A few simple tips to get beautiful eye brows and eye lashes

Eyes blossomed as roses and eyebrows in good shape like a bow – that’s the dream of every girl. Please note, when you use cosmetics with chemicals, it affects the health and beauty of your eye lashes and eye brows a lot. So, let me give to a few natural methods and tip to get beautiful eye brows and eye lashes. You can do it at home itself, but you need to do on a regular basis to get good results. Have a look.

1. Before you go to sleep, massage your eye brows gently with olive oil or castor oil. If you add a little kohl with castor oil, on regular use, your eye brows darken.

2. If you apply the juice of onions or shallots to your eye brows, they grow fast.

3. Take a little white yolk of egg and apply on your eye brows. Wash it off before it dries completely. Your eyebrows grow thick.

4. Thread your eye brows only after good hair growth. If your eye brows are thin, take care of this point.

5. Never use extra pressure while massaging eye brows. It results in hair fall of eye brows easily.

6. To get thick eye brows, make a fine paste of castor oil and milk skin and apply just before you go to sleep.

7. You can apply a little castor oil on your eye lashes too. They get darken.

8. Heat a little mustard in coconut oil and apply to your eye lashes once it gets cooled. Do it before you go to bed and wash off next morning. Your eye lashes will grow thick.

A few things to note while doing makeup

1. Never give extra pressure to eye brow pencil while drawing. Just touch your eye brows with the pencil.

2. After drawing eye brows, take a little hair gel in your eyebrow pencil and brush gently in the upward direction. It adds extra beauty to eye brows.

3. To get thick eye lashes, apply a little talcum powder on eye lashes and apply mascara. Otherwise apply a second coat once the first coat of mascara dries.

4. Always apply mascara in the eye lashes at the centre before you apply on either tip of eyes.

5. After giving mascara to eyes, comb your eye lashes gently in the upward direction. It adds extra beauty to your eyes.

A few tips for those with deep sunken eyes

If you are a person with sunken eyes, no need to worry. Here are a few makeup tips for you. When you shape your eyebrows, let them appear a little far apart. Apply a little eye shadow on the upper eyelid and spread a little. If your eyes are too sunken, use light shade eye shadows for eye lids and then just below the eye brows, use some dark shade eye shadow.

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