Philosophical Quotes – Part 1

“Why death is not created by god as a painless effort? May be HE thought ‘No life will exist on earth and no one strive to live if I made it easy’……”

“You can be a part of any stranger’s story🤗🤗”

How can you define you? As simple as a worm or as great as god? A life reaches perfection, when he can assume himself to be as simple as a worm & as generous as Almighty, both at same time. Yes, when he travels from worm to the highest stature, & achieves everything in between, taking different forms”

“Some people enter our life so unexpected
To make us know what real happiness is 💕💕
Some may stay with us
While few others move away along with time”
“Only shades of darkness change
Darkness always remains the same”

“In this materialistic world, only a few can achieve that stature where money matters nothing or become less significant. It’s not easy to reach that point. If someone reaches there, he is someone extraordinary”

“Sometimes, without even trying to know the real truth behind unknown/silence, we make our own assumptions based on data available to us, which may or may not be true. Simply, don’t relay on mental constructs fully. Explore the outer world too”

When someone say, that person has seen life so close, everyone interpret it as his hardships only. Why? Why can’t life have light & positive shades? Why people define life as sufferings only? Life should be a mix of both sorrows & worries. Why can’t someone see life close in happiness?”

“When everything occurs bad in life, it’s not that easy to accept good things coming the way. Mind goes to previous experiences. It takes a long way, and a bunch of good experiences to make them believe, they too deserve to dream, there could be sunrise in horizon one day🌈🦋”

Rights and wrongs too are subjective many times, and we often justify any side or any person based on circumstances or personal liking. Statement once made is made forever. So, think twice before making it”

“Some storms help us to reach our destination easier than we think. They simply act as catalysts in action”

“Lately I realized,
Not everyone is happy with your happiness
They simply don’t show it open.
You are lucky if you find at least a few genuine people
Who sincerely laugh with you, with open heart”
“Some wrong decisions
Which are irreversible
Whole world can’t bring you back
To where you were before”
“Some moments can change a person totally. For many years, you may curse those moments too. But it’s also possible, those griefs which no one ever understood, may easily connect to someone sharing same griefs, so unexpected & help to understand that wandering soul better, even help them too💫🌪️”

“Not just the case of costume you wear, whatever you do, try to create a niche of your own. It makes you special & different from others. You will be recognized & appreciated for your individuality”

“Closed doors are more comfortable than half opened ones”

“When you start the process of healing, old wounds need attention first; need to be addressed deep from root. Then only recent wounds, easily visible to eyes as withered flowers, get healed easily & permanently 💜💜💜🍁”
Give the best smile on earth
Whenever others humiliate and laugh at you
Because best smile is the best revenge one can give to someone”
“We simply judge people without knowing the path they travelled through…..”
“Everything lie in happiness and satisfaction
Some people do it for themselves to find both
And some others do it for others”
“A man who can never see God’s grace in a baby’s innocent face could never be a believer of God”
“People often try to liberate themselves through different means, which they feel comfortable.
Yet in the deep bottom of heart, lies our true self
Hidden from everyone🦋🦋🌈🌈”
When our rights mismatch with others’ rights… we think, we are only right”
Successes & Failures – Both depend on how you take it”
It’s always better to fail than to regret…. Attempt is most important.”
“Convincing ourselves is more important than convincing others”
“It’s always better to attempt something and fail, rather than leaving it and regret later. Truth is that, if you are sincere in your dream, your heart will lead you there, and it’s not that easy to quit without ever trying🦋🦋
“More than reading, life experiences give you ideas to write”
“Uncertainty is associated with every breath we take
Not even heart can stay still for a moment
Flowing water too
Nothing is static
Those stars, clouds, earth, skies
Everything keep moving with time 🌠✨”
“Shadows are short-lived
And show full strength in darkness only”
“Virtual world is also a separate world, which exists in this world, free of all physical distances”
“Errors are often made to be corrected”
“Some losses are specially reserved for a sector of people…
Some gains too”
“More you read someone’s mind & emotions and get connected, the person believes you more.
If so, he can blindly believe you & you can easily convince him.
True or not, who cares!!”
“Life is not like a fish captured inside a beautiful drop of water,
Break and explore it. You have a lot more to see 💕💫”
“I am interested in giving support to broken wings
Rather than giving extra pair of wings to those who already have”

“Live and let live – A simple, but great formula to live in this world…..”

