Heart Strings – Part 4

“Trying to hold all broken parts together
And I am sure,
We will succeed one day💫✨❤️”
“You give those special heart beats no one else can💖”
“Whatever happens,
I stay with you🤗🤗❤️”

“Whatever happens….
Even when wave is angry,
And tries her best to pull away from sea,
Moves towards the shore
Sea always holds her close to his heart
And never let her go
That’s pure love❤️♾”
“Each chapter of mine itself is an untold story
Of different colours, faded ones too
Some pages not readable
Some strange pages too,
Weird, different, without any order
You collected a few words from all
A very few lines, a few shades
And made a paper boat for me
To sail⛵️
To sail in the deep oceans without fear
Beneath the skies, clouds and stars,
A journey I never dared to begin⛵️⛵️”
“Stay patient with me
Until I fix all my broken strings
Because all I want is to add you
To the live tunes of my beating heart,
Not to my offbeat rhythms of broken heart”
“To sleep, dreaming within my eyes
I shall make a cradle for you.
As the lullaby of yours
Let me sleep near to you,
And dream along with you🦋”
“By seeing each other
By touching each other
Spending time together
True love never happens
It mostly happens as a spark when
Two souls crosses a single point in a moment
And get connected through hearts.
It happens only when
Two hearts touch each other
Nothing else matters”
“I fix stars for you 💫✨
Have you ever noticed?”
“Pain connects two hearts easier than happiness
And the bond only grows as the hearts start healing”
“Our hearts spoke through fingers
And words exchanged as lies
Yet got caught somewhere in between”
You gave me so many reasons to live”
“When I decoded your ’emotions’🌠♾💫🌪️
You once asked,
Do your ’emotions’ have any hidden meaning?
I replied, Yes
And I was not lying”
“I can’t keep you waiting for my messages
I just want to stay connected with you always
Yet sometimes my mind goes fully blank,
But not my feelings for you”
“I admit
I make typo errors
While emotionally typing messages for you….
Only You
Don’t know why😕✨❤️”
“We got caught somewhere in between
The words and silences we exchanged
And those we kept to ourselves too”
“My journey with you didn’t begin the moment you added rainbows & butterflies to your celebrations, a little beyond that.Time will create another moment for both of us to talk about that special moment, just as same, time did that day🦋🌈
A gentle remainder of a special memory✨💕”
“Whenever you can’t find me
Search me inside your eyes
I might be sleeping there,
Swinging in the moon cradle,
In the midst of stars,
Listening to your lullaby,
Dreaming about you
I have reserved an untold story for you
To make you listen
The day you come in search of me”
“Even if I move far away from you like a wave,
You embrace me like an ocean
It’s YOU💓”
“Rain sounds different
When you have someone to listen to your heart”
“If we fight, only we need to fix
No one else
No one else can’t too😐✨”
“My happy moments are thoughts about you”
“I always write your name
Only in the darkest of darkest clouds,
In hope….
Though far away,
Though can’t be reached,
You will reach me
As one among those easily pouring dark clouds –
To give music to my finger tips
And dissolve in my heart forever”
“I always try to connect your words with mine,
Your silences with my deep thoughts and silences too✨💕”
“Our eyes never met
Yet we grew closer through the words we exchanged
I grew close to you through the words I wrote
And I was sure, you are silently reading”
“Nishagandhi never forgets to send her love message to moon every night, in hope he stays connected with her. She has no idea if moon reads or not. Maybe she closes her eyes for a while, in the arms of moonlight. Still she believes her moon reads her every night & never misses her absence”
“Many songs I used to hate for a long time
Now create symphony from my heartbeats🎶✨”
“I am the sea wave touching your heart
And you are the night rain cooling my soul”
“We can only share words with others, not the true emotions associated with them.”
“Missing me💔😐✨”
“Is it when love turns deeper
It goes less understood or underestimated?
Because true love
Less bothers about expressions”
“In the every non-ending raindrop pouring from my eyes
I have started adding shades of your rainbow, one by one🌈✨”
“When my heart is with you,
Distance less matters”
“I had almost broken that shell of yours,
And was prepared to take you out of it
From the solitude of darkness
You were enjoying till then.
