100 Plus Ayurvedic Methods For Health and Beauty

When pimples appear on your face, there is a good solution given by our grandmas – To make a fine paste of neem and turmeric and apply on affected areas. A hot coffee with dried ginger and pepper for cold, oil boiled using curry leaves and false daisy (kayyonni in local terms) and the list goes on. There was a time when plants were planted in courtyard kept these things in note – to provide many homemade remedies to get rid of many common problems. They also kept a note of different treatment methods and disciplines to be strictly followed during the seasonal changes. In this column, I would like to provide 100+ easy remedies that can be done at home itself, and most of them are related to your health and beauty, and proper maintenance of both.

For beauty that stays always

For thick and glowing hair

1. Apply coconut oil or gingelly oil in your scalp and bath after 15 minutes. It gives coolness to your scalp, and softness and black colour to your hair as well.

2. Make a fine paste of any one of aloe vera, common wire weed (kurunthotti) or hibiscus leaves as shampoo for your hair. You can also use a fine paste of green gram powder or Bengal gram powder for this purpose.

3. Prepare hair oil using aloe vera, kaithonni and hibiscus leaves. Smash these leaves well and extract juice, and boil well in coconut oil. It stimulates hair growth and thickness as well.

4. If you always feel heated scalp, prepare hair oil using kaithonni (false daisy) or brahmi, and use it on regular basis.

5. Extract juice from neelamari leaves (Sida cordifolia) and Kaithonni (false daisy) and boil well along with coconut oil to prepare hair oil. It enhances black colour of hair.

6. Egg white is a good conditioner. Apply it on your scalp and wash off after half an hour to reduce hair loss.

7. Extract 50 ml juice each from shallots, aloe vera, kaithonni and hibiscus leaves. Add 5 gm black cumin seed and 5 gm pepper to it. Boil these ingredients together in 200 milli coconut oil to prepare hair oil. If you use it on a regular basis, it’s a good solution to hair loss.

8. Boil water using dry gooseberry and ramacham (vetiver roots) and cool it well. Use this water for your hair wash regularly to get rid of hair loss problem. It also improves the black colour of your hair.

9. Take 10 gm each of harde whole (kadukka thod), gooseberry, hibiscus flowers and mango seed pulp. Add 100 gm urukku podi to it and make a fine paste of these contents. Place it overnight in an iron container, and apply on your head scalp next morning. Bath as usual, after some time. It’s a good solution to premature grey hair.

10. Never tie your hair when it’s wet and clammy. It gives many hair problems like hair loss, hair thinning and dandruff. Make a fine paste of garlic and mix with coconut oil. Place it under sun for half an hour and apply on the affected areas of your scalp. Wash off after half an hour.

11. Powder sweet flag (vayamb) and boil it in coconut oil. Apply on your scalp and bath after 15-20 minutes to get rid of lice.

Treatment for dandruff:

12. If your hair is regular with dandruff, never use sesame oil as hair oil. Coconut oil, or any type of hair oil adding coconut oil is better.

13. Make a fine paste of mehndi leaves and fenugreek seeds. Add a little lime juice to it and apply on head scalp. Use skin and leaves of cassia fistula to boil water and allow it to cool. Use this water for normal bath.

14. Soak fenugreek seeds and grind well adding rice starch. Apply on your hair and scalp and wash off after half an hour. You can also use anyone of these to reduce dandruff attack.

Glowing face and skin

15. For dry skin, apply gingelly oil on your body on daily basis. Bath in warm water after 15 minutes. Olive oil and groundnut oil can also be used as alternatives.

16. Make a fine paste of wild turmeric (Kuda Manjal) and add a little gingelly oil to it. Apply on your body and bath after sometime. It gives good colour to your skin. It also reduces dryness of skin and makes it glowing.

17. For glorifying skin, apply papaya paste (ripen) and wash off after half an hour.

18. To get rid of white round patches on skin – Tinea Versicolor (Chunang), boil Sulphur powder in gingelly oil and allow it to cool. Apply this oil on the affected areas at intervals.  

19. Honey has the magical powder to rub off white patches from skin. You can apply honey once in a while. Also apply coconut oil on those areas and heat it by rubbing.

20. To improve complexion, make a fine paste of cow’s milk and turmeric powder (kasturi manjal) and apply on skin. When it dries well, wash it off. You can also apply coconut milk on your skin before bath.

