Heart Strings – Part 7

“Can you please take care of my heart?
Now, it belongs to you😍”
“I surrender myself as a prisoner to all those who I love”
“In deep condensed form
Or as vast ocean full of emotions,
My poetry is reserved only for you🌪️❤️
And always will be✨💫”
“My heart is full of unsaid words for you”
“How can I weep and shed off my tears when I have hidden your smiles inside the playhouse of my cloud of thoughts?”
“What I carry in my mind,
It’s an ocean
What you see is
Only a few drops❣️❣️”
“Some rains drench you forever
While some rains can never!!”
“Slowly I realized,
I was you
And you inside me”
“Only I can wake up your emotions,
And read your heart like a song”
“Whoever can block moon’s path to reach earth,
But his moonlight always touches her
That’s the strength of their love
Bond between Moon and Earth💕”
“I don’t want to wake up from a dream into a world without you”
“My love for you is as vast as this ocean
And more beautiful than this setting sun”
“Pouring rain reminds me of you❣️”
“I loss the game intentionally for you always, in fear I will lose you”
“Some emotions are priceless”
“Giving away in silence is true love”
I want to sail in the depths of your blue eyes
And touch those parts of your inner soul, where no one else reached💜💜”
“You are my world
And my world includes you and everything revolving around you”
“I reach each and every heart beat of yours
Do you reach mine?”
“In our virtual skies,
Hope we meet again”
“All nights are special
Ever since
Moon fell in love with me💕💕”
“Are we not sensuous silences,
Which blossom with the touch of magical fingers?”
“When you serve as my heart beat and life blood,
Why should my beating heart need extra life and oxygen?”
“When someone lies to you,
Make excuses to come closer,
Most probably,
You are important for that person😉”
“When I hold your hand,
I expect you to hold mine too”
“My heaven lies in your smile
And my hell in your tears”
“God will protect our love”
“When my thoughts are fully dominated by you”
“I forget my existence when you fight with me
I remember my existence when you fight with me
Yes, it’s only you
Who makes me remember myself very often💖”
In a world where love born and dies in every single moment, our love took birth many times fresh”
“I became insomniac ever since I fell in love with moon, and we started spending time together”
“Love is colour blind🌈🌈
It can’t see grey and black shades,
And often filters colours it want”
“From colourless to white to blue,
From yellow to deep orange to red to black,
When my shades of love deepened & turned black,
I never knew”
“I want to read moon’s face💓”
“Just a moment needed to move closer or grow apart”
“Tonight when I looked at moon
I could see raindrops dropping as mist
Moonbow was scattering its colours
And your visible shades reached me as droplets🌈💫💧💧
Still in wait for that full moon
When you will show all your invisible shades
And take me to your world
Away from all pains🌪️”
“How will it feel like
When you are suddenly shifted from
A whirlpool of love to a barren desert
In a fraction of seconds?
How long will your heart take
To accept the reality?”
“I don’t want you to search me in anyone else
When I go missing, search inside you”
“I blossomed again in the Jupiter Year
So unexpected 💜💜”
“Filled with the warmth of the breaths,
Your memories gave me
I am still alive”
“Cherishing your memories
Spares me one more day to live”
“Hope you will think about me when night jasmine blooms tonight”
“My heart is full of unsaid words for you
I know, you read everything
You decipher all from my silence.
Yet I often feel,
You should reveal all my unsaid words❣️❣️”
“Without you,
There is no sun and moon,
Absolutely no stars and rain.
Sky will be clear
Without clouds and rainbow
Deprived of all shades”
“How can I hide you in my silence,
When you stay as a hurricane inside my soul?”
“Rain talks to me more than you
I wish many times,
You come in the pretext of
Heavy monsoon rains,
And talk to me unstoppable ☔️🌧️
As you used to be🙂”
“Love is directly attached to feelings of heart, not promises given through words. Yet promises can give assurances”
“From long lines — to single dots ..
Communications always end like this ▪️▪️▪️”
“What if…
If you can take an exciting ride, and return back to the starting point, without being affected anywhere!!”
“I often put you in a maze to distract you from searching me anywhere else🤣🤣”
“Love and longings…
Sometimes they make you feel,
You haven’t loved at all!!