But what to do,
You once again got hidden
In another fake shell created by you
And I almost reached there too😁👀”
“If you can bring me out of the comfortable shell,
Where I was hiding myself, enjoying solitude,
Why can’t I do the same with you??”
“You fill/make full my empty space
No one did before🤗💫💕”
“A reason for my smiles
A reason for my tears
You are my everything
A season,
I never expected to sprout”
“Love adds extra beauty to your smiles”
“I always connect with your heart
Through the medium of songs
Only because we share same thoughts
And same song of soul💞✨”
“To separate yourself from love and the most important people of your life, is perhaps the difficult task one can succeed, if you treasure relations in life. Whatever you say, you hurt yourself for the people you want in your life, because some people are just irreplaceable”
“Whole nights if we keep sharing our thoughts in words,
This birth won’t be enough for our non-ending conversations💫💕”
“Not every message is send for you
If you haven’t identified it
I should say,
You have not read me yet”
“You pour as rain in my heart always🌧️🌪️
In numerous shades
As drizzle
As monsoon
As summer rain
Sometimes pour with thunder & lightening
Sometimes smile as a white cloud
If ever forget to rain
Hurts me as a dark cloud too”
“Infinite rains we drenched together🌨️♾
Rains of words
Rains of silences
Rains of moonlights
Rains of rainbows🌈🦋
Rains of feelings & emotions, told & untold💫💕

How many rains have gone without soaking we two

Untold stories, Silent tears
& Puzzles left midway
How many rains are waiting for us
To drench together in our own world
“We might have flown as two rivers
With separate banks
And might have reached two poles too…
If you hadn’t caught my hand
And held me close to your heart😌💕✨”
“Love can give you tears more than happiness
But it’s always worth for the right person
It makes you realize
How important that person is to you
If you succeed in testing love,
All those tears & pain –
Will be transformed to happy moments
& You will treasure that love forever”
“I added your shade to existing ones,
Now get a tint of yours in everything I love🌈💥”
“To reach you,
I only crossed the bridge connecting our souls
Not measured by normal distance,
Not connected by words,
But only by sharing some vibes in common
Some silences in common
Some hidden meanings in common,
With the aid of a new language spoken,
No one else can understand”
“Virtually connected, sharing the same vibes
Without the aid of words or touch”
#SoulConnections 💫💕
“”Too much” and “Not enough” kind of feel together for you always”
“Read me the same way I search and read you now
Ever since silence built wall between us
Feel my presence in my absence the same way
I find you the way you talk now”
“Till now I believed
You easily differentiate my thoughts
And filtered yours only💫♾
Am I mistaken?🙂”
“Magic lies in the moments we share together
Without words, but full of loud voices, (No one else ever know)
“It’s easy for me to share happy moments,
But not sad ones
If someone so dear, hurts me
I just leave silence to make them understand
Sometimes it gets connected
Most times not😐✨🚶‍♀️”
“It’s you, you only
The happiness my eyes always search for
It’s you, you only
The sound which knocks my heart always
It’s you, you only
The symphony which beats in my heart always
And it’s me, me only
Who keeps thinking about you always”
“Nothing could fill the emptiness
Gifted by your silence
When words between us slowly faded
And filled every bit of me with scaring voids
No words from anyone,
Moon, sunsets, stars, music ….Nothing
Until I found you again
Until I realized where I am✨💕”
“I start remembering the broken me every time
You break me without telling me the reason
You can continue
Until I never wake up from broken pieces
Even if you call me back”
“Sometimes I ask
Sometimes I read
Sometimes I understand
Sometimes I not”
“Neelakurinji hills blossomed💜💜
Very rare….
