Elephant Yam & Colocasia Side Dishes

Elephant Yam & Colocasia are tuber vegetables, which form an integral part of Kerala cuisine. Both are also used in other parts of South India, and added to traditional curries like Sambar, loved by all. Steamed Elephant Yam/Colocasia, served with Fried Chilli Chutney is a staple dish of Kerala, similar to tapioca. Yes, like tapioca, both these tubers are not categorized under healthy food items, because of high starch content, and should be avoided by diabetic patients. But when it comes to traditional Kerala dishes, Yam is used in many side dishes like Kaalan, Erissery, Ularth, Upperi etc, mostly combining with any other vegetable. Through this column, I shall provide links to a few dishes, where Elephant Yam & Colocasia remain key ingredients. Kindly note: I have avoided Avial & Sambar recipes in this list, though both Yam & Colocasia are added to string of vegetables added to both these healthy dishes. 

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