Which exercises should be the avoided for each disease condition?

Physical exercises are always good for body health and stamina, as long as your health is normal without any disease symptoms. But what if you are suffering from some disease and taking medicines? What type of exercises can be adapted? Can it adversely affect the health condition? There are a few fitness methods for such people. Take a look.

1. Patients should never take exercises without seeking the advice of their doctors and trainers.

2. There are certain exercises which should be avoided for every treatment course. For instance: A patient with hypertension should never take exercises with head upside down.

3. Strength training is good for patients with joint pain. But running and jumping type exercises are not good for them.

4. Those with back pain should avoid bending type exercises. Those suffering from knee pain should take care while giving exercises to knee.

5. Those who are suffering from heart related ailments and diabetics should consult a doctor before doing exercises. Also those have chances to inherit heart diseases hereditarily should also seek advice from a doctor before starting exercises.

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