To pluck a few flowers, which blossoms there
You can visit there now
I stayed awake
Planting a few trees there”
“Madness as the intense red of hibiscus,
Or as tender as white jasmine flower
As strong as sunflower,
Or passionate like rose
Love has different shades,
Languages and definitions”
“Now also my heart beats different💓”
“May be I am not good in expressing love
I never meet people’s expectations”
“Some unfinished stories reincarnate to add fresh chapters & complete it”
“You are my non-ending night rain
And I am your wild thunderstorm🌩️”
“Rare are those moments when
Love is told in silence or tears
Without the aid of music or words
If those moments are not acknowledged,
And let go without reciprocating
Hearts can break forever,
On both sides”
“My words for you should be sincere
From the bottom of my heart🤗
I can’t copy from somewhere else
Want to be honest at any cost🙂💥💫❤️”
“We might have flown as two rivers
With separate banks
And might have reached two poles too…
If you hadn’t caught my hand
And held me close to your heart”
“Now you have become my habit
With my morning coffees,
With my sunsets and late night thoughts
And all the moments in between🦋🦋”
“I gave you the privilege
To take away my pains
Because you saw a few shades of mine
Which I even forgot to see
Yes, I hold everything to myself so long
I never felt the need to share
Because I want you to reach
Only the beautiful places of the world,
And I already crossed my lifeline
Long ago!”
“Is one or two nights enough
To tell everything in mind?
Sometimes it takes ages
Sometimes, a moment
Sometimes, a few words away
A single word,
A simple look,
Or a simple touch”
“You share many things with me
You tell numerous stories too
Yet it’s your feelings for me which you share,
Which touch my heart most✨♾”
“We hold each other with every sunrise and sunset,
In the starry night, with all its stars in our sky,
Both when they twinkle & hide in clouds,
Both when moon dances and sobs,
Both when sun comes and goes,
Sharing each and every heart beat together”
“I choose only those special songs, which I can relate, feel an emotional bond, and wordings giving a relationship goal”
“Nishagandhi slept full day time
As she was busy chatting with moon at night😐”
“Just love me,
I will forget everything”
“How can I ignore you?
How can I neglect,
When most of my waking hours,
You stay awake in my space?”
“Missing October talks✨🚶‍♀️”
“Whatever exists between us in our universe
In our inner world,
How can I give access to someone else?
When my colourful seasons went dim,
And lights gone,
In your absence, long back
I just showed my bruised face to a few,
But not my wounded heart,
Which I kept hiding, even from you
For a very long time”
“Silent rain🌧️
And thoughts of you✨💕”
“I might have flown as usual
As a silent river with dead heart
No worries, no complains
& Sank myself in the deep oceans one day
If I had not found a beating storm
Touching my soul
& Blossoming me in different ways
I never experienced before
& The ripples were enough
To change the path of my flow”
“Give me your summers and autumns
I shall give you my springs and monsoons
Lend me your dark clouds and pouring rains
I shall give you all my smiling white clouds
Give me all your tides and wandering waves
I shall give you my cool breeze,
To make you feel my presence✨”
“I will keep loving you
Still I may remain hurt”
“Fill all the dark voids of my fading memories with beautiful moments of yours. I assure you, I will never keep them with me🤐”
“The wicks you once put in my gone out lamps
I have slightly extended and poured oil of hopes too
I want to glow once again,
Now waiting for the night to come in”
“Let go each moment
Never try to hold.
If it’s special
It will definitely stay with you”
“Fight is one of the most beautiful expressions of love
When the bonding achieves the comfortable zone😜😝💕”
“No stranger has loved me like you
No stranger has touched my soul like you
No stranger has read my mind like you
Now you are no longer a stranger to me”
“You intensified my night shades
In many folds,
Adding new shades and meanings
To my visible spectrum”
“We are two wandering souls✨💫
So passionate about night
And find extra beauty in everything
Added to the darkest folds of it!!💥💕”
“I gave you a big part of mine,
Where are you hiding, without giving me back?”
“All I show is mere acting
To make you believe,
I am far away
By standing next to you”
“Now I feel more comfortable
Fighting with you😉
As I am close enough to you,
Not to let me go😂✨💕”
“Whenever I look myself
I am no longer alone,
Get a shade of yours
Somewhere always.