“Some silly sorrows are born to do mischief & pass by
While deep rooted agonies will stay forever untouched… unchanged!”
“Some shades which were once distinct some time back, can change to vague images without a clear meaning🌈🌈”
“Happiness in a single word – Solitude”
“A writer’s soul lies in his lines
Some are readable, some not”
“Life’s biggest surprises and turning points happen unplanned. It can turn both ways – Good or bad. Now started believing, if same thing repeats giving an unpleasant memory of past, time can correct the mistake and provide something good in future. Nothing happens without reason✨❤️”
“Have you ever met some stranger who felt exactly like someone you met in past? Have you gone through same feelings, happiness & sorrows? Have you felt same events repeating in same sequence, but witnessing time correcting some mistakes made in past, this time without efforts from your side?”
“There are a lot of situations that can be avoided so as not to hurt someone else. It’s not about right or wrong, or to merely prove our point. It’s about how we deal with a situation with maturity. That is where our wisdom should work.”
“Once corrections are done, repetitions will be stopped.
And the story may move to a new direction, with a positive climax🤗🌈🦋”
“As long as our beliefs are strong, no one can shatter our thoughts and mind”
“It’s not that easy to weave those broken relations/heart again
Just like perfume will never return to a shed flower”
“Everyone owns his own account book
And what they keep note is their account and calculations only”
“We can restart any good thing in our life. But it should be in happiness, not in sadness.”
“To transform a sand grain to pearl
An oyster may take just a few moments
But the wait for this single moment
May consume ages.
If the oyster closes its eyelid
In that single waiting moment
What it witness will be only its pearl
Falling as a sand grain to ground.
Moments are precious”
“Truly knowing someone is a personal happiness at least for a few people, if they are doing without seeking any benefits.
When you try to understand a person, you should know both his joys and sorrows. Even if you can’t solve his problems, be a good listener”
“When we see the things we don’t expect
We are often forced to act so that others won’t speculate by our actions.
Even if we are smart, some situations can’t be predicted before occurrence
Because some moments are destined to change our life forever, either constructive or destructive”
When you are in company of wrong persons, people always get you wrong even if you are right”
“Even if we keep ignoring our pains and sufferings
There is an unknown force which notices everything.
Maybe a little late,
Our pains will be answered ❤️✨”
“Bitter truths are better than sweet lies”
“People do commit mistakes
We humans should give opportunity to correct.
Yet if they are not willing to do,
Better it’s to move on,
Rather than sticking on the same thing again and again”
“While going through a worst period,
You may meet with many people who you trust
Who you give the face of angels,
Because you know well
They can create miracles.
But sometimes they transform the situation
Worst than before, to assure you never rise.
Wisely choose your angels”

“Sometimes we control our tears not to hurt dear ones or hide ourselves. But it gives cracking pain deep inside in return. If the same pain repeats over & over and above one’s capacity, mind reaches a frozen state where tears & pain evaporate completely & it withstands everything”

“I always have a belief that god hears more when someone else pray for me. So let us pray to god for others so that others shall also pray for us and our desires got fulfilled”

“It’s better to face the negatives rather than living with a confused mind, though with the ray of hopes. I feel so”

“When you meet a stranger in life, how often do you think, ‘Have we met before?’. Definitely it’s possible he is an acquaintance of your history”

“When you meet a stranger in life, have you ever asked yourself, ‘Have we met before?’. It’s possible he connects you something to your history, may be destiny connected you both to give both of you something which you truly deserved, but time hesitated to give it long back💫✨💕”
“Some stories are often left unfinished to be completed by someone else later”

“How can we realize bad happenings of our life are Karma based or forecast of some good news or happiness? Can you give an answer?”

“Strong heart or soft heart? Countless bad experiences in relations make you strong heart or soft heart? May be we handle them better. After all how many times can someone break your heart!”

