English Translation for a few of my Malayalam posts and tweets

“My written words are my dreams,
My silent agonies too with my fingerprints,
I can’t share those with anyone else
Because they are ‘MINE’, only ‘MINE'”
“I am rejoicing this pleasant moment of madness
Making my own nest in one of those clouds at skies
I shall reserve for you some flowers and nectar
Will you come to me listening to anyone of my whispers
I might be building a playhouse
In any one of those shining clouds then…”
“Both sorrows and joys can bless you sleep
Both can give you emotion full tears
And if both are accused for being insane
Your eyes can stand in witness box” 
“The dew drop that sprouts in my eyes in those far seen deserts
Are my tear blossoms you hid behind those cactus spines”
“Fortune is a lucky man’s miracle. If it stands with you, you can conquer anything you need with ease, wealth, love or anything else” 

“When time is predetermined to erase all those old pictures of memory, it’s in your hand to fill his hand with new and colorful inks to design new ones”

“Painful memories can often give you (have once given you) the most beautiful & pleasant moments of your life….”

“Loneliness can often turn your best friend too
In most cases, it’s someone dearest to your heart who need to give answer to it  “

“When someone opens a new world before us, we try to see it through that person’s eyes. We loss many good sights and truths in that” #perspective

“World cares to showcase only unsuccessful love stories as immortal💔💔💘💘. Strange but true

“There is no replacement for a few people in our lives. That’s why we always try to hold them tight without ever leaving”

“Those who scare you often with their chances for leaving are most likely to leave you someday. It’s foolish to think they are waiting for your reply. Just leave them”

“Faces can change
Lives & scripts too
Yet certain losses to some people
Are just arrivals & departures of some
Boring repetitions very often”

“Love often originates from selfish thoughts……
And from the feeling of ‘can’t live without any support’….”

“It’s not possible to revenge someone by isolation who is already living in an isolated world enjoying his solitude “

“And when night returns back to sleep
After heartbreaking agonies
Expressed as deep rains….
Those rain drops swept away by soil
Sleep and dissolve in memories forever  “

“Cloud whispers to skies in silence
It’s time now, please let me go
To kiss the rainbow and blossoming flowers
To console the earth down the deep blue lanes
I am moving my dear leaving you alone
To a world where spring and autumn hail”

“A star falling from sky asks me in silence

“Heard about your earth a lot

The place where dreams blossom as seven colours
And god dwells in each kind heart.
Shall I come to your world?
Can you reserve a smiling rose flower for me?
To fill it with a tear drop of mine
And give back to that blue sky which betrayed me!” “
“If memories can take another birth
Can time give wings to death to fly?”
“One step in right direction is better than 1000 footsteps in wrong direction”
“Unsolved puzzles rest in silence……..”
“Express your sorrows through words rather than tears. They shine better.”
“Storms can also help us to reach a shore, unless wrecked”

“Now my mind is silent like sea without waves

All boats have returned back to shores
Now, I have assigned sunset to all my hopes
And have started singing lullaby for those stars
Twinkling in the lap of frowning night”
“Listen to unheard songs
Travel through strange paths
Dream knowingly about something which will never happen
Who knows!! If fate gives something in return so unexpected”

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