Always in heartbeats
Always in thoughts
I hide it from everyone
Yet fear if anyone find you in me
And ask about you
Yes, I can’t find myself-
Alone any longer
Because you are now a part of me”
“I was in the comfortable zone of our friendship,
Which I wanted to treasure forever
You brought me to your world of stars and moon
And then I became a part of your nights✨💥🌠🌖”
“You are the cloud which rains in my fields
I can call you any name
You were nameless until you poured down
Without any shape, but filled with moist love drops
You were unknown to me
Until your shadows reached my fields
I have only 1 word to say,
Never move away from my field
When that brisk wind calls you”
“Love is simple,
Don’t make it complicated 😐”
“As time passes by, love also matures
And it easily finds room
To accommodate many things
Which normal love can’t 💕💥”
“What else shall I give me?
What else shall I do for u?
I have already given u all my moments
Which together make ‘We’ an universe
I have already given u all those stars
Which together make our sky
& I have already given u whatever I can
Nw what else u need?
Just ask me once”
“If I am to go stealing your eyes,
Will I light your eyes with dreams?🦋🌈
If I am not here to stay with you,
Will I hold your hands so tight like this?”
“Nishagandhi never forgets to send her love message to moon every night, in hope he stays connected with her. She has no idea if moon reads or not. Maybe she closes her eyes for a while, in the arms of moonlight. Still she believes her moon reads her every night in silence & never misses her absence🌼✨💕”
“Come as rain in my barren desert
Come as moonlight in my lonely nights
Take any shade you want
Just stay close to my eyes always”
“Night rain
Soft music
Hot coffee
And thoughts of you”
“Nishagandhi sleeps in the arms of night
Gentle breeze sings lullaby
Mist gives the soft white blanket
And her fragrance keeps the dim moonlight smiling”
“It feels nice, when you are missing someone so much, feel neglected and someone else unexpectedly sends you, ‘I miss you’ message 🤗🤗”
“My heart is filled with songs for you🎶🎶
Some are happy tunes
Some are sad
Some of them,
Not even I am able to understand
Only you need to add lyrics-
To make them meaningful♥️💕💫”
“Sending you the warmth of my tight hugs and kisses
I wish to give you
If you were standing near to me
Watching the stars and moonlight right now”
“The way you show your affection, freedom & obsession
I am reading new chapters of you, every time💓💫🤗”
“Please don’t hurt yourself by hurting me”
“Everything is still there
Nothing has changed
Our sky has only changed from light shades
To deep orange, to intense red
Turning deeper
Dull shades have fully faded
Deep colours are now showing up in clouds
Only our deep conversations are absent🤗✨💕”
“Not talking is also a love language”
“Sometimes that childish you call me,
Behaves like a child,
Fight with me,
Shows love & anxiety.
He needs to stay calm
Need someone to hold his hand
Need someone to stay with him
In darkness and light
And I need to assure every time
You are my light
More than you need me,
I need you”
“Never make me feel, I miss you
Stay connected please💞✨💫♾”
My heart is filled with songs for you”
“You are my night rain🌧️
“All those things seen by eyes can’t be owned by eyes
But if u become a part of my eyes, as my iris
We become inseparable♾🥲” #KannodKanpathellaam #Jeans #Translation
“I can’t keep you waiting for my messages
I just want to stay connected with you always
Yet sometimes my mind goes fully blank,
But not my feelings for you”
“If I tell the truth, it’s the child inside you
Which got deeply emotionally bonded with me
For the first time ever
And I cared you more than anything, thereafter😇🥰”
“I long for listening you talking
Talks about you
Stories you never tell anyone”
“Your happiness matters a lot for me
Unless moon shines, earth’s nights are always dark
And earth’s face fully glows on full moon🌝💕💫”
“The clouds I make for you
The rains I fill for you…..
To fill your heart,
The moment I see you”
“You understand me
Much more than what you know about me,
What I tried to tell & failed,
What I never told
And that’s more important to me
Because it’s not easy to make people understand
Though expressions are same,
Words are same”
“Have you visited my blue valleys?💜💜✨
I shall plant a few more blossoms today”
“Touched me as a beating storm
When I was drifting towards the valley of death
Changed my path forever in a moment or two
And travels with me, leading towards sunshine”
“I repeat…
My invisible hands always hold you in darkness
And never let go, my dear
We are destined to hold each other and heal
Then how can I leave you even for a single moment?”