“Lies may give temporary happiness
In long run, it only hurts”
“Even the smart people can make mistakes…
If we can’t win over them directly
We just need to wait patiently till they make a mistake unintentionally.
Just wait for that moment”
“There are many more colours
Not visible to human eyes 👀
A rainbow can have more than 7 colours too 🌈”

“The more experience you achieve, more you learn and hence try better to make less mistakes”

“Acting is also a part of life….
Some people take it too seriously”
“We should fail for right reasons rather than winning for wrong reasons. Right?”
“It adds more value to our life when we get paid for the things which we really like to do”

“Sometimes we need to let go many things which are our personal favourites, and also give up sometimes. Those pains may give some gains as well, if we are patient enough to wait for their return”

“A journey from adult to child is irreversible & hence whenever you get an opportunity to show the hidden child inside, never miss it.”

“To rediscover our lost passions and dreams in the company of someone is not a small thing, even if the person is not genuine. I always try to find a ray of positive charge in every negative objects I encounter with. That’s why I am different from others”

Inner conflicts of human minds can take the shape of wars, enough to kill oneself….. A person needs to fight with his own mental tortures and burdens to win over them and get his mind convinced. Then only others can significantly help him

“When we are not aware of what’s going to happen the next moment, the journey is enjoyable and interesting, especially when it reaches some surprising bends. But sometimes people travel as per plans, as it gives less risks….. But such journeys give less surprises too”

“Loses and wins are just a few entities fixed by man, as per their assumptions and imaginations”

“Very often the big battles are fought inside our inner soul & rarely noticed by others.
Strong people never express it, while weak ones can’t hide it longer.
Yes, when you find such weak ones, never hesitate to help🤗🤗💫”
“There is a special enjoyment is doing something we don’t know”
“When you are happy, it just happens.
When you make you believe you are happy, then you are not happy.
Your happiness always reflects in your eyes, no matter you express it or not.
Those who can read your mind can understand it in true sense”
“To compete with oneself is good, if only for good reasons….
Yes, it’s always better to compete with ourselves than with others. It improves us through many means. I try to follow this principle in my life always. I am not bothered about others.”

“What’s the most precious moment ? The moment which holds all our precious and dear ones together”

“Just one miracle is enough to alter a full night of darkness to an ever lasting day of happiness”
“If we can’t convince ourselves, how can we expect others will be convinced by us?”
“Who am I to judge others?
I can’t even predict myself, how I will change next moment, how situations change me next moment, how people change me, how my tastes change🤐🤯”
“Repetition makes you more & more perfect.
Passion is something which we live right at this moment.
Never try to make it perfect
Just leave it free and enjoy the moment”
“Many complex questions do have simple answers
And many simple questions have complex answers too.
Sometimes many simple questions don’t have any answer too.”

“Some people act in front of camera while some others behind it in real life. As long as they are not caught they are brilliant actors”

“More than fame, money, and famous, people should love and feel nice for we as a person and virtue. ‘Popular’ could be a better word than ‘Famous’.

But it’s also nice if people around us feel good more than jealous if we are famous and successful.”

“Very often our eyes are forced to believe something which our hearts hesitate to listen. Some people will fall into the trap with these colourful tales & visualized scripts, but not everyone. Follow your hearts only, which give you right answer always.”

“Judges are also not free from errors
And all convicts not free from virtues
All verdicts based on the rights and wrongs created by fantasies of mind”

