Some Perspectives I Noticed

“You will always be wronged by wrong people for wrong matters”

“Everything change based on time, situations and personal perspectives. 💫🌈
People change
Situations change
And we move on…
Only a very few stick on to objective principles & they will always be isolated 🔥”

“For a blind man every colour is just black”

“For a blind man every colour appears black, and ‘blindness’ can be darkness of mind too in true sense”

“Great ideas are often spontaneous, a book,a poem or a scientific finding. A simple spark is enough to light an idea which can expand by itself”

“Long-term worries often become your best companions later. Strange, but true!”

“Never try to stop those who you are not sure will stay with you.
If he is destined to go, and you stop him
He will go away with the flow which appears next time for sure.”
We may conceive wrong perceptions if we try to view the world through another person’s eyes. Truths and lies – both can give us lust and happiness, based on how we use them”
Some people see with open eyes while some others with eyes closed. Some can’t see even while eyes are open. 
It differs how we see things through eyes, analyse by brain and interpret meaning. Choose any method, but what we get as output is more important”
“Even while we are acting on stage or watching a play, it looks like a subset of the world stage of drama, where we are mere players.”

“Why can’t we sleep with open eyes?”

“Everybody says, truth is bitter.
But truth is that truth can be sweet also”
“Respect is good, to be given too
But not at the cost of self respect”
“Most people giving negative remarks about your intuitions without solid points and simply confusing you could be those who never want to see something happening good to you. Jealously could be one reason. Trust your intuitions first.”
“There are many things our mind and heart understand, but we can’t put them into words in any language. Our intuitions💥”
“It’s not that easy to forgive those who act trustful & stab from back. Yet sometimes I feel to give them a chance, may interact to know if they changed attitude. Such relations are toxic if they smile in their hearts seeing you in pain, not a single drop of empathy & they lost my last chance of forgiveness”

“Open your ears to constructive criticism only. It builds inside you a strong person. Ignore the rest. Otherwise it will end you in ruins”

Why can’t you process your own thoughts? Why to process/believe others’ thoughts?”

“Earn respect…. never snatch it.
You can never”

“Insecure people find insecurity in everything they touch. They can’t even believe people who deal everything with confidence”

“A single moment can change everything
And force us to take another path we may not be familiar with before 😐😇

“If critics are sincere in their words, just listen to their words and try better. Otherwise we can never satisfy them whatever way we try”

Sometimes we need to see through other person’s eyes too”

“Whatever you have done in past
Whatever you have planned to do in future
People will only remember/judge your present
And how you behave right at this moment”
“A person can never change in one day unless time changes him.
Because words take a few moments to take birth while actions need time…..”
It’s easy to utter about own death before others. It’s more difficult to repeat the same when it’s about someone we love fondly”

Honesty is the best policy in every profession. Though being honest & straight forward add more haters in life than friends, it gives satisfaction & peace of mind more than anything. Only a very few succeed in it.”

“Truth is that, truth can be sweet also. But very often we never muster up courage to face it”

“Destiny is sometimes so spontaneous; we hardly could guess its arrival. Appears as a spark, slowly lights up and expands by itself”
“People are always judged by the decisions they take in life.”
Criticism & abuses are different, we should learn to respect first”
“We can fight and win against people who have brains
But not with those who don’t own it🧠🧠
To find space in someone’s heart or to lose it
It doesn’t require much more time”
“People who pick up fights easily are those without wearing masks, most probably!!!”
“1000 people together can’t change even a single lie to a truth.
Truth stands above all, and a single person telling truth weighs more than 1000s lying.🤗💫
“It’s easy to fight with truths and win,
Because everything is transparent;
But very much difficult to fight with lies,
Because it keeps changing every moment”
“Even if you get 1000 people to believe your lies
All these people together can never turn a lie into a truth!”
“In this world everything is needed to be expressed by its own ways. Otherwise no one will understand its true value”
“Some people always sharpen their wings & prepare it for big flights while a few others reduce the length of their broader wings to make space for others. At last, world will remember only those who fly and catch their dreams, because some people listen to others’ hearts more!💔💔”
“Sadness born from happiness is unbearable!!!”
“Everyone say……
Listen to your heart
Follow your heart
But what to do…
Some people listen to others’ hearts more than theirs!”
“When we act too much, we forget the borderline between myth and reality”

“Their silence speaks a lot……only thing is, we can’t decode.
It’s very difficult to decipher deep silence