It happens only if
Love is intense”
“I often hide my words
In the lines I sing for you”
“If a gentle breeze strokes me
I may turn a lake in a moment💧💧
If a rain drop touches me
I may turn a deep ocean in a moment💧💧
Your feelings touch my shores that deep
Your thoughts touch my soul that deep”
“Hiding you behind me
Away from everyone
Has been one among my
Infinite mystic desires always”
“Got angry with you,
I chose a destruction mode,
Without even sure
Where it will head to🔥🔥”
“I didn’t even own any happiness to say, I can share with you
But for a moment, you made me believe, I own everything you needed”
“I exist only as a fantasy in your thoughts, nothing else”
“Unrequited love is like a dead rose, which never losses its perfume❤️🖤”
“In the charm of moonlight
Nishagandhi often forgets
She belongs to earth, and moon, to the skies,
Though they share the same night and darkness,
And blossom together beneath stars.
Then, gentle breeze arrives
To make her remember the reality”
“Flowers can wither,
But not my strong feelings for you”
“If I come to your world in the pretext of a butterfly,
Will you recognize me?🦋🦋”
“Some rains drench you more
While some rains can never!!
Some breezes touch you more
While some winds can never!!!”
“How you managed to revive all my lost emotions?
I felt dissolute from materialistic world and bonds long back”
“That’s what you made me believe…
All are you!
True or lie, I don’t know”
“So far…
Yet so close❣️❣️
My moon🌙🌖”
“When you are in love,
All the rains pour for you
All the raindrops fall for you
All the monsoons sing for you”
“When I leave some space,
I leave some fingerprints behind,
So that
You can connect with me later,
And to tell you,
I never left you🥺🥺”
“Without soul, life is nothing. If your soul dwells in someone’s heart, how can you loss them? Losing them means losing yourself.”
“If you think, you are doing a favour by giving a few moments for me, you never loved me”
“Some connections happen, while some are recreated 😇”
“If you gently stroke me like a breeze
I may turn a lake in a moment
To embrace you with my coolness.
I will entwine you like a vine
To be with you forever
In the warmth of moonlight”
“Even if lost in love, we may meet again, some another with same shades at some point of time, when it’s least expected. You both may share a common story, even continue or start a new one as well”
“Your memories burn me like
Those red gulmohar blossoms of hot summer🔥🔥”
“In every space we interacted
I missed a little part of you,
A little part of me too”
“When it rains in heart,
All the raindrops sing for you🎶🎶”
“These waves can erase your name written on sand beach,
But not in my heart”
“When flowers blossom in your heart
I feel the perfume.
When it aches for something
I can feel the pain.
Though far away
You stay so close to me as my heartbeats,
Loved and Connected”
“Pretending to stand far away from you is easy
Rather than showing near to you,
When heart crosses the limit,
Nothing on earth can save me from the whirlpool,
Which drags me more closer to you🌪️🌪️💫”
“Some rains drench you more
While some rains can never!!”
“I can read many things which your eyes can’t see”
“You are my good old days”
“Dark clouds never wait for earth’s permission to pour down. Sun rays never seek earth’s nod to shower on it. So, is love. It never asks anyone’s permission to happen❤️💖”
“When people leave,
They take away with them –
Some of their favorites
And you took away my smile”
“It’s important to have someone in life
At least, it gives a reason to live”
“We are always connected,
Either through words
Or through silence.
Yes, close to heart always 💞
“My rainbow had black and white shades only,
And infinite shades of grey.
When you came to my life
Infinite colours were added to my rainbow
And turned my life colourful”
“I want to allocate a free space to keep your memories alone”
“You add infinite shades to my rainbow”
“Me, you and our virtual skies
Where we meet every night🖤🖤”
“Through the words I wrote for you, I hugged you so intense
You will never leave me again”
“When you talk in different shades
It’s me who miss someone so fondly”
“Pressure started building inside us two,
In between us too
Like a wall has been made inside seas
And waves started hitting as tides from both ends🌊🌊”
“Occasionally sun lights up clouds for me”
“Once drown in love rain
You turn beautiful and glow more,
Just like how the nature appears
More beautiful and fresh
Soon after a pouring rain💙💙”
“If I am reading your mind easily
It’s possible,
You make me remember someone else,
Someone just like you”
“From a stalker, I learnt the art of stalking
And started stalking the stalker”
“I never knew I was missing a few colours in life
Till you touched me as a rainbow”
“All roads are not straight
All love experiences too🌹🌹”
“I feel like reaching distances you can’t see,
Away from your horizon.
