Laddu Recipes

Laddu, also written as Ladoo or Laddoo is a sweet dessert which originated in Indian continent and quite popular too. It’s round in shape, irrespective of the ingredients used in the preparation and is specially served during festivals, happy events, celebrations and auspicious occasions, as a token of happiness. Gram flour is one of the key ingredient in most of Laddu recipes, though ingredients like rice, wheat, ragi, dates and fruits are also used for its preparation. Yes, ingredients may vary in each Laddu, with some desi flavours also added. Sugar or jaggery is mostly added for sweetness, and often fruits too, which include dry fruits like cashews too. Almonds and cashews are used for decoration while artificial colours are also used to enhance the vibrancy of the occasion. Ladoos can be pearl structured boondi type or simply flour type. Here is the page for a few common Laddu recipes. 

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