Rain – Poetry and Quotes

“Some rains drench you forever
While some rains can never!!”
“Feel the rain
Feel the love
Feel the music🎵🎵”
“White cloud is beautiful⛅️
But she can’t comfort others by pouring as raindrops.
Raining cloud is black in colour
Thunder & lightening are her accompanies⛈️🌬️
But her heart is full of melting raindrops.💧💧
When she dissolves as rain, losing her shape & beauty ⛈️⛈️
White cloud is checking her beauty in sky mirror.
When poet describes white cloud as the best friend of blue sky
And black cloud as dark shadows of sorrows & misery
We forget the virtue of dark cloud
See her always in fear,
And treat her bad, keeping distance
Poet sings about white clouds
But only dark clouds can rain #Truth
“Some rains get stuck inside eyes,
Hesitating to pour”
“Very often our eyes fail to see the truth & go with the visuals and thoughts we already processed in mind. Also our addiction towards beauty & white colour!
I just tried to think differently 🔥
Still a student, trying to learn what different elements of universe are teaching us💫”
“All rains don’t pour from clouds
Some pour to wash away all colours”
“There are rains which pour and which don’t
And most of the second category belong to eyes”
“Some rains pour in monsoons
Some in off seasons
Some come a little bit early
While some others very late
Yes, rains may not wait for right season”
“You are my non-ending night rain
And I am your wild thunderstorm”
“I may pour as a rain or float as a cloud
All my words belong to you
It doesn’t matter I rain or not”
“Night rain is shaking her bangles loud while raining.
After crying in loud voice along with her,
Night is also returning back to his beloved, sleep.
Each teardrop fallen on earth
Has dissolved in memories forever
And everything flowing into deep silence now💕🌦️🤗”
“Some rains come, pour and go, in your presence
With or without drops
But hardly noticed”
“Rain drops never get time to express their pain to anyone
The moment they touch earth’s heart, they scatter and disappear”
“Sky often tricks his dark cloud and meets earth at the horizon. To catch him, the dark cloud disguises herself as rain and reaches the earth in hope, she can turn into a rain cloud again and return to her skies. Yet she worries if her sky will recognize her in white cloud’s attire when she returns”
“In the every non-ending raindrop pouring from my eyes
I have started adding shades of your rainbow, one by one🌈✨”
“Soaking myself in my mind rain”
“Rain may not carry water drops always
It can carry both words & silences
Both can pour as rain,
Can drench you fully,
Or leave you thirsty
Pain & happiness
Feelings & emotions
Also pour as rain
Drenching together,
Filling as droughts
Leaving devastated
Rain has infinite stories to tell”
To feel someone in rain music without any words 🎶🎶”
“You are my night rain”
“If you watch clouds in the sky, they appear as if they are writing some story; sometimes slow, sometimes fast. While they continue writing, with every mood change, clouds also change appearance and colour shades.”
“Seeing you,
My heart leaps with joy
Along with those falling rain drops,
And I want to bid farewell
To my rolling tears with pleasure
In hope, you will never leave”
“Drenched and without drenching
Hatching rainbows or without🌈🌈
How many rain clouds have passed by!!⛈️🌦️”
“Along with the rain pouring outside,
Shall I give a break to the rain
Pouring through my eyes,
In faith
You will not bid farewell to me?”
“Touching the heart of the earth
Raindrops dissolve their unsaid sorrows”
“Rain cloud pours as tears
When she tries to touch sun with her fingers
She gently looks at him and sobs,
And says good bye,
In hope
She shall meet him again
As another rain cloud🌧️💕💕”
“The mind is like a lazy rain
Just poured down now.
When thoughts wrap mind like a cloud,
A glimmer of hope comes out occasionally
Like the sun removing the cloud tresses
Spread on its face.”
“Pouring rain is like a blooming wild flower,
Wild and beautiful”
“Is it because rain pours intense in intervals,
It holds a wild beauty??💕💕”
“Listening to your voice in the raindrops I hear”
“Rainbow can never pour as rain”
“Nightfalls are not lengthy as day or night
Nor do restless raindrops get time
To spell their sorrows, before scattering.
All these beautiful things are momentary”
“Silent clouds and the raindrops which they hide
How many rains are coming and going –
Without letting anyone know.
Only difference is
They take birth in eye corners👀🌧️”
“Dark clouds moved on
A few rained, a few didn’t
Now the sky is filled with white clouds,
And looks pleasant”
“Rain heals
Rain burns too”
“Many times I pour as rain
Only to fill inside you”
“Isn’t this pouring rain lonely too?