You don’t care me anymore”
“How much you like to do things I don’t like!!”
“My sun has turned moon now
Yet stays with me, so close”
“Feel the rain
Feel the love
Feel the music🎵🎵”
“To reach you
I may need to fight many world wars
And cross seven oceans,
Till I reach a new world
Where I can see you smiling”
“Waiting for you while rain drizzles
Is such a bliss!”
“Without letting know my heart,
Flew the shores of heart pool
Spilling out of brims
To reach you”
“You started filling in my music, poetry and rains
Ever since we got connected💞
Earlier, all my lines were just blank
All my tunes were without soul
My heart was frozen and dead
But you added fire to it
Bringing it back to life once again”
“I am the wave and you are sea, or
I am the sea and you are the wave
Tell me”
“As I get added to you, it should not disturb the equilibrium of your life, and everything should flow free as before”
“You add more beauty to my misty mornings💙💙”
“Failed twice
Didn’t want to fail third time too
My heart was not prepared to break third time again”
“I set off for a journey with some unsatisfying answers, and while we started travelling together, found you on the way”
“Will some day the blue skies
Bend down to claim this rainbow?😌🌈”
“As time passes by
Tears condense as dew drops
And hide in the deepest corners of heart,
Making it frozen”
“All my silences I secretly carried were your words”
“You could have left without hurting me.
But you didn’t…..”
“Stay connected
I won’t feel alone🌚💫✨🖤🌪️”
“My journey to you didn’t begin the moment you added rainbows and butterflies to your celebrations, a little beyond that. Time will create another moment for both of us to talk about that moment, just as same time did that day same time🦋🦋”
A gentle reminder
“Some people come with spring and leave with autumn fall”
“Moon shows to us in different versions, so are a few people. People too express themselves with who they are comfortable with🤗🤗”

“My Neelakurinji hill is dead forever💜💜
I kept waiting for long
Thinking you will water my blossoms🌼🌼🌼
But you never showed up.
Slowly my flowers withered along with my hopes,
And hence
I gave them death,
Singing a lullaby for the last time🎶✨💫💜🖤🌪️

A connection lost😞💔”

“I stay too close to you,
Yet you can’t see
You stay at infinite distance
And I can’t see you
Things too close and too far away are
Not visible to human eyes”
“Some moments are born
When a hundred stories are born in a single word💫✨
Some moments are born
When infinite stories are told in a single word🌪️🤎”
“You reside in my crazy imaginations somewhere
Like those hidden rainbows entwined by seven oceans”
“You can hide in the shadow of someone else
But still I love you”
“More memories still stay in my heart
Much more than those fallen and broken”
“Unsaid words talk most🤐”
“In my thoughts
In my voids
In my stillness
In my breaths
And all…
You are somewhere
Maybe as me
Or, as a part of me.
Over time it only gets more intense…
Even when you are far away
Even when you’re about to fall apart 🌪️”
“It was the unsaid words that talked more than the spoken words to reveal our story🙂❣️❣️”
“We add fallen autumn leaves to the heart because they are dearer than a thousand springs to come”
“The deepest woods wear the darkest sunlight🔥🔥”
“How can an obsession melt away like a candle in a matter of few moments?”
“Some people love too deep”
“After emotions are exchanged between the two
It becomes so difficult to forget –
The sharing moments together💞,
Rather than you were silently dealing with
Hidden love, hidden emotions
Without ever sharing”
“He lives somewhere between her lines. She lives somewhere between his breaths”
“When I smile, your tears cry hidden in my eyes”
“Missed you many times in your presence
Felt your presence in many of your absent moments too”
“You are both my smiles and tears at the same time,
Stirring emotions in high octaves every time either way
Whenever your presence or thoughts come my way
Completely erupting me like a hurricane 🌪️🌪️”
“When emotions pour more than words,
It becomes difficult to talk.