As long as we keep it as personal, it is saved for future.
The day we allow someone else to take over it, it’s gone from hands 
“It’s that ‘why’ which prompts us to start every task…
Once we begin, it will never change.
But many ‘why’s can prompt us to stop in middle
If we are not sure about the path we need to travel to finish the task”
“When we free ourselves from things which we hold tight thinking ours, we get mental peace🍁”
“When we are kids we are tension-free and enjoy beautiful things of the world.
As we grow up, we learn more about miseries around us,
Become a part of a few, and forget to enjoy good things too.
Better remain as a child in heart, though we become grown up to others.”
“We can’t change others’ thoughts
Only thing we can do is to be different from others.
Let them judge & satisfy themselves
Why should we also fall into that category”
“Some act in reel life and a few others in real
While a few others in both.
Some people are just forced to act whole through life
And take on foolish roles repeatedly & knowingly
Which they never fit into.
Myths & truths are just equals”
“Myths & truths are just equals in reverse directions”
Age is irreversible
Yet we can keep our childish mind alive always.
Just need to hide it away from world’s eyes
To keep it safe and unaltered”
Sometimes a gentle smile has thousands of tales to say
About high tides and low tides of life”
Surrender yourself first
Everything you want follows you”
But this relief is temporary only. After all how long can we act as somebody else? Everyone wants to live his own life if situations allow him so. If we act long, we often forget the path which leads to our self”
Fulfillment of desires are only needed if we want to live and if our life is extended on earth. For dying, it is less significant.”
Some questions don’t deserve answers!!!”
“How fast seasons change!”
“Some stories never change!!”
“Every person owns his own accounting books and his own accounts and calculations 🔥”
We can’t simply abuse anyone because our viewpoints are different. Mutual respect is very important.”
Everybody says, truth is bitter. But truth is that truth can be sweet also”
“Sadness born from happiness is unbearable!!!”
Crimes always have cover up and truth never has”
“Criticism & abuses are different, we should learn to respect first”
When you keep your memories as a captive bird in your mind cage
Never forget, you can miss that blue sky & many good sights of far skies.
It’s nice as long as it connects you with past without worries.
The moment it starts personally hurting your present & future,
Open the cage & let the bird go”
Yes, great are those people who remain down to earth & humble even while flying at heights. When success touches feet, many people forget the path they traveled to reach the peak & pride overpowers everything. Exactly the same moment blind eyes can cause you loss the grip to fall from heights”
We can’t say everything to everybody”
Very often we fail to survive those mentally weak points; Commit mistakes which can never be reversed and regret later. Why can’t we simply ignore those weak points and move forward?”
Thinking about a tree which never gets freedom Once it’s born in soil It’s deeply rooted & can never dream to fly It’s fixed forever at a single place!!!”
“Earning more can’t give you more sleeping hours
Earning more can’t give you more hunger
But happiness of soul can give you both”
When it comes to the love story of bird and branch
The decision to fly or not is unilateral.
It’s only the bird which decides
And the still branch can never hold him back.
Bird always get freedom to fly
While branch is always fixed to tree till it dies”
Some people are unknown continent to others, so near but so far”
You can fail in life or get isolated if you can’t act or imitate. But a human life should never be to imitate wrong doings”

The rights, we assume to be right can have many mistakes too. Some rights stand only because they get major support”

We keep some memories as prisoners, right?”
I think those who are too careful in life make some silly mistakes that can take away the most precious things & change lives forever. Some silly decisions can cost us a lot & we repent for a lifetime”
You need to search and find HIM in your inner soul
Unless you believe in yourself, how can you find HIM inside you?”
Old memories stay alive longer than new ones”
We can’t have everything in this world, but a bit of many things; a few are not lucky enough though. From what you possess, you can give a little bit to someone who really wants it. Yes, I agree, those who have gone thru such situations of having nothing can understand it better”
Yes, very often we put everything to get something we desire most. If we get it, it will be the most happy moment. But many times, it was not really meant for us, ending in huge disappointment. In such a situation, what I think is, at least I tried. So no regrets!!!”
Sometimes our paths cross over
But remember, it’s only temporary
After a few moments of bliss
We move towards opposite directions
Who knows, we may meet at another junction or not!!!”
We need to take care of ourselves. No one really care about us”
We are all god’s kids. Yet HE made a very few ‘special’, before sending to earth”
God gives divine messages to stay united & connect with hearts. But what to do, this division in caste, religion & social status is one of the major reasons why two loving hearts get divided by society & its norms”
Till it’s spilled out we have full control over the topic, whatever it may be”
We never know the other side of the story… We make assumptions based on the side visible to us”
Blaming someone can never bring out truth!!”
When you accuse & abuse others without any proofs, blindly following someone, simply to satisfy your ego, you are bound to get it back, whatever you have given”
“Keep your brains in pockets & Follow the folk.
Many things are already fixed some time back, and you have to follow the ‘rules’.
If not, you will be named crazy or fake
No one wants to think different”
If everything that happens is predetermined, how can our karma change occurrence of events? Can our karma really change our destiny?”
In most cases every person’s personality is a shade of different colours. Each shade becomes dominant how the other person sees/discovers it, while some shades undiscovered stay invisible forever”
Each person has his own path and journey, and hence same visuals can give different effects for two people who took different routes to reach the same destination”
Loss of a dear one or love life, personal illness or worst health condition of someone who you love fondly, financial problem-sorrows and suffering are different.We can’t generalize which sorrow is intense. It differs based on a human’s bonding with those pains & how his mind has adjusted”
Tears & fever have a striking similarity. Body react to an external body or disease & show signs through fever, while emotions are expressed thru tears,reducing pain in both cases. Yet I don’t know why people are not friendly towards fever & pain, though both are lessening our pains significantly. Tears and fever – both are actually blessings to human. But sadly we don’t understand. Both are signs of expressions in true sense”
World is always like this. Those who are calm, tolerate & never resist, blames are put on their shoulders. But if they respond, whole world proves them wrong. Not to tolerate is also a crime. Who decides wrong & right sides!!!” #Experience
Be yourself. How long can we pretend? May be we able to convince others, but not at all our self”