“I loved the different shades of you
Gave you different shades of my colourful rainbow too
Now also infinite shades left
Only for you🌈♥️”
“Yes, we can also get up
Yet if we get a strong hand to pull us up,
It takes much less time”
“Throughout all these storms and rains
I have travelled all alone
Carrying my own umbrella☔️🌧️
If you wish, you can join me🤗😉💫
Otherwise my journey will be –
The same as going on
Somehow I will steer my path
And complete the journey
Though it might be less magical
Nothing adventurous💥🌪️🌩️♾”
“Songs for you are always in my heart”
“You guard my summers
My new moon nights too
When I travel between different seasons,
Showing a different me
Which even I can’t understand,
You shade me like an umbrella”
“Now what pouring outside in the veranda are my tears which I have kept along with me to keep myself happy, to keep someone else happy”
“I know well, which moments to be treasured in memory, and which not😉😀💫💕. I shall filter”
“I have an ocean of words to spell. Yet converging everything in a single tear drop”
“Your lies were so sweet,
A smile blossoms in my lips
Every time I caught you
And I enjoyed too😉🤭💫”
“Do everyone have soulmate?
How long will it take to find him/her?
Will everyone find that person?”
“Close your eyes for a moment
Whenever you miss me
I shall be standing in front of you smiling
Close to heart always❤️🦋”
“When you are sad
Feel the gentle breeze blowing near you
When you feel lonely
Look at those clouds embracing the skies
When you miss me at night
Watch those stars looking at you
I am present in everything around you
Because we are connected
In our own unique world
With keys, both in our hands only”
“Though I shared with you
All the seven colours of my rainbow,
What left is infinite shades of both of us,
Which we both share together”
“I know
You will stay with me
Holding my hands
In my darkness,
In my sun shines
And in all seasons I may show a different me.
What else I need 💞”
“You can count only the tear drops I spilled for you,
But never those infinite ones, I hid behind my eyelashes”
“We are two broken souls💔
Nature lovers,
Now connected with a common string💞”
“If you are a flowing stream
I am your wave🌊
If you are a blossomed flower
I am the filling honey🌸
If you are a flame
I am your heat🔥
If you are a branch
I am the bird making nest🐦
And when you turn an ocean
I turn a boat sailing in your heart⛵️”
“Cloud fell asleep in the embrace of sky
Dreaming about him.
He too fell asleep for a while,
And began searching her in his dreams
When he was still holding her in arms”
“You are the sand drop am waiting for ages
To flower as pearl❣️❣️
Bring all heavens to my seashore,
To set a new journey together⛵️”
“Whatever I think,
Whatever I say,
When my heart sails in deep ocean of love,
Only you show up in the horizon.
Just want to reach that point
And hold your hand,
So that all those annoying thoughts
Sink forever”
“Lots of thoughts about you
Like infinite rivers flowing to ocean
Like the most unexpected rain
Like the dew drops in a newly blossomed flower💧💧”
“From the pool of lies you told,
How can I search true words –
To understand your silence?
Yet thousand lies are ignored
Thousand mistakes are pardoned
When emotions are true
When love is sincere”
“Anything that settles as a dewdrop
On a red flower in my thoughts is you❤️
Anything that settles as an unset tune
In your lips is me🎶
Our thoughts can be same
Our tunes can be same
Because we share a common space
Under the same moon and our stars💖🦋”
“How to explain
What’s the kind of love we both share!
A silent poem beyond all words
A mesmerizing dream we both don’t want to wake up
Filled with stars, moon and each bit of universe
A flame with lights two hearts to burn as one soul
Yes, every tale is unique
So is ours😇✨”
“True bonds never require a medium to travel and establish. It just happens”
“Why my heart beats different for you?
Why every song holds different meaning,
When it’s meant for you?
