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Opinion about someone can be spontaneous based on present situation. Very often I and you are wrongly judged. It may happen soon after you had a hot debate with someone or while going through a bad phase of life”

“I love kids…. those born and those unborn……” #feoticide

“Accept our own mistakes
Then only we can expect others to forgive ours……”
“It hurts when we are judged based on stories which are untrue & people believe such stories than our words. It hurts more those people who are honest and sincere towards their work and profession. It discourages you personally too”
“Some talents who get lost only because of low level of confidence”
We can’t say everything to everybody”
“Some tweets are worth to be send as whatsapp messages to relevant people, if they are not in twitter”
If you are patient enough, you can achieve everything. But only a few are willing to give time a space, so that it showers its true magic”

“Sometimes we choose something over other with the limited resources we have; Yet troubles mind for what we didn’t get, forgetting what we gained”

“Some people are so emotional like a bubble. They are honest & sincere in most cases”
“It’s not easy to recollect those stolen lines of others

As difficult as to forget those words inked by your soul …. #copied #steal  “

“Paint the colorless clouds a little bit too, and if possible sail in deep blue skies, making it a boat “


“I want to paint the colorless cloud a little bit , and if possible sail in the deep blue skies, making it a boat” 

This filmy people… I think they mix fiction with every piece of reality.”
Most important is he is talking from the world of dead”
“We take a few things too serious in our lives
If we let them go, nothing can happen.
Yet why are we holding them too tight
Giving stress and pain to our own soul”
While you travel fast, take short breaks, take long breaths, enjoy the sights & move on”
It’s possible you become successful in your profession or some task assigned to you, based on your talent and hard work. But the real success is when you follow your passion, and succeed it. Unless you love your work, its success won’t fascinate you.”
When we blindly follow a celebrity or popular person, we care less about the authenticity of the facts shared. There are many personalities whose deeds inspire us. But it doesn’t mean, we forget to check facts or change our opinions. Our opinions can also be right”
“You need to step into my shoes before you advise me.
Unless you helped me at my worst times,
You have no right to advise me or scare me.
Where were you all these hours?”
Never try to connect virtual world with real world with a chord which never exists. It’s better to see them as two different layers; But possible if a chord does exist, connecting two worlds together”

Both happy & sad moments, we capture forever

And keep them as memories”
We can’t define poetry….
For a few it’s a condensed form
While few others pour it as ocean
Some people hide puzzles for someone
While a few others express everything”

There are innocent hearts … If someone pretends friendly, they just believe, because they can’t pretend in relations. It’s not because they are not skilled, but simply, they don’t want to do it 🦋🦋🦋”

The thoughts which are put in our mind during childhood….
They grow along with us and deeply influence later life”
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