Are you aware of Ozone leaking?

Ozone – The combination of three oxygen molecules in a unique way; the magical sunscreen shield that protects living beings from UV radiations, high temperature and skin diseases; without which we can’t even imagine to live on this earth’s surface. If Ozone layer was absent, not even a single creature would have born on this earth’s surface. But how much do we care about it? This pale blue gas is harmful if inhaled, yet it stays in stratosphere of earth’s atmosphere far away from every one of us, protecting us from sun’s severe anger and frustrations.

Chloro fluoro Carbons – The real threat to O3 layer

It was not a threat to living beings till the discovery of Chloro fluoro Carbons in 1970’s for our refrigerators and air conditioners. It resulted in ozone depletion, ozone hole, global warming, and rise of water level due to melting of ice in poles and has now raised threats against living beings of Polar Regions as well. In the distant future, depletion of ozone will become a threat to human beings and every living element too! Also, Nitrate oxides emitted by supersonic planes create great damages to this natural shield of earth. Skin cancer, low photosynthesis and productivity of plants, lower defense power of human body and eye diseases are other results. Most sad part is that, all the destruction has occurred with a few years or so, due to advancing technology, human needs and everyone’s passion for luxurious life, forgetting our earth. No one worries about future, sad to say!

Efforts to save Ozone started in the 1980s

People began to understand the threat during 1980’s and Montreal Protocol was signed on September 16, 1987. After that, September 16 is known to be World Ozone Day. Through their continuous efforts, though CFC production has minimized and substitutes of CFC for refrigerators have been invented in the form of Hydro Fluoro Carbons, those free radicals in the atmosphere will surely stay there for years causing depletion to ozone layer.

Ozone formed in stratosphere differs from normal oxygen a lot. Ozone is formed and destroyed in earth’s atmosphere continuously. If electricity is passed through oxygen or atmosphere ozone is formed. The strange smell in atmosphere soon after a thunder is due to the formation of ozone.

Now happy news for all nature lovers! In Marina Bay of Singapore, 250 acres of land has been reclaimed for building an artificial forest. It is the first solar forest of the world that uses full energy from sun for lighting its bulbs and fountains. It’s a great relief from polluted cities to spend a little time here. The area is kept cool and water, soil and air is purified by natural means. To plant flora here, more than 2.5 species of plants were collected from all over the world to make it so special among all similar programs of nature conservation. If such echo friendly towns come into existence that emphasizes on green technology we can restore at least a little we have done to nature to fulfill our selfish requirements! 

Image source: Pixabay

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