Even while she is sobbing saying,
She is lonely,
Her tears give new birth to many lost lives”
“Among all seasons of heart,
Monsoon is my favourite.
It chills, pours
And shows rainbows too, infinite🌈”
“Still in search of new words and lines
To write a poem for you
Searching in drizzling drops of this night rain
Sliding in through my window bars,
Searching a new rhythm for those lines,
Listening to the falling drops
Which can match the heartbeats of mine”
“Do you know,
Clouds also have pain”
“Do you know, clouds are heavy
As they carry pain as water, without ever pouring”
“What if rainbow can pour as colourful rain☔️
Shedding all its seven colours as such!!!🌈🌈”
“All pouring rains don’t have raindrops”
“When you stay as different forms of cloud,
I have to memorize each version of yours distinct.
Waiting for that day when you will pour down,
Mixing all shades in a single rain”
“The melody of some songs is similar to your voice
And also, the night rains that fall in certain seasons”
“And those shining clouds which borrowed a pot of water
Have hidden themselves from sight”
“I never imagined,
Seasons will sprinkle same colours –
On me again!
Colours are deeper now
Colours are more vibrant now.
They flow straight into my heart
And shower as monsoon rains occasionally,
Accompanied by thunder and lightening”
“There is a seasonal cloud inside my soul which rains occasionally”
“Dark clouds are like human minds without tears.
They burn themselves without raining,
Even give dark shades to all those close to them”
“Rain sounds different
When you have someone to listen to your heart”
“Clouds without pouring
And words without saying
Are always heavy”
“Night rain🌧️
Soft music🎶
Hot coffee☕️
And thoughts of you❤️”
“Now what pouring outside in the veranda are my tears which I have kept along with me to keep myself happy, to keep someone else happy”
“Broken rains are broken tears of sky, its unsaid words”
“Rain talks to me more than you”
“Pouring rain is like a blooming wild flower
Which pours lavishly wherever it wants,
And how long it wants
Without seeking permission,
So is love”
“Some tunes are like first rain
Never lose the freshness🎶🎶”
“In the rain forest of heart
A lonely butterfly is wandering”
“Once your love was raining as monsoon rains. Now only its memories remain as drizzles”
“My rains pour exclusively for you
Both as tears and love”
“In the evening, sky was fully dark
And earth was waiting for his rain
It seems someone has lured –
And took that rain cloud away🌥️☁️😃”
“After pouring heavily
Rain clouds and rain drops
Are taking rest now.
Now they are creating silent music –
With those remaining rain drops
In the beauty of rainbow,
Till the next rain comes to pour in”
“Dark clouds bring someone’s memories alive” #Krishna
“It’s raining somewhere outside
With thunder and lightning as accompanies
But somewhere inside my eyes
There is still a rain adamant not to pour”
“Many minds are like this gloomy Karkidakam month
Full of dark clouds, without thunder and storms,
But raining occasionally⛈️🌬️
But when rays of hope reach like Chingam month
All the dark clouds slowly dissolve and disappear 🌤️🌞”
#Karkidakam #Chingam
Let this monsoon take tear drops from my eyes
And rain in my beloved’s place” #Guddi #Translation
“Rains often pour without drenching you”
“Is it because I was born in the beginning day of monsoon
I am madly in love with this rain?💕💃”
“In a moment of excitement, the rain suddenly poured down and stopped. She might be thinking right now, it was not needed.”
“Oh summer cloud,
Why can’t you stop authoring more puzzles
And pour down as rain?
Yes, I am aware
There is time left for monsoon.
Soak for a few moments,
This dried greenery and fallen buds 🌦️🌪️🤗💫”
“When rain pours from sky
Touching mountains,
It turns breeze into
Gentle drizzles”
“Rain still pours through my eyes non-stop
But you will never know it
I don’t want to let you know too”
“White clouds are born with luxuries
They have never gone through
Transformations to pour as rain.
Away from all sorrows,
Not even aware of pains.
How can they see
The hidden tears of dark cloud,
Which it carry wherever it’s moving
In hope to rain some day somewhere🌪️🌨️”
“I play with dark clouds
During my leisure hours”
“Flowers smile with rain
So are a few people”
“I want to fall in love as many times as raindrops fall in love with earth while dropping❣️❣️”
#FallingInLove ❤️
“My eyes hold more rain than these clouds”
“When earth started receiving the rhythms of pouring rain,
Slowly, sky changed its gloomy mood to pleasant
The wind took away the last rain drop
And the broken rain also went away, along with it🌥️🌧️”
“When dark clouds spread in the skies till horizon
And start dancing just before rains
My mind also fills with thousands of poems
Nowadays one more name added.
