There exist a few things – ‘Meaningless’…….!

What’s the use of brightness of those eyes

Whose light can’t enlighten the world!

What’s the value of those pouring tears

Which never touch the depth of eyes!!


What’s moon without moonlight

Which can’t change night to day!

Can stars be called so,

If they forget to twinkle their eyes?


Are those pearls worth enough,

If not searched and found by any boat?

And can elixir be called so

If it was left without drinking?


How perfect a flower can be,

If blossomed so beautiful, without perfume?

What about those helpless eyes

Which are tired in long waits!!


What about the lengthy love stories

Which were meant to end meaningless!

It’s worthless, all those untold love stories,

And were left without being understood!!


Those hidden storms in deep oceans…

Those failed attempts which died at doorsteps…

The love which was never understood….

And the song without any tune……


When so many things exist in world like this,

Whose real value are never understood,

What to say about those untold words,

Which were never heard!!

Yes, there are many meaningless things in this world,

Which can never be understood, even attempted to!!

End note: In our world, everything is needed to be expressed by its own ways. Otherwise no one will understand its true value, definitely the one who should understand it most.

#translation – Originally dated 21/4/05

Image source: Pixabay

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