not for me
Yet you are with me in my nights
To fight for me”
“I want you to remain happy always,
Smile always
My presence doesn’t matter at all
It’s only your happiness which matters 😊”
“Shall we talk full tonight
When moon shows light as street lamp,
Stars guiding our way,
And we both stay awake”
“Have you visited my blue valleys?💜💜💜
I shall plant a few more blossoms today✨💕”
“Lavender blossoms can never touch me
Falling leaves of autumn can’t call me back
As long as you rule my thoughts
Like this brightened night,
Starry sky and tender moonlight”
“We stop recalling pleasant memories too…
Once we move on to another world of happiness🍁”
“When you are here as my shady tree
I don’t fear rain and sun anymore”
“If true tears are running through my heart,
The reason is only you”
“It’s a good feel when unread messages are delivered so unexpected🌈💥”
“Do you like the smell of new books?”
“Where to go without you,
Wherever I go, I miss myself every time”
“To stay blindfolded against reality,
Just to see dreams flying into the world of reality”
#Repetitions #Illusions
Slowly giving up💔
Tried best from my side
Will never meet expectations,
Can only hurt you always 💫😪”
#Broken #WithoutReturn
“If someone truly loves you,
You need not do extra things to keep that person stay in your life.
If the love is not true,
Even millions of efforts can’t make that person stay with you; even 1000 efforts can’t hold that love.

Yet, there arises one question…..

What should we really do in love? Hold someone or let go?
Should we do anything to keep the loved one happy? Or can we take everything so granted?
Can we break someone in love or take efforts to heal the other one? Even after breaking, how can we make sure the person won’t leave, if the love is true?”
“So near…. Yet so far
कितने पास…. कितने दूर 💫”
#Stars #Moon
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