21. Soak fenugreek seeds and grind it well adding water. Apply on face and allow it to dry. Wash off with warm water. You can also use olive oil instead of water.

22. Tomato, neem leaves and turmeric (pacha manjal) – You can make a fine paste of any one of these ingredients and apply on your face to get rid of brown patches on your face.

23. Take 5 gm Irattimadhuram (Licorice) powder and add to the seeds and inner parts of cucumber. Make a fine paste of it and apply on your face 1-2 times a day, and wash off later. This cucumber paste glorifies your skin and removes patches as well.

24. Take 5 ml each of cucumber juice, aloe vera juice and lemon juice and mix with 10 ml honey. Apply on your face and wash off after 30 minutes using green gram powder. It is a good solution for black spots.

25. Apply butter, gingelly oil or white membrane on wrinkles and massage well. You can also apply papaya paste and allow it to dry. When it’s almost dry, gently massage your face. Both these methods are good to get rid of wrinkles.

26. To reduce hair growth on face, mix 2 gm turmeric powder (Kasturi Manjal powder), 2 gm leucas flower juice and 5 gm milk membrane, and apply on face. Wash off after 1 hour.

27. Mix together turmeric juice (pacha manjal), green papaya juice and shallots 2 ml each and apply on face. Wash off after 1 hour. It reduces hair growth on face.

28. Kohl made by mixing castor charcoal with castor oil or sesame oil can be used regularly to increase hair growth of eye brows and eye lashes. It adds extra beauty to eyes as well.

29. Apply sesame oil on the backside of hands and slowly massage towards fingers 5-10 times. It reduces the wrinkles of finger folds. It also reduces the darkness of skin.

30. Apply mehndi on nails to beautify your hands. It’s also good for health.

31. To get rid of face wrinkles, make a fine paste of cabbage and apply on face adding honey. Gently massage your face.

Treatment of pimples:

32. Apply any one of apple, cucumber or papaya on your face. Wash off once it gets dried.

33. Make a fine paste of neem leaves and turmeric and apply on face. Mix sandal wood paste and camphor and apply on affected areas. You can use anyone of these methods to get rid of pimples.

34. Tender leaves of guava and turmeric (pacha manjal) give yet another solution to pimples. Make a fine paste of both and apply on your face.

35. Make a fine paste of 50 gm Iratti Madhuram, 2 gm Vayamb, 2 gm mustard and 5 gm Paachottitholi adding coconut milk and apply on your face. Rub it off after 1 hour.

36. Take 5 m each – Orange juice, rose water and honey, and 2 ml basil leaf juice. Mix together and apply on your face. Wash off after half an hour. Do this treatment on regular basis.

37. The marks and pores left after pimples can be removed by this treatment. Cook Jnavara rice in milk and make a fine paste. Apply on your face and gently massage when it starts drying.

Green gram powder for skin beauty:

38. Use any one of fenugreek powder, black gram powder or gram flour as an alternative of soap while bathing. If you have black marks on your body, apply turmeric paste and then wash off with green gram powder.

39. Make a fine paste of red sandalwood, green gram powder, rose petals, saffron flower and sandalwood adding milk and apply on face. The skin complexion improves and turns soft.

Health and longevity

Cough and fever

40. Fry and powder 2 small spoons of Coriander seeds and ½ small spoon of cumin seeds. Add 5 gm jaggery to it and boil in 200 milli water. Take it frequently.

41. Make a fine paste of 5 gm leucas flowers along with its bunch adding juice for 1 tender coconut. Serve it thrice a day. It is a good remedy for the tiredness due to fever.

42. Crush 30 gm Adalodakam leaves to extract its juice. Add 10 milli honey to it and mix well. Slowly dissolve it in your throat to get rid of cough, mucus infection and chest congestion.

43. Add 2 gm pepper powder to 5 ml shallots juice and 5 ml ginger juice, and mix with 10 milli honey. Serve ½ spoon each in regular intervals. It’s a good remedy for cough.

44. Clean a small part of Thaani Kaa (Terminalia Bellerica/Adamaruthu), chew it in your mouth and drink its juice. It’s a good remedy to cough and breathing problems.

Vomiting and regurgitation

45. Boil water using tender mango leaves. Drink this water at regular intervals.

46. Boil 15 ml fried rice (malar) and 2 grains of cardamom in 1 litre water and allow it to cool. Drink this medicine 2 tablespoon each at 15 minutes interval.

