Fill your rooms with fresh air – A few tips for you

A room or a home with all its doors and windows always closed! How much discomfort will one feel if happened to get into such a situation! Room deficit of fresh air and sunlight give negative energy and mental stress, nothing else. You will be attacked by some disease or health issues very soon. Some people close all their doors and windows thinking about dust while some others fear mosquitoes a lot. The room filled with gases and no air circulation brings you a lot of health related problems. To get rid of impure air and keep your rooms fresh, take care of these points. I am adding these suggestions from my own experiments and experiences.  

1. Never place dry cleaned clothes as such inside your shelves. Dry cleaning uses certain chemicals not good for your health. So, place them for at least 2 hours under direct sun or veranda before placing them inside.

2. Avoid room fresheners containing chemical substances inside your room. Instead use natural methods like flowers or Frankincense. Go through this link to get a few tips.

3. Place your gas cylinder in a ventilated cabinet so that you can notice easily, in case leakage has occurred.

4. Choose automatic illuminated gas hobs. You can save gas leakage due to lighting of hob from match box or lighter.  

5. Service your gas stove once in every six months. If it produces yellow flame, you can assume that your burner needs proper cleaning.

6. Never smoke inside your home. Carbon monoxide, Formaldehyde and many poisonous gases present in cigarette smoke are not good for your family’s health.

7. Fit exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom. It helps to get rid of moisture and smoke. Exhaust fan placed in your bedroom can flush out heat your room.

8. It’s better to open doors and windows of your home open, at least for a while. It helps to get rid of bad smell and poisonous gases from your rooms. It is good for your health too.

9. You can place electric chimney in your kitchen to remove the smoke and fried smell from your hob and surrounding area. It’s best for a flat or apartment.

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