Proportion of rice with stomach – Certain myths broken

It’s a common habit among housewives – They eat whatever it’s left in kitchen, mostly at night. For Indians, rice is a primary source of carbohydrate, and included in almost every household. But overeating of rice leads to obesity and increase of fat around waist. There are a few myths to break, related to the quantity of rice consumed and belly fat. Let us see.

1. Intake of grains including rice in huge quantity, but lack of body exercises is one of the main reasons for obesity in ladies.

2. Grain in excess amount is needed only for those who do physical works for 8 hours or more. So rest people should reduce the total intake of rice food. Instead they should add more vegetables and fruits.

3. It’s only a myth that obesity can be reduced by avoiding fish and meat from diet. It’s also a habit of a few to avoid egg’s yellow yolk. Truth is that you won’t get expected results without reducing the amount of rice food.

4. If you have overweight, never concentrate to reduce stomach fat only. Instead do exercises that give effect to whole body. Doing manual exercises to reduce belly fat only can give you adverse results. Continuous exercises for stomach can result in back pain.

5. It you are taking excess physical exercises, you will have high pulse, sleeplessness and loss of appetite. It you neglect it, there are chances of heart attack also.

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