47. Take Lemon juice from half lemon, 2 small spoons of sugar and 1 pinch cumin seeds. Take a pinch of these three and slowly dissolve in throat at regular intervals.

48. Wash ginger and crush it well. Boil it in 1 litre of water till it reduces to half in quantity. Add fried rice (malar) and a little sugar and close it for some time. This Malar Kanji is a good remedy to normal vomiting.

Cold, running nose and chest congestion

49. Take a handful of basil leaves and 5 or 6 pepper seeds. Wash them and crush well. Boil it adding 200 milli water and reduce to half in quantity to prepare Tulsi Kashayam. Serve this kasayam at regular intervals.

50. Take a handful of basil leaves and a little turmeric powder. Boil well adding water and use it for steaming/inhaling process, to open your nostrils and reduce problems related to cold and breath.

51. Take 5 gm each of basil leaves, panikoorkka leaves, Poovankuru leaves and tender betel leaves and crush well to extract juice. Take equal amount of honey and serve 1 spoon each at intervals. It’s a good remedy for cold, running nose and chest congestion.

52. Make a kizhi using 2 gm black cumin seeds. Take a towel for this purpose. Rub it well and smell the flavour. You can also smoke varattu manjal (turmeric) and inhale the gas. It is a good remedy for cold, running nose and sinus. Repeat the process several times.

53. Crush and extract juice from the leaves of basil and leuca plant. Take 25 milli each, add 10 gm each honey and pepper to it and mix well. Serve little by little to lessen cold and fever.

Remedies for diarrhea

54. Wash and crush 15 gm of pomegranate fruit skin and make kashayam. Filter it and add 30 gm arrowroot powder (Koova Podi), 10 milli buttermilk and a little turmeric powder. Boil well till it turns thick, and serve.

55. Boil Arrowroot powder (koovapodi) in water till it turns thick. Serve it as a quick remedy for diarrhea.

56. Make a fine paste of 10 gm leucas flowers adding juice for 1 tender coconut. Serve it.

57. Add a small spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt in 1 cup rice starch and serve.

58. Make a fine paste of 10 gm black sesame seeds, take equal amount of sugar and mix well. It is a good remedy for diarrhea and its tiredness.

59. Take 40 gm Kadukka Thod, 20g dried ginger and 60 gm curry leaves and boil in 4 glasses of water. Reduce it to 1 glass and filter it. Serve ½ glass each before meals in the morning and evening is a good remedy for stomach pain and diarrhea.

Quick remedies for pain

60. For back pain, crush and extract juice from Karinochi leaves. Serve 15 ml in the early morning along with 15 ml castor oil in empty stomach.

61. For heel pain, boil 1 litre tamarind juice (by adding water and squeeze) by adding 200 ml sesame oil, 25 gm Frankincense and Chenninayakam. Filter it as big grains (similar to sand grains) and apply on affected areas.

62. Kottamchukkadi Thailam is a good remedy for knee pain. Take 30 gm each of Kottam, Chukk (dry ginger), Vayamb, garlic, drumstick skin, Kaarthotti and Devadaru. Grind well adding water, and make a ball out of it. Boil it well adding 750 milli sesame oil and 3 litres of water after washing rice. Filter it as big grains (similar to sand grains) and apply on affected areas.

63. For ear pain, garlic oil is the best solution. Take 10 gm of garlic, crush it and extract oil. Boil in 5 milli coconut oil. Apply two drops on affected ears.

64. Pindathailam is quite effective for all sorts of pains without swellings. Take 15 gms each of Manchattikol, Narumendi tuber, Chenchalyam and Irattimadhuram, powder it and add to 300 milli sesame oil. Boil well to prepare the thailyam, add Ponmezhuku to it and apply on affected areas without swelling.

65. For throat pain – Boil water using guava leaves and gargle as warm.

For head ache:

66. Grind sandalwood adding rose water and apply on forehead. It’s a quick remedy to migraine.  

67. For headache with fever, rub dry coconut shell in a stone (like preparing sandalwood paste) and apply on forehead.

68. Take 2 gms each of skin of devil tree (Pala tree) and Common Wireweed (Kurunthotti). Make a fine paste of both by adding coconut milk, filter it and apply on forehead.