Why my rights and wrongs change
When it’s all about you?
Why everything is different
When it narrates a story about you?🌈🦋✨”
“Getting into a few shades
I never knew before
Letting you into a few shades of mine,
I never let anyone before”
“I just love to walk with you
Path is easy or hard, less significant
You are there is more important❤️
I shall choose to walk with you
We shall watch nature so close,
Flowers, butterflies, water and tree branches
Oceans, stars, clouds and moonlight🌨️💫💧♾”
“When love is pure and unconditional,
Self care less matters.
Your happiness is my priority always”
“Beneath the dark clouds
Beneath the raining clouds
I, once again planted a few flowers
In the blue hills for you💜💜
In hope you will visit once again
To find my lost heart beat,
In between lavender flowers,
And will bring it back again:)💜💜💕💫”
“We don’t talk any more
But our conversations carry words which no one else can understand”
“Create moments for me
Like colours.
I shall create lines for you
To fill your rainbow🌈🦋💫💕”
“After the act when magician left the stage,
He put back all the props as such,
But he forgot to put back –
My rejoicing heart in previous position,
And left me as such,
Totally broken and devastated!!!”
“You and your silent ways of telling love”
“Sometimes my world settles as a misty dew drop in your silent world (silence)💧💕”
“When you suddenly went missing
In the ocean of deep silence,
I searched you everywhere
In the valleys of your words,
In the skies of your thoughts,
In the reserved spaces of your memories
And finally found you as words in my lines.
I kept writing in hope
You will read my mind,
Decode my lines and come back💫💕”
“When you disappeared as a rainbow
Without saying anything
Or asking anything
Along with it, faded my thousand dreams
And infinite smiles hidden in my lips.
What left was only countless questions
Without any answer,
And only tears!!!!”
“Today I couldn’t come to you
As a gentle breeze
As a consoling rain
Or as a tuned poetry piece
To sit with you, sing with you;
But could see you coming to me
As cool moonlight
As a shining star in my darkness
And as a strong hand to hold me from drowning
Thank You❤️”
“Sometimes my world stays still in your eyes”
“Close to heart with no physical touch is always a better choice over distanced hearts co-existing in same space”
“It’s a good feel when someone listen to your words, take care of it and accept them”
“Very often u carry deep oceans inside
And live as separate continents
In broken pieces
Keep waiting for that special one
To read our untold emotions and pains
Sometimes with less expectations.
Lucky are u
If someone can decode your deep blue shades
Which you hide from everyone❤️”
“For a long time my messages were unread
I never expected someone to read
Never expected someone to reply
Till you changed my expectations”
“Everyone is a part of someone else story
Sometimes we know our characters,
Sometimes never!!”
“A playhouse in clouds,
Behind mountains
Moon on the rooftop
And stars as jewels on roof💫✨”
“True words and emotions
Touch hearts more than anything
But there are some languages
Without any written words,
Some emotions too…..
You can never explain
But the way they touch you
In the least expected moment,
They can literally move you
And change your world forever”
“Now I am writing a lovely sleep on your eye lids
The space where all your sorrows sleep
I have called dark clouds from the sky
To give moist ink to write on your eyes
Let me complete my poem
Till all your pains dissolve forever💕💥”
“How long will you hold my broken pieces together?”
“The clouds I made for you
In the virtual sky of my space,
Light me up often
And pour on me as colourful rain,
So loud in a rhythm,
When your thoughts touch my heart
And play beautiful tunes🎶🦋”
“Stay as my everlasting dream in my eyes forever”
“Love is hidden in the simple things we do,
The little time we take to care
When you try to find it in big things you expect,
Your eyes fail to notice it🍁🍁”
“Stay in my eyes forever
And talk to me full daytime
I shall put a cradle
And sing a lullaby every night,
For you to sleep in my eyes,
And dream in my eyes too
Because I know well
You sleep very less, just like me”
“She never knew who she really is
Till he touched her soul,
The colorful rainbow 🌈
She was simply a colourless cloud⛅️
Up in the sky unnoticed
Until she started getting attention
Along with the rainbow
Yes, he is a part of her
Ever since earth was born
Only she realized lately”
“I forget my existence when you fight with me
I remember my existence when you fight with me”
“I have started to cultivate a garden of rare lavender flowers in my Neelakurinji hills 4 u💜💜💃
I am not going to tell every time.