Though I can’t transfer everything to paper
And tell you,
I hope you will read them
When you see those dark clouds dancing”
“Rain poured all of a sudden in excitement and suddenly stopped.
She might be thinking, it was not necessary”
“Each drop of rain which pours from my heart,
Ends in you❣️❣️”
“Every raindrop that spills from the heart, rains on you”
“My love rains in different forms
Sometimes I rain as monsoon
Only a single tune, intense or slow
Without accompanies
Sometimes I turn October rain
Accompanied by thunder and lightening
Sometimes I appear as white clouds
And never rain
Sometimes I show my gloomy face
Like dark clouds
And go without raining
Sometimes I turn summer rain
To pour as consoling friend
When you miss me
I may come as drizzle
Rain has so many shades
So am I
I can drench you the way I feel
If I start pouring as rain,
I will drench you completely in my craziness
Come close thinking twice
I may pour at day
I may pour at night
I may pour day and night
And even during nightfalls
And morning sunshines
My craziness has no limitations
My shades are infinite
So am I 💃⛈️🌦️”
“Go for a walk all alone in the rain,
With no one to accompany you.
Drench if you can,
As if no one is watching you.
Yes, you just had one of the
Most beautiful moments of your life”
“Some days I pour heavy
Some days I may drizzle only
Some days I turn white cloud
But always reserve moist drops in my heart
Waiting for the moment
To transfer myself to the raining dark cloud☁️🌧️🌪️💫💕🌈”
“Sometimes she may pour heavy,
Sometimes less,
Maybe the cloud busy,
Accumulating water the next rain
But as long as she is,
She belongs to the sky only,
Day & night, always
& He should never leave her alone
Sometimes she expresses as raindrops
Sometimes may not
In hope, he reads her mind”
“Rain pours from heart to eyes
And from eyes to heart
And it recycles always
Without a break”
“Let me see which shade rain brings this time”
“In what shade do you want me to pour?💕🌈
As a chilling summer drizzle,
Heavy monsoon☔️
Or accompanied by thunder & lightening?⛈️
Sometimes I can go fully silent
Showing myself through lightening only😂
Just tell me, which shade you like most🤗😝💫💥”
“Some raindrops are born only to get scattered forever!!”
“Rain may not carry water drops always
It can carry both words & silences
Both can pour as rain,
Can drench you fully,
Or leave you thirsty
Pain & happiness
Feelings & emotions
Also pour as rain
Drenching together,
Filling as droughts
Leaving devastated
Rain has infinite stories to tell♾💫”
“My rains pour only for you”
“My eyes hold more rain than the darkest clouds💧💧
My eyes hold more darkness than new moon nights🖤🖤
My eyes hold more colours than a rainbow🌈🌈
Yes, I hold everything a little more heavy❤️❤️
“My eyes pour more than this rain”
“Night rain started pouring again
Accompanied by thunderstorms,
Like a repetition of yesterdays😇”
“Like these raindrops pouring down,
My heart is also dancing in joy.
Along with endless monsoons pouring down,
Rain drops scattering deep from my heart
Also find their way towards you,
The space where your love dwells”
“When night rains as darkness,
My thoughts pour as your memories”
“Rain pouring on Thrikkarthika night✨💫🪔🪔”
“Rain pours as happiness or sorrows….
Who knows😐
Have we ever tried to
Read the raindrops?”
“If ever I forget to rain,
You annoy me as a non-raining cloud”
“Rain has infinite stories to tell
Sometimes she narrates them to rainbow
Sometimes to earth and flowers
And to slowly floating rivers💙💙”
“Rain always reminds me of you”
“There are tears in eyes
Reluctant to rain!!”
“Infinite rains we drenched together🌨️
Rains of words
Rains of silences
Rains of moonlights
Rains of rainbows🌈🦋
Rains of feelings & emotions, told & untold💫💕
How many rains have gone without soaking we two
Untold stories, Silent tears
& Puzzles left midway
How many rains are waiting for us
To drench together in our own world
“Rain is pouring loud
Like sprouting new life
Is it sob of sky bursting as raindrops?
Or the soothing music to paining hearts?
When she comes down as springs
Without waiting for permission
To who she is giving happiness
To who she is giving tears.
When Mother Earth outburst in tears
Accepting the curse of Sun God,
Lord Varuna came to her rescue –
Showering his blessings in the form of rain
And slowly pacified and cooled her”
“Some raindrops are born only to get scattered forever!!
So are a few tear drops”
“The rain that seized pouring
Was competing with me,
Who rains more.
And when I finally won,
She returned happily after
Gifting me a rainbow🌈☔️”
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