69. Take 10 ml of black gram with skin, add 1 glass water and 1 glass milk each and boil well. Reduce to contents to half (use low flame) and serve it twice a day to lessen migraine.

For mouth and teeth

70. For shining teeth, rub your teeth with charcoal of rice husk (Umikari). Use your fingers.

71. Make a powder from cloves and salt and apply on your gums to get rid of gum swelling, pain and related problems. It also strengthens teeth and teeth root. You can also gargle mouth with warm water, adding both these ingredients.

72. Gargle using warm water, boiled with mango leaves and aracanut, it reduces gum swelling. It also helps you to get rid of bad breath.

73. Mix 1 tsp seasame oil with half cup warm water, and gargle every day.

For arthritis and related problems

74. Take 10 cloves of garlic, peel of the skin and make a fine paste. Roll it and serve in empty stomach along with 10 milli sesame oil.  It reduces pain and discomforts related to arthritis. If you have gas related problems, never serve it.

75. Thalaneerilakkam (Overheating of head and descending of mucus)

76. Boil 5 gm Rasnadichoornam and 10 ml Poovamkurunnu leaf juice in 50 milli coconut oil. Apply this oil on regular basis to get rid of head ache, neck pain and chest congestion related to this condition.


77. Boil 50 gm Kodithoova (Valli Choriyanam) root in 800 milli water, reduce the contents to 100 milli and filter it. Serve it twice 50 ml each, along with 10 drops of Urukku Neyy (Melted ghee). It’s very effective for the dizziness caused due to the problems related to ear balance known by the name, Vertigo.

78. Take 2 gm each of Gooseberry, nerves of tamarind leaves, Muthanga and poovamkurunnu leaves, make a fine paste adding buttermilk and apply on acme of head.


79. Take 10 gm Thazhuthama as whole and boil it with 100 milli milk and 400 milli water and reduce the contents to 100 milli. Serve this Thazhuthama-Paal Kashayam before you go to bed.

80. Serve shallots with jaggery.

Menstruation related problems

81. To lessen the stomach pain related to periods, drink boiled water with fenugreek added.

82. Serve 10 ml aloe vera juice with 1 gm asafoetida twice a day for two weeks, to bring back menstrual cycle back to momentum.

83. Boil 50 gm black sesame seeds in 800 milli water and reduce to 100 milli. Filter it and serve twice 50 milli each, adding a  pinch of jaggery, ¼ small spoon ghee and 1 pinch dry ginger powder. It regulates menstrual cycle.

84. To reduce excess bleeding during periods, make a fine paste of 5 gm Nilapana kizhang (Palm tuber) and 5 gm Cherukadalaadi adding butter milk. Serve twice before food.

85. Grind well 2 gm each of ajwain, rock salt (indupp) and asafoetida (Perungayam/Hing) adding 1 clove of garlic. Boil it well adding 40 milli purified castor oil. Filter it and store in container. Serve ½ small spoon each along with boiled milk twice a day to reduce pain during periods.

86. Mix a little butter with 30 milli white gourd juice and 5 gm sugar candy, twice a day before food.


87. Boil 10 gram ginger along with 100 milli milk and 400 milli water. Reduce it to 100 milli and serve it before going to bed.

88. Serve 10 milli Karumkoovalam juice and 10 mill black sesame oil every day morning.

89. Crush the stem of water lily and extract 15 gm juice. Add to 1 glass cow’s milk and serve.

To increase breast milk

90. Serve Sathaavari Paal Kashayam (Asparagas Milk Kashayam) before you go bed. Boil 10 gm asparagus tuber with 100 milli milk and 400 milli water. Reduce it to 100 milli.

91. Wash and crush well 30 gm Adapathiyam Kizhang (a type of tuber). Boil it in half litre water and reduce to 100 milli. Serve twice a day adding ½ small spoon ghee after food.

Gastric troubles and burning chest

92. Fry a small spoon each of Cumin seeds, Ajwain and Dill Seeds in a kadai or pot and add 100 milli water to it. Boil well, filter it and serve several times.

93. Powder 25 gm Aswagandham (Amukkuram) root boiled in milk and dried with equal amount of Irattimadhuram. Serve a small spoon with boiled water or ghee twice a day before food.

94. Mix together 1 small spoon lemon juice, 3 small spoons of pomegranate juice and 6 small spoons of white gourd. Add 1 big pinch of fennel powder and mix well. Serve thrice before food to get rid of burning chest problems.