“Everyone say, we cry when we loss courage and strength. But many times, we need strength and courage to cry also, because it’s one of the powerful media of expression, without the need of words”

Even the thousand mile walk count nothing
If travelled in wrong direction”
Mind is our biggest strength…. Our worst weakness too!!!!”
Faces may change
Script and life may be rewritten many times
But a few among the losses
Are mere repetitions
Which come and go, giving boredom”
“Face masks have to be shed some day
Mist can only mask our vision for sometime.
When sun rises, it has to dissolve forever”
Credits of happiness of yesterdays belong to our opponents too…..
Victories we earned defeating them”
This moment determines your age
Not the count of years which you already lived”
It’s not the same sky today which I see tomorrow. A spectator cannot notice it. Everything keeps changing”

“Some words are like curses We should never utter at any cost. If we turned emotional and spell a few words And if it happens as such in other person’s life Can we forgive ourselves?

Yes, I know, some people never bother so. Yet, there are a few ……”
Death, You are still a stranger to me”
Some people want to survive only on love
Some want fame Some want money
And some love to have all these in desired proportions.
They mix it according to their need”
One can never become a better substitute of other, but can continue your life story with a different script….”

We never know the other side of the story. We make assumptions based on the side visible to us”

Most hard efforts are less noticed”
Very often your weakest point later becomes your biggest strength❤❤
It gives the strength and courage to fight against all odds😊😊
It also brings love, compassion & can redefine you as a new person positively🌈 🦋♾🤗”
It’s heartbreaking to replace ‘is’ with ‘was’ while addressing someone, so unexpected💔”
Have you ever thought,
You may die in the heart of many people –
Before you really leave physical world,
Sometimes more than once”
Time is left till a lost heartbeat covers the distance between the worlds of life and death. Yes, life is too short than we actually imagine. In this rat race, time also moves fast. But sadly when we look into relative motion only, we fail to realize the actual pace with which life is moving”
Only a single moment distance exists between the distant worlds of life and death, which is just a breathe away. But if time crosses over that single moment, nothing in this world can reverse that walk!!!”
Death is so strange many times!! It spares those who don’t want to stay here in earth, but takes away those whose eyes are filled with infinite dreams🦋💔🌈”
Closing eyes and pretending can’t make whole world dark”
If time stops here right now forever
In the silence of this moment,
At least I will get something…
May be this moment which holds something,
May be the last breath which holds a ray of hope”
All nights are not black🤭🔥”
In between the lies often lies the real truth”
If someone attempts something to make you happy and fails,
It’s your duty to cheer him up”
One should believe he is healed. It can be a compromise. Yes, it works many times”
One should feel tears as tears. Then only can get over something”
If at least one person can think about you with a smile on face, you are blessed, you know”
It’s always better we realize the reality through our experiences rather been forced to believe by someone else”
Many hollow things are created in this world which holds no meaning at any point of time. 
Some appear colourful, blissful and immortal till we are lured into the trap🔥”
When we pretend as someone else, we end up as a stranger to ourselves. Some people accept, some may not. Depends!!!”
Destiny can never be changed. So god often gives mild doses of future events to prepare you for future storms”
I can’t find why lighted lamps always cast black shadows”🪔🪔
“Tasks which we do wholeheartedly, though it takes more time, will stay in our memories for a long time than usual”
We may meet as strangers again”
“Smiles can hold different meanings, so are thoughts, tears, words and action. We can never give a clear definition to anyone of them✨💫”