If you want flowers, go & pluck
If you are truly connected with me, you can read my words, silences, likes, dislikes everything, without me even telling✨”
“Love is a kind of madness
Only mad people can understand”
“Wherever you go,
My invisible hand follows you
In wait for a touch
In desire to comfort you
To be with you always
To feel your presence always✨🦋”
“Stay with me, even while my tears are not visible in the darkness. I shall be your guiding lamp, even while your path is not clearly visible in the dark”
“I read you the way no one else can ever can
You read me the way no one else can ever can♾♾”
“Can I know the reason of your silence?”
“We can never measure unconditional love
It only exists, and its presence is felt
If you are comparing it to others,
Or try to measure it based on criteria,
Or keep saying, I love u this much,
It’s only conditional.
True love never demands proofs to prove validity”
“I don’t want this beautiful dream to fade away from my eyes🦋🌈
Perhaps I may not withstand its reality, who knows!!💫😌💥”
“My heart rains as monsoons
When I see dark clouds in your eyes
My heart sinks in deep oceans
When I feel a storm just past you nearby”
“When you jerked a drop of water,
I never knew you were carrying an ocean inside”
“I want to see thousand rainbows
Flowering in your lips, when you start smiling🌈
I want to see thousand stars
Twinkling in your eyes, when I smile thinking about you💥”
#SoulConnections ♾
“I shall always stay with you,
Sometimes like a silent wave,
Sometimes like a pouring rain,
Giving warmth and compassion
Until you fix everything
And thereafter”
“In wait for your silent glances💫💥💕
I search them in skies
In each star and moon
In each word you talked
And each thought you exchanged
Long before I came to know you”
“I got so much attached to you,
When our souls met
I can’t find same attachment in anyone else,
Not even with many other shades of yours.
Missing You”
“In the rain forest of heart
A lonely butterfly is wandering🦋👀”
“You can count only the tear drops I spilled for you,
But never those infinite ones, I hid behind my eyelashes”
“Whatever happens,
I stay with you🤗”
“I have no idea how you are now
What your mind is thinking
What you are doing
What you are talking
What troubles you are going through
Just pouring my thoughts thinking,
It brings a smile for a moment in your lips”
“I shall stay as your partner of crime,
For blindly lying😉
Can you come to talk
In pretext of anything?✨”
“When you hide your true emotions to yourself
Chances are high, you will be misunderstood”
“We get stuck in some moments
Keep waiting for something
Time moves on
And we may not be aware of it.
It takes a long time,
Perhaps some other unexpected moment
Or some other person,
May be a stranger too,
Who makes us realize,
Time to move on
And I call it ‘Miracle’✨💕🌈🦋🌪️”
“The way heart beats seeing your smile
It’s hard for me to stop sometimes….
Like this pouring rain,
Which never ends abruptly without a reason”
“I shall never allow tears
To escape from your eyes
I shall convert them to flowers
As soon as they are born in your eyes🌸🌸”
“Inked in your love
I write love poems for you”
“When you disappeared all of a sudden,
It was me who really disappeared
It was me who I missed along with you”
“Love is a beautiful feeling❤️💥
To do whatever to make the person happy
Whether you feel the physical presence or not,
Whether you get it back or not.
In fact emotional feelings are
Much stronger than physical touch,
Especially when u share same vibes
& Feel a soul connection”
“I like a lot,
The lonely moments I spend in your thoughts
I like a lot,
The lonely moments I spend in your memories
I like a lot,
The crazy me, when I am fully merged in your thoughts
Because I love a lot,
And how I change,
When I get a glimpse of you somewhere”
“Nishagandhi blooms
Only for moon at night
Beneath stars and dusky clouds
And guards him till he sleeps.
