What are those emergency checkups before conceiving?

Becoming mother – it’s the most beautiful moment of a woman’s life; the day when she becomes a complete woman. God has given this wonderful gift only to ladies. Duty of parents never ends with the birth of a kid. He should be born healthy free of all defects. They should be able to assure him a healthy and prosperous life in future also. Each parent desires to have a healthy and intelligent kid free of all physical defects and mental disorders. For that, during gestation period mother should take proper care of health, take complete diet for good physical and mental development of fetus and she should keep herself away from bad thoughts and tensions. Not only these things are sufficient to assure a healthy baby, but she need to take certain checkups before conceiving.

Now several tests are available in hospitals and such tests can assure a healthy baby in future. Through this article let me clear you a few common doubts about pre-pregnancy checkups.

What is a pre-pregnancy checkup?

Before conceiving it’s needed to know if woman’s body is ready to accept a kid and if she is free of all problems. Such tests ensure healthy babies in future and such tests can be done by both the parents.

Why pre-pregnancy checkups are significant?

In physical appearance everyone looks healthy. But it may not be true always. They may not be aware of many health related problems they are carrying. Some of such problems may be genetic. If such hidden defects are detected earlier and given proper treatment it makes pregnancy and delivery less complicated as well as ensures the birth of a healthy baby.

What are those problems that can be detected earlier?

Genetic problems, thyroid problems, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, Hepatitis B and C can be detected earlier through pre-pregnancy tests.

Are these tests compulsory?

No, not at all! But if you are loving parents who want to ensure complete health for your child do such tests earlier. If mother has thyroid problems, she can be given supplements during gestation period so that her kid will be born free of thyroid problems. Otherwise the kid will carry same defects that of mother. If parents are detected AIDS, it’s better not to conceive as more chances are there for a defective kid. Now a package known as ‘baby plan’ is available that contain a group of similar tests for parents.

Is it available through home health services?

Yes. Technicians are being trained for this purpose by Metropolis. You can contact them through phone to get their services.

How much time is needed for such checkups?

Maximum 30 minutes will be sufficient.

Can we keep its results?

Results will be given only to those who have done the checkups.

For HIV screening is it needed to sign a note?

Yes, it’s as per Indian law.

What defects can be transmitted to a new born kid through torch infection?

Low weight, blindness and related diseases, hearing impaired, heart related diseases, skin problems, jaundice, retarded mental development, paleness or anemia, microcephaly (a neural disorder where a kid is born with big brain and small head), communication and learning defects are some of them.

What are the different tests available?

1. Identifying blood group – Parent should definitely know to which group does he/she belongs to

2. Blood count – A body is healthy only if it has sufficient blood count. So, to conceive mother’s body should be healthy. Also it detects conditions like anemia and leukemia easily.

3. H.B studies – It helps to know the defects of hemoglobin. Overall health of a person can be known through H.B. studies in detail.

4. H.I.V test – It’s done to detect if the person carries HIV infection.

5. Anti H.C.P – It helps to know if hepatitis C virus is present in the body

6. V.D.R.L – To detect sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis

7. H.B.S.A.G – It helps to detect Hepatitis B. The person who carries these viruses appears healthy and hence this test is very important before conceiving.

8. Karyotyping test – This test is related to chromosomes and helps to know genetic defects earlier.

9. TSH for ladies – It helps to know if thyroid gland is functioning well.

10. Torch 4 IgM – It detects German measles, toxoplasma gondii, rubella and Cytomegalovirus if present in your body.


Now let me conclude. Those days have gone when parents visit hospital when ‘she gets pregnant’. Now we are living in a world filled with a lot of contagious diseases and we can’t say 100% that we are healthy. So, to make our kids’ future safe, let us start it with ourselves by doing some simple tests before conceiving. Thus we shall start something for our kids before they are born in womb, but when they are already born in our minds and thoughts!

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