Slim beauty – Is it your dream? Follow this regime and see the after effects

Before two or three decades it was the era of fat ladies. But that trend has shown a change. Now even a teenager of 12 years dream to remain a slim beauty. That’s the reason why most kids of this age starve to keep themselves lean and beautiful. But it’s an unhealthy procedure. Even if you eat less you should provide sufficient supplements to your body to keep it fit and healthy. Also teenage and youth – this period is the age of learning and more preference should be given to studies and career. If brain is not supplied with enough nutrients it may lose concentration in studies and may lead to many diseases too.

It’s to be noted that starving never makes you slim, but it makes you unhealthy. It gives many side effects too. Wise selection of dishes and proper exercises can surely help you to remain fit, slim and of course, healthy. Complete food in lesser quantities can provide all vital nutrients for the efficient growth of your body and brain. Just go through these simple points. This simple and healthy diet program can reduce your weight considerably and you will stay fit.

1. At 7 am, instead of tea or coffee, drink a cup of green tea. Avoid sugar. Use honey instead if you want sweetness.

2. Be regular at your breakfast, never quit it. If so, you may add extra pounds to your body. Carbohydrates should be the main ingredient of your morning breakfast. 3 idlis, 2 dosas or upma – you can choose any one. Avoid coconut chutney. Use a healthy sambar instead. Take breakfast before 9 am.

3. At 11 am, a glass of butter milk, lime juice or tomato juice. Use a little salt or sugar according to your preference.

4. Have two chapathis or a small bowl of rice for lunch. Give preference to leafy vegetables. Spinach is the best.

5. At 4 pm, drink a cup of coffee or tea. Use minimum sugar.

6. At 5.30 pm, eat an apple, pomegranate or guava. You can have boiled peanuts instead of fruits.

7. At 8 pm, a vegetable soup along with two chappathis for dinner. You can substitute chappathi with a small bowl of rice too. Use cabbage or daal curries as side dishes. Before sleep eat a fruit.

8. If you are able to follow this diet along with some simple exercises, your body will remain fit, health and slim.

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