Though you find less words to fill the conversation,
The language is understood more,
Gap of words won’t be felt
It touches the soul more
To the deepest core
Giving unforgettable moments forever!!🌪️” Memories
“Can I see the same love for me in your eyes?”
“It’s all about feelings and not about words always”
“Do people accidentally meet,
Unless they share a common story?
Are all such meetings pre-decided?”
“My heart is used to breaks.
It’s only because of you
I started caring –
My heart and yours so fondly💝”
“Real affair was always with moon . All those clouds and stars were bubbles created around”
“Every time I got a tint of your love from others,
Disrespect too”
“I read each and every heart beat of yours
Though you are standing at infinite distance”
“Sometimes my world settles as a misty dew drop in your silent world 💧💕
Sometimes my words drops as a misty dew drop in your silence too❣️🌪️”
“Ocean holds infinite water drops
Its tolerance level never exceeds sea level
It appears silent, hiding its water currents
Yet when silly raindrops pour on its surface
They can’t be hidden any way
And ocean spills like a kid playing in playground”
“I am still the same dusk
But a few of my shades went missing overnight😐”
“All my songs are for you
If ever found lyrics missing
Fill them for us”
“If ever you found me lost,
Find again🌹🌹”
#Love #responsibilities
“I don’t think anybody else deserve to know,
How much I love you”
“Have you ever played a song in loop for hours and never able to turn it off?”
“I can’t talk in space to you anymore
Be visible to me please”
“I can turn a star to light the moon for you💥”
“I want to sail in the depths of your blue eyes
And you shall stay with me
Throughout my journey
Giving me company”
“Your name is written in all my clouds
And all those pouring raindrops
Belong to you❤️”
“If someone allows your emotions to have a slow down or sudden death, can it be called ‘true love’?”
“My love also deserves respect…. To my haters”
“I don’t want to be your shadow
Want to walk along with you.
Choose it, if you want or not”
“You still stay as my mystery
Behind the night raindrops🖤🌪️”
“You are still the brightest star of my universe
Though I am out of your space now”
“Dew drops
Back to rose petals…..”
“Thank you for being my sunshine & moonlight, and all the infinite defined and undefined shades in between”
“I miss you inside me very often nowadays🙂”
“Most times, efforts are one-sided
Heart breaks one-sided
And love doesn’t even kickoff
Though you remain in starting point –
For a very long time”
“One time, you have told someone
“She is magic”💫😇”
“Love can never be given as alms
Love can never be given as favour
It can’t be given as per your convenience
If you are doing so,
You are not in love now”
“Sometimes you are so colour blind in love that
Your eyes fail to see the change of shades in other person🤍❤️🖤”
“When you touch my soul,
When your thoughts feel me,
I can hear ocean waves
Roaring somewhere in distance”
“Depth of emotions between two people can never be measured by a third person. Never!!”
“Slowly you created in a habit in me,
How to adjust and react,
When you treat me bad,
When you make your absence felt”
“She is a broken star fixed in his skies✴️✴️✴️”
“I find you from all the corners you hide, and most time from my eyes, where you hide as my tears”
“These waves carry my beats
While touching my feet
Hope they reach you somewhere
Where my feet can’t reach”
“So near, which feels like far away
So far, which feels like so close
Distance is merely an illusion”
“Even if you turn toxic many times,
Showering me with your anger
I keep watching you always
Says sunflower to sun🌻☀️”
“The wind brought me your story
Your sorrows too,
Many which you failed to tell
Many which I failed to collect”
“Finding my way to reach you”
“I know,
Your heart doesn’t beat for me any longer🖤”
“I see a reflection of you in me”
“Never talked
Never heard voice
Yet so intense
Some feelings are so
Some romances are so”
“Let’s both complete our flaws
By joining our broken parts🌙🌛,
And making it full🌝🌕”
“Louder than the sea waves
Louder than patter rain
Yet peaceful than flowing stream
Some bonds are simply like this”
“You have to find new paths to reach me”
“Touch me as sea waves gently,
Stroke me as breeze calmly,
Calm me as drizzling rain,
Because your thoughts tease me so wildly many times🔥”
“Anything connecting night are my addictions”
“Your thoughts bring me that fragrance which your presence can’t”
“Do you know how much damage you have done to my heart,
Both positively and negatively? 🤍🖤”
“Silent love carries an ocean full of unspilled rainbows”
“If my feelings are deep, I never try to make the other one understand it. They should read it from my eyes. They should read it from my thoughts.”