“From sky peak to deep valleys
It’s just a matter of time..
Flash of a few seconds.
Some blame it as bad luck
Some blame for bad time
Some blame others
While it can also happen without any reason”
“It’s nothing wrong to express, if we don’t know…
Rather than doing some stupidity…😂
Most important is, we can take it as an opportunity to learn from someone who already know it. But in ego, many people choose to remain silent.”
“It’s possible people may misbehave with you, without knowing your real story. But those who, after knowing your story, use it as a weapon to hurt you, trigger your pains & if in case you respond to their bad behavior, leave you in your bad situation, I believe humanity is zero in such people”
“Most times we already set a few things in our mind before approaching the situation. Later we fix all our assumptions around those preconceived ideas, which could be right or wrong. It’s always better to approach a situation without any thoughts, observe carefully & then only engage minds🤗. We often fail to see the truth in front of eyes because of our own set of illusions we create using our thoughts and assumptions. “

“Whatever seen through our eyes can be an illusion too, created by someone else.
We need to listen to our heart first before blindly following our eyes”

“Adding a few lies to my theories, can never change truth. Right?”
“From the heaven of love, success, fame & desires to the hell of lost dreams and darkness, the time needs to travel just a fraction of a second…. As long as you are not obsessed to such entities, you are less affected. But for humans it’s not an easy task to achieve it.”
“Yes, Success can change things positively, both for us & those who measure us based on this criteria. But do you know, there is another form of success. Some wear the same smiling cap to hide their faces from everyone & become terribly successful too, though breaking inside😕🔥
“The moment we realize our dream may be instantaneous and momentary.
But the wait for that moment could be long.
We can’t predict when it really approaches us & we realize it in true sense.”

“Everyone has a limit a cross and the distance to that boundary may vary from person to person – depends on his character and how he reacts to a situation”.

“A very good son can never make a very good husband….Strange but true!!!”

“We become more scared as we grow up”

When we loss someone, perhaps we can find someone to compensate the loss. Yet the same emotional attachment can’t be brought back”

“Success can be defined multiple ways. It depends on person’s perspective.
Fame is associated with signing autograph. Fame is success too. But success can never be fame always. It’s something which we dream and succeed, giving personal happiness in return”
“Some of our feelings can be true while some others may be mere imaginations. Most important is, willingness of our mind to accept the truth, even if our assumptions may go wrong”
“I don’t know why we all just blame it on Karma or destiny for all wrong happenings on earth, & for all for those riddles we don’t have answers! But in most cases, when something good happens to someone, we rarely think about Karma. Yet during his bad times,we can see so many people blaming his Karma”
“Slowly we step down from hearts 💔💔”
“Some people are like open books,
But not readable always…
Some pages may be removed
Some pages coded
And some ones written in some unknown language……”

“When you give a lot of priority to someone, he often takes it granted…. and it always end as his last option!!!”

“When we discover ourselves, it’s nothing to do with others. It’s our personal pleasure only, and there is no point in sharing with others. I never bother about what others decode about me, because I know I will always fell short of their expectation”

“People are often not courageous enough to face the light of truth. It mostly happens when he fears being exposed”

“When you make a statement, you should be honest to yourself first.”

“People of same wavelength can never travel in parallel lines. They will get connected at some point of time. I call it destiny #Raabta #Connection”

“Some people take the 5-letter word ‘SORRY’ for granted. I don’t know why!

Because they believe every mistake can be reverted or can be given an excuse with a simple ‘Sorry’ which may or may not be sincere.

Why often people fail to read other person’s mind?”
“When we go with familiarities, we fail to search truth”.
“Sometimes we choose not to react to problems, culminating them further”
“It’s your deeds which earn you respect, not your age”
“Just like an unfold thought or unfold rhythm
Mind often plays beautiful tunes🎶🎶
But life is like a fiddle string sometimes,
Need not be full melodious always”
“Time & experiences can change a person’s perspectives too;
The way he approaches & reacts to a particular moment.
We may not change
But he can change & surprise us often, which make us think, ‘you were not like this before’.
But we are unaware of what is running in his mind🔥😌”
“Accept challenges
And you grow as a person…
It helps you to take more difficult challenges next time”

We can respect someone without loving. It may be due to fear put by others in our mind. We often use them interchanged too.We can love without giving respect also. But definitely love carries a tint of respect too, though we may not identify it always. Acceptance is also a form of respect in love”