95. Take 10 gm each – Dry ginger, pepper, tippali (Long pepper), ajwain, rock salt, cumin seeds, black cumin seeds and asafoetida and powder together. Serve a small spoon each along with ghee along with meals. Serve it with the first ball of rice to get rid of gastric troubles. You can also serve this powder in hot water or butter milk (not too sour) before meals.

Digestive problems and loss of appetite

96. Grill one piece of dry ginger in fire and make a fine paste of it. Mix it with 100 milli butter milk. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and boil well. Serve 2 tsp each frequently.

97. Grind ginger and extract juice. Serve it with a piece of jaggery.

98. Take 50 gm pepper, dry ginger and Thippali (Long pepper). Wash well, dry and powder it well. Store this powder in a container. Serve 1/2 tsp each every day twice before food. It can reduce obesity, and improve digestion as well.

Solution to constipation

99. Mix 2 gm tamarind juice with ¼ glass water (boiled and cooled). Remove lumps if present. Add 5 gm jaggery to it and mix well. Serve it after dinner.

100. Add 5 gm Kadukka (Harde Whole) powder to ½ glass buttermilk and serve after dinner. If constipation problem is not solved yet, increase the serving by 1 spoon.

101. Take the outer shell of Harde Whole, goose berry and Bedda nut (Thaanikka) 50 gm each. Wash well, dry and make a fine powder. Mix this powder with 1 or 2 spoons of hot oil and serve before you go to sleep.

102. Heat brahmi and extract juice. Give a small spoon of this juice to kids along with sugar candy to improve digestion.

Solution for Piles

103. Heat shallots in ghee and serve.

104. Wash and crush 4 or 5 cloves of shallots. Boil it with 100 milli milk and 400 milli water and reduce to 100 milli. Serve before you go to bed.

For kidney stones and related issues

105. Boil drinking water with Jnerinjil and Thazhuthaama.

106. Barley water is also a good remedy.

107. Serve tender coconut juice with cardamom seeds.

108. Extract 50 gm juice from asparagus and add 10 milli honey to it. Divide it into two parts and serve after food twice a day. It’s a good remedy for urinary infections. Drink plenty of water.

109. Wash banana stem (Vaazha Pindi), crush it and extract juice. Serve 100 milli every day.

For ulcers in mouth

110. Take a handful of neem leaves and a piece of Iratti Madhuram. Wash them and crush together. Boil it adding water and use for gargling.

For Insomnia

111. Crush 50 gm Shanghupushpam as whole, and extract juice. Add a pinch of Kottam powder, and 10 milli honey. Serve this medicine after dinner to get good sleep.

For diabetics

112. Take 10 gms each – Turmeric, gooseberry powder, Vetiver (Ramacham) and seeds of Jnaaval, add to 2 glass boiled water and place it overnight. Serve it next day thrice before food.

113. Add turmeric powder to 10 gooseberries and serve in empty stomach.

To reduce cholesterol

114. Dry fry horse gram, make a fine powder and serve every day.

115. Take birds eye chilli (Kanthari) – 3, curry leaves – 25 gram and ginger – 5 gm, and prepare chutney adding coconut and serve this chutney with normal food.

116. Take 10 gm each curry leaves, muringa leaves and guava leaves, 5 gms of dry ginger powder and 2 cloves of garlic. Crush well and boil in 2 litre water. Serve it daily to reduce bad cholesterol in blood.

117. Grind together 2 cloves garlic, 1 kanthari (birds eye chilli), 5 gm ginger and curry leaves andadd to buttermilk. Add sufficient turmeric powder and make curd curry. Serve with meals.

High Blood Pressure

118. Grind 5 gm muringa leaves adding 1 clove garlic. Serve it twice after meals to reduce high bloodpressure.

Cracks of heels and feet

119. Mix together 1 spoon juice of well ripen aracanut, 1 kadali banana and 1 small spoon butter. Apply on affected areas to get rid of cracks of feet and heels.

120. Heat 2 small spoons of mustard oil, 1 small spoon shallot juice, 1 small spoon mehndi leaves juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Allow it to cool and apply on affected parts.

121. Heat 30 gm ixora root in 2 litres of water. Boil well and reduce it to one litre. Filter it and store. Immerse your feet in this water for half an hour every day. Whip off moisture content, and apply Ponmezhuku. Your feet will become beautiful.

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