Last Moment

With countless dreams left unfinished

I dream to close my eyes in your lap forever

In one of those intense moments when

I go deep inside your eyes with passion,

Unlock that secret which you kept closed

In one of the pages of your heart, for me

To let know why you secretly enjoyed

By tormenting me all these years in pain.


Though I submitted myself in a palm

Many times, before you

Though my trembling eyes silently

Stroke you many times and passed by

Tell me why, you never stroke my mind

And what’s the story of my soul?


In your pavement though I blossomed and shed

In thousands of nights

And, wrote colours in my eyes

And erased many times,

Failed to separate from you

And disabled to go far away from you

Though got tired waiting for you

Many days in repeat,

When I searched tireless for my answers

And cried aloud in front of your eyes many times

You slipped away many times

And hid comfortably, cutting words in middle.


Please don’t play again, I am going far away

In a direction with no return

And last moment has finally arrived

When I take my final sleep in your lap.

Why did you make me cry all these days?

Why your heart never cried for me?

Please don’t let me go to the other world

Without giving my answers

Let me leave in happiness thinking

One of my wishes got finally fulfilled….

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