“We need to look through other person’s eyes too.
Sometimes both are trues!”
To know the depth of agony you are going through in your life, you need to experience a few moments of immense happiness”
“When you become limitless, you get an extra pair of wings to fly. Then things become more easy than you believe”
“Expression conveys truth in different ways. Sometimes though we are correct, we fail to convince it & others may interpret it as lie.
Language of communication & IQ r different for different people. Some people understand it easily while we fail in many cases too.”
“Success is subjective and it can’t guarantee satisfaction.
Satisfaction can give you more happiness than success and fame.
Most important thing is happiness in life and it can’t be measured in terms of money or fame, but to some extend with satisfaction”
“Fear is our biggest enemy…
It first kills our strength and positive attitude to attempt something we really want in our life”
“Death is not easy.
God made it painful, so that life exists on this earth”
All of us turn actors in real life at some point of time”
“As long as we keep our secrets as personal, it is saved for future.
The day we allow someone else to take over it, it’s gone from hands🤗🤗🙌
“Even if you get 1000 people to believe your lies
All these people together can’t turn a single lie to a truth!
Because TRUTH stands above all, & a single person telling TRUTH weighs more than 1000s lying. How long can dark clouds hide moon? Cloud can just boast its success for a few moments”
We can’t simply abuse anyone because our viewpoints are different. Mutual respect is very important.”
Sometimes we need to see through other person’s eyes too”
It’s easy to break someone’s confidence, but not that much easy to build again”
Sometimes there is only a thin layer between truth and lies and we are forced to live in that thin layer of illusion”
Sometimes the other side of story is more stranger than fiction. The person may not be able to tell you the real facts due to some helpless condition. So never judge someone by thinking from your side only. Even if you boast to know someone so close, you fail in this case 💯”
“Never hurt anyone intentionally telling lies. Lies are OK as long as it’s not hurting anyone. Truth should come out today or tomorrow, before it turns burden”
“You can never lead a happy life by pleasing others and the society you live
As long as you are sure, what you are doing is right,
You need to take care of yourself only”
“Whatever good intentions you might have
You will get at least a few to prove you wrong”
“Negative people can affect you a lot really😪😓😓”
“Words of dear ones, who we believe to understand us
Hurt us more than strangers….”
“Those who are not alone will always have people around and always a few in need
Those who are alone will have to fight alone always
For themselves and against those who take them for granted always”
“Many things we see and feel are just temporary entities
Which hold a very short life span
Just like these mayflies which shed in rains”
“Most colours brighten
Only as time passes by🔥”
“Colourful balloon can fly free and kiss blue skies in infinity
But a single needle prick is enough for it to touch the earth
Same is human happiness too
A single moment or incident can change everything”
“Negative people will only search and find negativity in even the most beautiful things on earth. They are powerful enough to change your paradise to hell”
When you hurt someone, give apology too, if it’s sincere from heart you will never commit the same thing again. But if you repeat it over and over, and apologize every time, it’s a statement made, I’ve done nothing wrong. Only you took it wrong, and I apologized on your behalf”
Many times it’s not about right or wrong, but how you treat someone. Even after knowing your words hurt someone, how can you repeat it over & over. When their mental health takes toll & they react losing control how can you play victim card? How can’t you simply admit you could’ve treated them better”
“We could be right or wrong, our statements could be right or wrong. But it’s totally wrong to force someone to accept our words, if they are believing something else. If you are repeating over & over, admit it, what you’ve done is wrong. We are not here to judge anyone, but our statements make”
“Read somewhere…. A mistake committed twice is statement made. I am not a person to judge if what you have done is right or wrong. But when you apologize to someone it should not be hollow words. Say little, but words should be sincere. Even a silent sincere gesture is enough”
“Apologizing to someone doesn’t mean you got license to hurt them again and again. If you can’t treat them good, never blame them for their bad response occurred simply because of your repeated behaviour in same pattern”
“Admitting mistakes never make you a wrong or bad person, but move you to next heights. It gives you new worlds and new experiences, perhaps you have never seen before”
“It is nothing wrong to see someone happy, but it should never be at the cost of someone else. How can you blindly accept someone’s mistakes simply because you love them and want to see them happy? If you truly love someone, you should never accept their wrong deeds, instead correct them”
“How can same situations, confusions, pain and emotions exactly be recreated after a long period, say 10 years or 20 years, as if following some pattern? 💜💜
What does it signify? Was there any thing left that time, which we need to complete in second cycle?”
“Some chats and some phone calls can literally change your whole mood. Just ignore such people who refill you with negativity every time and bring you down, and for them, it might be a simple conversation to satisfy their ego”
“I really don’t know what satisfaction some people get by tearing them further, even after knowing nothing is going well in their lives. Sadly blood relations too belong to this category”
“Most likely, the decision-making is something that everyone can do.
But the problem is that we may not take it at the right time ….
That’s why we often say that it was supposed to be done then, but couldn’t, and so on”
“It’s not easy for a Geminian to interact with a person with low IQ who tries to act oversmart. Usually they handle people of different moods & behaviors easily, even those with simple thoughts & low IQ. But it’s a total mess handling those are acting intellectual with their foolish points”
“All things we don’t like are not wrong
All things we like could not be right too”
“Public figures should be projected for their public lives only, not personal lives”
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