Pulao Recipes

Pulao (in Indian context) is a rice main course dish, where veggies or non-vegetarian items like chicken are added to make it delicious. It’s also called Pilaf, Palaw, Pilau etc in other parts of world. Very often we get confused with three rice dishes mostly prepared using lengthy basmati rice – Pulao, Fried rice and Biryani. Read about differences between fried rice and biryani here. Fried rice is exclusively a Chinese dish with only Chinese flavours, and can be identified easy. Both rice and vegetables are fried in oil in high flame, which is not the case of Pulao or Biryani.

Main difference between Pulao and Biryani is the process of dum and layering which is a part of Biryani making, but not a part of Pulao. Other key ingredients chosen for both dishes are more or less same, with local flavours added. Yet Biryani is more spicy comparing with Pulao. In Pulao, mostly vegetables are sauted first, then rice added to it and fully cooked, while in Biryani both cooked separately, layered or simply mixed after cooking. Dum makes a biryani perfect. Through this page, I shall give recipes of a few easy Pulao recipes. Click on the links to read.

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