While Using Bath Towels


A few tips to keep your bath towels shining and fresh:

To keep your bath towels soft always – Add 2-3 drops of ammonia to boiled water, and soak your bath towels in this water for a short time. Later rinse and wash your towels in cold water for a few times.

To hang your bath towels – Place tower holders or rails in your bathrooms to hang your bath towels. Arrangement should be in such a way that towels should get direct exposure to sunlight. Light and air dry towels easily, and prevent bad smell too.

Never share your bathroom towels – It’s a better idea never to share your bathroom towels with other members of your family. It prevents transfer of fungal infections from one person to another.

Clean wash towels properly – Never use same towel for many days without washing. Once in 2-3 days, dip your towels in boiling water before washing. Also, after every use try to dry towels under sun if possible.

Image source: Pixabay

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