My Dear Friend

My dear friend,
Words will be limitless if I want to tell about you
Yet I am trying to conclude in a few
Like hiding a pearl in an oyster.
The moment when my desires and hopes so thin
Turned to ultimate sobs
You came so unexpected as my friend
My tunes were not arranged
Fully out of beat till then
You added rhythms & new life to my tunes
You touched my heart strings
& Gave me a new voice too
When you gave a new life to my inner soul
Even I was unaware
Today we share a lot in common
Sorrows, joys & these sharing deep breaths.
Your mind is not easy to read
Your brain at infinite distance from my limitations
Yet I have accepted you as my dearest friend forever.
Sometimes my heart can’t hold all your heartbeats together
Yet moments you go far away from me are meaningless
Because you are the glowing lamp burning inside me
Sometimes I feel I am crazy to accept you as my friend
Sometimes I feel whole world may call me insane
The same world which tried to isolate you many ways
Yet, presence or absence.
I have no wishes, no complains
Except your happiness
Sometimes I feel you should make me cry and cry
Bringing out all my agonies together
Thus changing this frozen heart condensed with tear drops
To a deep ocean filled with tears
But you writhe in pain seeing me hurt
And never grant me those teardrops
Or wake me from deep sleep
Is it because of your love in excess
Or is it because many things are beyond explanations?
You are much more than a friend to me
& How much have you taught me all these days!
My inseparable friend
What should I call you?
I am leaving this question to you as always
& I expect nothing except your smile ❤️❤️
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