If moon turns gloomy in the skies
Because of her shadows,
She won’t open her eyes at midnight
All it matters is moon’s happiness “
“You never fake your emotions
Always show me the real ‘You’❤️💥”
“I need moments to ponder as lines
Because I don’t search words in my memories anymore”
“Without anyone watching,
Jasmine bud,
Blossom once for me.
Without letting anyone know,
Please come in my dreams once
And spread the fragrance of your blossoms🌼✨”
“I am patient enough to listen to your words
Told & untold….
Heard & unheard ….
Let us talk through hearts more than words”
“Moon can’t turn full every night
Sometimes he goes half, quarter
Or never appear at all
Sometimes he gets hidden in dark clouds
If Nishagandhi who blooms for him
Can’t read his mind,
Then who else will?😇😌🌼”
“My love may not blossom the way you expect
I may react different
You may not find that kind of love
Which rises high as waves & lowers as tides
I remain the same,
Almost in same level, always
But I care more than show off
For me, care is the other name of love
I do it silently too
Without much expectations”
“Make a list of all our fights together
We shall deal with them later😼😜😝”
“Stay in my words
Stay in my moments
Stay in my thoughts
“Can you bring me back to the position where you left me last time, before you fully transformed from sun to moon?😌✨”
“Whenever you fight me,
I feel like you care me too much,
Though many times
I fail to figure out reasons for fight🤐😉💫💕”
“You can try your level best, & attempt to win the heart multiple times. You can give whatever you have. But it would never be good enough for someone who doesn’t love or respect you. But for someone who loves or respect you, they can forget even your mistakes, because they treasure the relation most”
“Happy or sad? Tell me🤗🤗”
“Smiles recreate every moment
You come in my thoughts
If alone, it stays long in lips
If not, it flashes for a moment deep in my eyes”
“I disturb you with messages
Only if my mind is deeply disturbed
And prefer to clean my inbox
As soon as you read them💜💜”
“My songs are only for you
My tunes and its every beat for you only”
“How many times should I repeat,
I am not going anywhere
Only you need to fix it in mind,
And ask your heart.
If am not here to stay,
Why should I send my likes every night
And fill your days with my warmth & love?
Why should I care you
And if you are nobody
Why should I get hurt easily?”
“Darkest shades of tears shed,
Which no one saw before,
Clears mind
More than anything else🌪️🦋”
“Love is a beautiful tune
Which silently flows between two hearts
It connects two souls with an invisible string
And slowly heals all bruises and wounds”
“People who love my darker side are rare
But I am happy
They try to illuminate my dark
By giving their lights💫💕”
“True love never ends…
Each relation changes you a little bit or much more,
Gives you something,
Takes away many things
Teaches you a new lesson
And hence, a part of it stays with you forever
It doesn’t matter you give attention to it or not
Reminiscences remain somewhere”
“Some names become fonder to us long before the people”
“Today, my heart is without music💔🚶‍♀️”
“My words pouring about you
May reduce its flow sometimes
But it doesn’t mean
My feelings for you will ever change”
“I tried to meet your expectations
And failed every time
Ya, I am happy
At least I tried and failed,
Rather than not trying at all 😊🤗✨
Thank You♥️”
#High #Expectations
“No one will understand my pain
No one will understand my love
In the short span left for me
I will survive somehow
You can break me
You can fix me
No expectations, no complaints
Grateful for everything
Which you gave me in short span
Thank you🤗😇”
“If asked, do you want to talk,
Answer is ‘Yes’
If asked, how much you want to talk,
Answer is ‘A hill heap’
If asked, what you want to talk,
Answer is ‘Nothing'”
“I hold you the umbrella of my care & love,
The same way
Both during your summers and monsoons☔️☂️,
And slowly, other versions of me
Have also sheltered under it
You just need to choose,
Which ones you want”
“Bright stars are only meant for dark skies💫✨”
“You fixed bright stars in my dark clouded sky,
Never meant to rain anyway.
When they started brightening my skies,
And my dark clouds pouring down slowly,
How can those white clouds judge me wrong saying
How you dared to dream,
Those bright stars are not here to stay
You are only meant to dark world💫❤️”
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