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A confusing dark cloud

Sometimes I turn a confusing dark cloud, Hesitating to rain aloud Should I pour or remain as such? Will the climate remains same If I fade with my different shades? Will the sky love...


Rain – Poetry and Quotes

“Some rains drench you forever While some rains can never!!”   “Feel the rain Feel the love Feel the music🎵🎵”     “White cloud is beautiful⛅️ But she can’t comfort others by pouring as...


Sleep Forever, Oh Tired Heart

The chilled evening drenched in monsoon clouds When moist nightfall’s eyes just stopped raining Listening to rain’s music you are standing At the footsteps of visualized lightening towers, Like the second note of the...



Rain is pouring loud Like sprouting new life Is it sob of sky bursting as raindrops? Or the soothing music to paining hearts? When she comes down as springs Without waiting for permission To...