These food items take care of your liver

There are many naturally available fruits which conserve our health and body organs naturally. Here is a list of commonly available food items which take care of your liver.

1. Beta-carotene and flavanoides available in colourful vegetables – carrot and beet root supports liver in better functioning. Try to include them in your diet.

2. Consume uncooked tomatoes. Glutathione available in fresh tomato has the effect to remove toxins from liver. Glutathione is also present in carrot.

3. Pomelo fruit (Babloose) contains a few anti-oxidants which can remove toxins from liver.  Vitamin C present in such sour fruits also has the power to purify liver. Make orange and lemon, a part of your regular diet.

4. Garlic contains compounds such as alisin and selenium. Function of both these enzymes is to catalyze liver cleaning enzymes.

5. Omega-3 fatty acids are best for liver health. They are abundantly found in a few sea fishes, leafy vegetables, walnut etc. Consume food containing Omega-3 fatty acids at least three times a week, which safe guard your liver health.

6. Conditions like cholesterol, diabetics and obesity are not good for liver health. So avoid snacks and items fried in oil as much as possible. Also restrict the use of meat and soft drinks, which can increase your cholesterol level, and also cause disorders such as obesity and diabetics.

7. Always concentrate to build body using calories and proteins, supplied through pulses and vegetables, particularly through leafy vegetables. Better idea is to build body health and calories, without adding body fat.

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