Everyone is right, if we see through their eyes… Difference is, what we seek. It differs in different people. Sometimes two rights cannot be right together, only because of this difference in what we need and what we search”
Yes, everyone’s journey is different. It will be nice if we meet strangers having similar thoughts and same destination💕💕
“Some people simply stay with you, pretend love,
And gain your trust to know more about you.
The moment they get what they want,
They simply leave you without even giving a reason.
Love everyone
But don’t trust people easily” #Advice
“It’s easy to utter about own death before others.
It’s more difficult to repeat the same when it’s about someone we love fondly”
“Life is the best teacher I ever had
Happy teacher’s day and thank you for the experiences through which you taught me” #September5
“Human desires are like sprouted seeds
They can take birth at any unexpected moment spontaneously”
“I only believe in this moment which I exist right now💕”
“Negative people will only search and find negativity in even the most beautiful things on earth. They are powerful enough to change your paradise to hell”
“Most times we never express before others, big sacrifices we do, hurting ourselves. Such sacrifices go unnoticed. What I feel is, sacrifices are good, but let the other person also know it. It’s not good to be too good”
“Behind one strong reason, there are 1000 untold reasons, which go unnoticed”
“There is so much to gain in this life
In some losses, we forget to see good things beyond it
And let time to go beyond hold of our hands”
“Those who are not alone will always have people around and always a few in need
Those who are alone will have to fight alone always
For themselves and against those who take them for granted always”
“Everyone owns his own account book
And what they keep note is their account and calculations only”
“Some storms can either build you
Or destroy you forever🌪️🌪️”
“Human desires are like sprouted seeds
They can take birth at any unexpected moment spontaneously”
“I am no one to do calculations about life
I am no one to give promises for tomorrow too
Because I can assure you only this moment
Where my life survives through the breath I take right now🌪️💕🤗”
“Sometimes it”s not about right or wrong. Lucky are you, if you get people around you, caring your emotions too, while they are busy with dealing their own egos, to prove themselves right”
“Always we can’t simply stand with one side, judging it as right. Sometimes there are no rights or wrongs.Simply we take things emotionally, read with hearts, may behave blind to flaws also, only because some are close to our hearts, we want to stay with them only, without judging”
“Cuteness is all about hearts which reflects on face”
“Those who don’t wander can be lost too”
“When someone avoids you, reduce conversations or never answers properly like before, and you keep waiting for answers, most probably that person is hiding something from you, ….. if only there are no misunderstandings”
“Some conversations meant for someone
Through indirect hands
Can directly land you into trouble
Misunderstandings too
Take care😇”
“Recreated emotions may have a different story to tell.
Many things which you truly deserved, but missed in the life journey till then.
They can definitely end in positive knot too. Nothing happens without a reason. Believe in your journey, intuition and above all, yourself”
“What we need to correct are mistakes, more than we try to avoid circumstances which can lead to mistakes committed by someone else, causing us to suffer.”
“Everyone going through their own battles,
Some we know, some we may not.
Sometimes we need to open our hearts
To let others know what we want”
“Thorns show single face while flowers show many. It’s better to befriend real thorns than fake flowers with smiling faces.”
“Sky existed yesterday
It will exist tomorrow too.
Nothing we own
Except this moment we take breath
It’s more important to survive than to dream
Circumstances teach people how to survive
Some learn it easily
Some take time🤗🤗”
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