“Now only those emoticons remain with me👻👻”
“Love can be of different forms. You are giving me which form, who knows!!!”
“In all the words I ponder,
You overflow somewhere
In each breath I take,
You have dissolved somewhere.
As my happy moments
As my sad memories
You always stay with me
The moments when I come alive”
“You were the only spring for my entire lifetime.
Bloomed soon and gone too early🥀🥀”
“When you stopped reading me, I stopped telling too”
Dark Clouds,
Everything with a tint of blue & black
And shades in between
My love addictions & crazy things💃💃”
“How can I pour down as rain,
When I have made a playhouse for your thoughts –
Inside my lonely clouds?
How can I dissolve you in rain
When I carry you inside my heart,
Without knowing if you are only my illusion or reality.”
“What you are giving me now is alms, not love
And I don’t need it”
“A broken star
Still trying to fix into your skies🌠🌠”
“You never come close
Or allowed me to forget you either”
“Perhaps we both may appear together in another story to recreate ourselves”
“Some springs never repeat
But some autumns do repeat very often🍁”
“You are my thoughts in deeply condensed clouds
Want to pour down,
Yet can’t break down on earth
And shatter myself”
“How long can you stay away from me?
Today or tomorrow
The broken star has to fall into
The bosom of earth🌠
The skies betrayed you long ago”
“I shall catch a few stars at night and gift you
Place them near to you in your pillow
So that they can shine like fireflies”
From frozen world to full of life
Some words and gestures take only a little time to travel💗💗
“Power of words”
“How many seasons we witnessed together!
And how many more we shall be together?”
“Yes, it’s our crazy world,
And we two crazy people👻👻
No one else can understand💫🌪️
We fight, We love
~Tom and Jerry😂”
“At the same time,
Can two people live the same life?”
“To return back to the raindrops
To return back to you”
You are the color of fallen leaves of autumn
Dark red ❣️❣️”
“I just want to smile one day with open heart, leaving behind all worries…
The day when you return”
“I never told about you to those clouds, who wander around me always. If so, they would have changed their white shade to grey, and hide you from me as long as they can😈
Earth to moon😍”
“Seasons do change
Flowers blossom again
Colours may be different
But definitely love happens again”
“If I am not talking about you
It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you♥️
If I am not writing for you
It doesn’t mean I stopped writing✍️✍️
You have to look at yourself
And find, what went wrong
Maybe some connection broken abruptly
Maybe you not able to reach me💫”
“My love is strong
But not sure about yours”
“Love is not essentially the freedom to hurt”
“I am still half
Waiting for your comeback
To make me full💛”
“You keep changing your face
You keep changing your identity
Your hidden expressions remain the same
Your soul and its restlessness remain the same
Your love for me remains the same”
“Many seasons passed through us,
We witnessed
Pouring monsoon & hot summer
Some glimpses of blossoming spring
Also passed by.
But we spent only one autumn season together🍁
When winter came, you had already gone!
Now autumn is falling again
Those memories too, like hailstones
Tormenting me💫🌪️”
“We witnessed only one autumn season together🍁
Sad, but true✨💫”
“Not… dating type love,
But… fall in love type love”
“Lost in your eyes forever!!
You vanished me in the depth of your blue eyes
Like magic”
“Everything is hidden in a tint of black and blue💙🖤”
“Though many people talk with me
Only you wait for me to come to talk”
“Some bonds are nameless
Let them be🙂”
“Some emotions I post for you,
Some few in thoughts for you💫🌪️”
“Sometimes you remind me of falling autumn leaves
Only red❤️”
“No matter how much time passes by, some memories only deepen”
“I know you are a free flowing wind
Who can’t be tied anywhere.
Can’t even get hold of you
Because you always love to fly🪁🪁”
“My heart no longer exists!!🖤”
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A freelance writer and blogger by profession since October 2011, interested in writing over a wide range of topics. Hope you enjoy my writings. I belong to one of the beautiful places of the world, Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's own country'.

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